An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry and Media


I know what the title says and it’s true, this is my open letter to them – AND – to YOU. Yes you. That short and stout, the big and tall, the svelte and short, tall and svelte, the big breasted or too small to count (at least to those ignorant to think so) lad and lassie. I know your pains, for I have felt them too. I know friends and family who could even sympathize with you.

It sucks when you feel singled out in a world that caters to a supposed “Average”. You go to the store when it is time to find new shoes or clothes, but either something is too long, such as the sleeves or pant-legs even. Maybe it is the ‘bust’ on that beautiful blouse that’s in size “XS” but the bust you’d swear is “32C” instead of perhaps a “32A” like you feel it should be.

We cry, “It’s not fair! It’s not right!” because we shouldn’t be made to feel like we are anything ‘less’ for choosing to be who we are – or want to be. Whether that is aesthetics or personality. We also know people will say, “Well the world isn’t fair, don’t you know that!” and you know what? I think that’s a load of rubbish. I believe the world could be fair if it wanted to be, maybe even if perhaps we believed it to be. It’s just other negative people around us who keep perpetuating this negative notion that there is no “Fairness” in the world.

You have every right to feel angry and upset that you often feel singled out by the Fashion Industry and/or the Media. Even give them the “Ol’bird”. It’s really all their fault anyway. They find what they consider, “The Average” and make clothing to cater to it. Then it’s “One size fits most” and you know – you aren’t “most“. Your body is as unique as your personality, and you know that for a fact.

What’s also not fair, is for people who tend to run on the “Skinny” or “Svelte” side of things, they make our clothes based off run-way models whom many have been bullied into changing their figures or getting plastic surgery to fit the Fashion and Media’s idea of what “beautiful” is in the first place.

Maybe you were even told to “Go eat a sandwich“, even in a joking manner, only to find you thought it rather insulting because people really don’t know how much you’ve tried to gain weight but never have any luck. Or perhaps – you’re just built that way and happy with your size but find it very ignorant of them for saying such things without even asking you how you feel about your own weight – or why so skinny? in the first place.

Let’s not forget the Big Dolls and Gents. You are constantly bombarded with many of these same concepts. “You’re too fat! You need to lose weight!” maybe you’re just too big for that corset that should fit. People may be ignorant enough to think you are a slob, well that’s okay – because they don’t know you and they don’t know the half of it. Perhaps you’ve tried for years to lose weight now and all but given up.

Losing weight can be hella tough. I know because someone in my family has that same plight. If you stress, it can really slow down your progress in a day or night. Being made to feel horrible over your weight doesn’t help; if anything it makes it harder to feel motivated to lose that weight – although, there are some people motivated by negative-Nancys’ too. And sometimes, as much as we want to lose weight, we still slip and splurge anyway – eating what we love only to gain and remain the same.

It’s okay to splurge now and again, don’t fret. Keep your chin up. If you slip and mess up, try again tomorrow. Keep trying until it sticks! If you give up before you really try at all, then well – you just haven’t found the right motivation yet. If the weight doesn’t come off no matter what you do, try talking to your doctor, it could be a medical condition too. The same can be said for skinny people as well, in some cases.

Don’t feel bad or guilt yourself if you absolutely have to get Li-po (or some other form of weight-control surgery) to help give yourself a jump-start. Some people may have to if they have trouble and medical conditions that prevent them from losing in the first place. Never allow anyone or anything to make you feel less than your worth, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that, just look to your true friends and family for their two-cents.

Again, it is the Fashion Industry and the Media’s fault for perpetuating this nonsense about what ‘True Beauty‘ is to start. Recall with me that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and that the ideal of ‘Beauty‘ has changed from century to century. Just look at Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe, they set the standards in their time for being ‘Curvy’ to be acceptable and pretty (and they were very lovely ladies).

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses. She was truly a classic beauty, simple, elegant and classy. Again, she help set a certain kind of standard as well. And back in the Middle Ages in Europe, being overweight meant you could provide and were wealthy.


