It’s Okay You’re Still Young!

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This phrase alone is the most annoying I hear other older adults saying to me when I struggle through a “Tough” situation. I understand they mean well, but it really irritates me considering it’s like the default for when they don’t know what to say that will help. They act like this phrase alone is the “I’m sorry” or whatever cure-all expression for situations that seem relatively tough that we folk who are younger than them are going through. It also vexed me because they act like AGE has ALL to do with it. Age has VERY little to do with it in the grand scheme of things and is a matter of perspective. In my opinion it is the experiences we have that assist in our understanding of the world around us and in a way determines our “Mental Age”. Also, physical age compared to “Soul Age” to me is such a small fraction of the whole.  I don’t know about anyone else but this phrase “NEVER” helps. If anything, like I said, it vexed me to no end and really didn’t lead me to feel nor believe they truly understand what I’m going through or where I’m coming from.

Yes; some of our personal experiences might be similar but how we have dealt with those situations and how we have grown, dictates for different ways of understanding, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. But it feels like these folks are simply “Patronising” me rather than truly understanding how I feel. If they really wanted to be helpful then they should try using a different phrase. I suppose, though it seems silly, me being an old soul may have a small factor or part to play. I don’t like someone who is rather at the same level as myself trying to downplay my experiences or treat me anything LESS than an equal. Mayhaps that is where the true offense lies is that I am not being treated as an equal, because technically the law says I am an adult and if anything I know I’d like to be treated as such.

I know I am not alone in how I feel about this phrase for I have spoken to many other friends of mine, young and even old alike who feel this phrase is simply a “Cop out” of sorts for a less than “Simple” problem.

Any who, thank you for reading my rant. Be blessed and be well.

~Love, light, good fortune & more be yours, namaste~


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