I Did Not Ask For It, So Keep It To Yourself

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Today was one of those days I was simply reminded of something that has often been a vexation of mine for a long time now. One of those days where, you know people mean well, but nothing they say helps because they make it sound SO incredibly easy, like they understand everything COMPLETELY about what you’re talking about without having to hear the whole story, and therefore they believe their method will work well for others as it has for them. This is not a slight toward anyone, just they reminded me of this and that’s something I needed to channel some of my frustration today creatively.

So this rant today is about just that. Folks, just because you have words of Wisdom to give, doesn’t mean anyone WANTS to honestly hear it. If they didn’t ask, you might not want to give your “advice” or “Words of Wisdom” unless you proceed with, “May I”? first. That would be the much more polite and courteous thing to do. You are giving that person the “Free-Will” to choose whether or not they shall hear your words or not. Not forcibly forcing your words upon them because you feel you are right or THINK you are right.

2nd, not every being in the universe is the same. Just because a method works for you does not automatically make it a “One size fits all” rather it is more of a “One size MIGHT fit most”. Because it worked for you, does not make it so for me. Understand? Good.

3rdly, how about you show some manners and courtesy and ASK the person to explain what their situation is in order to gain a much more “well-rounded” insight into their problem? So long as it is not too personal or otherwise for the individual. If it is, don’t push or force them to tell you, but give them the option. And really truly listen to every detail because it does count when you view it from the “Objective Viewpoint”. If you’re going to understand a persons situation, you might as well be courteous and polite enough to listen to the WHOLE story so you can view it with your “EYES WIDE OPEN” instead of only seeing from a skewed “Tunnel Vision” you may very well have from only the little HINTS you got and BLURTING out what you think is best to be done about “said” situation.


Free Will has a price tag too!

Image by shtikl via Flickr

This has been yet another lovely rant by yours truly. Hope you enjoyed and got something out of this worthwhile.



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