This, not mine. Belongs to someone else. All rights reserved to them. I hope they don’t mind me using it.

Again, what’s most sad is that the Fashion Industry and Media have this, “One size fits all” or “One size fits most” mentality and think it’s okay to leave behind the folks who don’t fit into their very ‘narrow‘ view of ‘average‘ or what they consider ‘beauty’ to be. These are our major nit-picks. We may have our minor nit-picks too, such as not enough color choices; or that they make all evening gowns for girls who are far too tall to be considered average; or taking a great and beautiful design but not making it in enough sizes or colors; or sizes not being what they are or simply not enough size variety.

Whatever the minor nit-pick might be, whether it is, “They call that Burgundy?! Are they color blind?!” or otherwise, these pale in comparison to the real issues at hand. That folks like us just want to be recognized and treated the same like anyone else. Smaller ladies may not be able to find what they are looking for in their size in the Women’s section and may feel forced to visit the Kids or Teens sections. They end up having to choose size over style. After all, the Kids and Teen sections don’t always carry sexy bras that “full-grown” ladies can or might want to wear, let alone outfits that say, “I’m sassy, classy, intelligent and elegant – so beware”.

And while we could take our clothes to be altered, trimmed, hemmed or otherwise – that costs money and it may be an extra expense some people simply can’t afford. Some of us may try to attempt to do it ourselves, but without proper guidance and training, we might wind up doing something regrettable to a favored blouse or pair of pants.

Fashion Designers & Media are disrespecting those out there being hurt by these “Standards” they’ve set, not to mention an extra market they COULD be catering too as well that they are ultimately missing out on making money from. While I may not be a big fan of feeding major corporations, this just seems like a big issue and I’d think hard to miss. I’m surprised most companies haven’t noticed and tried to take advantage of this market in some way. I feel they’ve shot themselves in the foot possibly for YEARS because of this kind of drivel.

So, to all you Ladies and Gents or whatever you may be, dare to hang on to those dresses that still fit for just a bit longer, those T-shirts, Corsets, Jeans or whatever they may be, because I know how hard it is to find something in your size. When you do, it’s just so hard to part with it because you never know how lucky you’ll be the next shopping trip of the season. And when we do find something, it’s like the ‘Holy Grail‘ of our fashion-sense taste-buds.

1959955_694247507263179_1918710060_nRemember you are beautiful, wonderful, FANTASTICLY awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And as for the Fashion Standards and Media, remember it’s all FAKE anyway and/or Photoshopped unless it states otherwise. Fashion and Media should be held accountable for their crimes – their crimes against Humanity. I know that sounds a bit ‘dramatic‘ but when you think about it, in a way – it is their fault so many folks, young and old, have self-confidence, self-image and other psychological issues that impede their belief – that they are beautiful, just the way they are.

Shame on you Media! Shame on you Fashion! And also, shame on those who do nothing to help uplift you but rather put you down! Shame on you, shame on you all!

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped to uplift some spirits out there.

~Infinite love, blessings, gratitude and healing to (for those who need it ;) )~

Special Note: None of the pictures provided by this post are rightfully mine. Someone else made them and contributed them to the Internet community. All rights are respectfully reserved to those they rightfully belong to. I do not have ownership of any kind, I am simply exercising my freedom of speech and I certainly hope they don’t mind me using them in my post.

I’d love to give credit to whoever the images do belong to, so if you know who they are or they want to come forward, I’d be happy to make that edit and notation. Also, thank you for sharing these images and/or quotations, etc with all of us who surf the web.

Co-edited by – my partner. ;)

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Back in the Saddle? P.A.U. 22

Merry meet again Folks!

I know it’s been a long while. In fact all the way back in May was when last I posted and you may have seen very little to no activity as well on my Twitter account too. Allow me to start by apologizing to you, my readers. I know there are some who really do enjoy my writing and I really appreciate you, the reader, for many reasons.

I want to let you all know that during my time that I slipped away…I was on a very much-needed Hiatus. I went into “Hermit-Mode” and was busy being an “Awesome Hermit” for the past several months. I wasn’t completely anti-social but I decided to focus on my real life (by that – I mean life outside the web) because not only did I have serious important family issues that could not be ignored with my Mother, but I also had realized that I wasn’t as healed as I thought I was from the last big serious blows I had suffered the past couple years. More

How Do You Wear the Title “Villain” Proudly?

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villa...

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villain (i.e. generic melodrama villain stock character, with handlebar moustache and black top-hat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Folks!

Welcome back for yet another rousing musing from my mind.

First, I want to send out a Happy Mother’s Day message to all the mother’s out there. I still haven’t gotten a chance to call one of my Mother’s but I hope to call her sometime today and wish her a late one myself. As for my actual Mother’s Day, I actually got to get my Blood-mother out to go see Iron Man 3 at Shelton Cinemas.

For those wondering, it was good and worth your money.

I will tell you something got me a little down yesterday when I wrote this (which is why I held off on publishing it too), so I’m not sure I’m back to full strength yet on my writing, but I’m going to try to put something good out for you to enjoy and get you thinking nonetheless. :)

So here is the musing of the day.

This literally just came to me today/yesterday and I thought to myself, “Hey yeah! That would be an interesting topic to discuss with my readers!“. :) So the musing of the day is this: We often try to put our best foot forward in life. We know that first impressions are important so we try to make them count – that is unless we don’t care. In this case you DO care. :P More

Samurai Jack Knows That Good Can Sometimes Waver

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m slowly but surely going to try to work through some of my drafts and some of “The Daily Post” responses because I liked some of the ones I missed. So keep your eyes peeled for those. Here’s a special topic drawn up for this week as from the “Draft” section of my inventory of words. Enjoy! ;)

One of my favorite Cartoons that used to air on Cartoon Network was Samurai Jack. Granted, I didn’t much care for the art style and at first it was difficult to get around it to watch the show and enjoy it. After a while, it was one of those shows that just ‘grew‘ on you. Art style, storyline, characters, strange alien Earth and all.

Netflix FINALLY got Season 1 in their inventory (though I’m confused about where the rest is) and I decided to re-watch some episodes for old times sake because – let’s face it – I missed the show. I was re-watching the episode “Under the Sea” and was reminded of a real-life situation where I too had experienced something like what Jack mentioned. For those who don’t know the episode very well, I can give you a link for a re-cap or you can watch the episode for a refresher. More

FanExpo 2013 – Review

Dawn (Me) striking a Heroic Pose in the driver's seat of the DeLorean (Time Machine from Back to the Future).

Dawn (Me) striking a Heroic Pose in the driver’s seat of the DeLorean (Time Machine from Back to the Future). Was my best picture I think.

Hello everyone!

Welcome back for the FanExpo of 2013 Review. It’s a week or week and a half late but oh well, better late than never I definitely say. :P

Did I have fun you wonder? Not as much as I usually have at say SakuraCon or possibly Emerald City ComiCon (and I’ve only been to ComiCon 1 year before mind you). It wasn’t the worst convention I’ve ever been too either, but it was one that showed it was a “Work-in-Progress“. So here are my Pros, what little there are, and Cons for FanExpo 2013 Experience.

Con 1; Ticket Lines – I got there at 5:30 in the morning hoping to beat many of the other people who would need to buy tickets at the door for the convention. Why? Well from the fact I’ve been to SakuraCon and know how long the door-line can get, it’s a wise idea, typically. However, I was also there because I had heard from a pretty reliable source that they “Oversold” tickets for the convention online.

So even if you HAD a ticket to get in, there was NO guarantee you might ACTUALLY get in after all. Which I know would have royally miffed a few Con-goers and the Con may very well be a disaster on that basis alone. However, as time went on it didn’t look quite like tickets were as much an issue as I once thought they were going to be. As they announced to us who were waiting, patient and eagar to buy our tickets in line, “We are going to start out selling 300 tickets,” and then they let slip the dogs of war. WHAT?! It was about to be a Geek-War come on! :P More

P.A.U. 21 – Long time no blog!

Hello everyone!

It’s FINALLY me again and I’m sorry it’s been pretty much 2 weeks, maybe over that without so much as a, “Hey! How you all doing? I’m okay! I got back home from my trip just fine and this is how FanExpo was!” but I have been busy. Not long after I came home I had to prep for house-sitting. Then while house-sitting, I know I’d have been blogging if I could, but I decided to help out around the house with some extra cleaning that I know would be appreciated by the family once they got back.

I did make it to FanExpo (2013) in Vancouver, B.C. and honestly? It wasn’t that impressive to me, but I have another blog I’d like to dedicate to it for a full detailed review as to why I wasn’t that thrilled with it. I will say putting my make-up on for my costume was totally worth it because I got recognized by a handful of people and THAT was fun. For those unaware, I went as ‘Dawn’ from the ‘Cry for Dawn‘ comics and ‘Dawn Trilogy‘. I just threw something together that looked Dawn-esque and went from there. The Make-up and accents are what really made it.

My man reminded me he missed my blogging which told me, I REALLY should try to make some time for updating my blog. I told myself I was going to, especially when I was house-sitting, but that didn’t work out so well. So here I am today, trying to do just that.

For those wondering about my ‘Donation Pool’ thing I’m trying to do, I have good news and bad news. Bad news is – I still have some kinks to work out of the 1st plan I had. The Good news? I may have yet another GREAT contingency plan that would work out far better than the 1st. Just all depends on YOU and the amount of traffic I bring in to my blog. I’ll tell you more as the plan truly unfolds and if I hit another ‘snag‘ I’ll tell you about it. Don’t worry.

Bright side? Some of the stuff on my ‘Project List‘ I want to see done, is slowly happening for some parts of the town. Houses that I wanted to help paint are getting painted, whether or not they are getting inspected too for health and safety though, is another story. Still, someone said, “Maybe it’s all your positive energy you are putting toward it that’s helping make it happen? And maybe it’s Spirit’s way of saying, You should save & spend your money on other projects – I got this one.” would be kind of cool.

Hard to say though. Any who, I need to update the info in the project page and hopefully type up some other posts today like a ‘Mad-woman’. I hope all of you out there are well and are experiencing blog success in your own way or whatever kind of success you’d like to be having right now. Until next time – thank you for reading!

~Blessings & good fortune, Namaste~

Is Business to Blame for Social Negative Reinforcement?

English: Don Mueang Airport domestic terminal,...

English: Don Mueang Airport domestic terminal, near Bangkok, Thailand – Thai Airways customer service counters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A dear friend of mine I met through SecondLife and I were sharing a conversation yesterday about our experiences in Retail. Especially those terribly “negative” experiences we have had in the retail environment. For those unfamiliar with the Retail market, it can be pretty cut-throat, unforgiving, unfair and sometimes – very unrewarding (especially sometimes with how the CUSTOMERS treat you). Course, it depends on the type of Retailer you are.

I tend to find Small Retail Businesses (Mom and Pop Stores) are better, friendlier, care about their employees (more often than not), appreciate them, believe in what they are selling and more. Course this isn’t true for EVERYONE I’m sure, but that’s been my experience.

However, during the conversation it sparked the idea for a possible Psychological aspect of Retail that goes unconsidered. Big Retailers often do specific things with their inventory (ex: Move sh*t around on you) that may annoy or irritate you, but the ploy that they are aiming for is to get you to spend more time than you’d like and tempt you to buy more than what you actually NEED. Some of you are probably going, “Well Duh!“, humor me – for those who don’t know. Thank you.

As I was saying, now while they have Psychological ploys like this to boost sales, my question is – are they thinking about some of the “Negative Reinforcement” they are helping to promote when it comes to society/their customer base? More

Daily Prompt Response: The Social Network Dilemma

twitter logo map 09

twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

Hey all you readers and bloggers out there!

I know it’s been a while since my last blog. I apologize. I’ve started to get those “Pre-Convention Panic” Jitters, because FanExpo (the convention in Canada, going with my Man and his male best-friend) is this month and I need to finish my DAWN Head-Dress soon. It’s almost there. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had the proper Power Tools to do some “Subtractive” sculpting, but alas, I must work with what I got. So I’ve been focused on that, doing Readings in SL, Gardening and trying to get some errands done.

So I’ve been a very busy wee Hummingbird. :3

I had a couple new things I wanted to write about, but going to type those up at “Human hours” vs. my normal “Vampire Hours“. :P and NO this Vampire/Night Owl does NOT Sparkle…unless I want to. ;) hehe So here’s a little something for fun.

When they ask do I “Get” Social media I have to wonder what they mean. Do I understand how it works? Can I see the functionality of Social Media? Do I think Social Media can be useful? Or useless? I guess the answer to nearly all of those is a resounding, “Yes”. Albeit, I do feel some of the Social Media services out there are rather redundant and unnecessary. I think Social Media is a VERY powerful tool and to that I would also like to add, “With great power comes great responsibility“. Yes; that’s right. I just used a Comic Book quote. :P More

P.A.U. 20 – CAP’N We’ve Hit a Snag!

So I hit a small snag getting the Donation button up. Granted, I had already given this thing a loosie-lue but I thought maybe perhaps things will be easier once Mercury is out of Retrograde and I can get around to changing my personal info to keep it up to date, etc, etc. Ah, now I’m not so sure. I wanted to set up the donation pool and I have good intentions in mind for it, but PayPal is telling me that I won’t be able to even TOUCH the funds until it reaches $10k and even then, I need to show/demonstrate proof of its use.

Ugh, I wanted to move the money little by little into the different sub-accounts I made to keep tabs and track of it all! They are ruining my organization! *Shakes fist in the air*

Now I do have a possible plausible way of still getting it to work, but that hinges on something else being legal, true and holding up to both those words I just mentioned. I’d like to say what, but – I can’t for various reasons so I need to, sadly, be cryptic and vague. Ugh! @_@ I AM working on getting this thing to work. Sadly, the worst case scenario, I have to make a subscription button or something like that instead.

It won’t give me the same kind of flexibility I’d like or I’m sure anyone else would like, but it’d be something at least. Ugh!

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share. Would love to hear them.

Oh and just out of curiosity, if I HAD to make a fixed amount for any reason, what would be reasonable to you? I know that depends if your making a “One-time payment” or a “Subscription Fee” so specify that too if you can.

Thanks for reading as always!

Comments, questions, topic suggestions? Find that reply button and let me know!

~Love, light, blessings & more – Namaste~

Make-up vs. Mineral Make-up – Which Should You Use?

Woman applying make-up. Canon 5D Mark II Sigma...

Woman applying make-up. Canon 5D Mark II Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro Whitelightning X1600 (2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every woman likes to look her best. Often that means we like to hide the impurities and other embarrassing things that are visible on our skin, especially the most important skin we feel really helps us get our foot in the door at a job interview, a date or otherwise (no it’s not your cleavage or your legs!) – our face. It’s probably a pretty good guess that most women use the regular commercial stuff that has the fillers, preservatives and other stuff in it which can feel like “cake” on your face.

Hell, I use this stuff! So I’m speaking from experience and NOT out of my posterior.

In the last decade or so there has been a BIG emphasis on the, “Getting back to basics” and trying or using “Mineral Make-up“. The question is – does it really live up to the hype? Let’s clarify a few things first before we go over the differences, pros and cons of Traditional Make-up vs. Mineral Make-up.

As long as human beings have been alive and started to take a personal interest in how to hide their flaws, imperfections, appear younger or convey a certain sort of appearance at all, they have been hard at work on developing the make-up they felt was best with the tools they had of the era. Sometimes their make-up was various animal feces like bird or gator (I’m serious – ewww!). Sometimes it was something they were simply using as “dye” to change the color that was something we – today – would find quite nasty. More

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