Stupid Things that Happen at Wal-Mart that DRIVE YOU CRAZY

"Frustrated" (99/365)

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Note: This is a list for everyone whether you’ve worked at a Wal-Mart or no, whether you witnessed a fellow customer doing this or not and it STILL annoyed you regardless. I’d like to add-on to this list so if you know a story that hasn’t yet been added to the list feel free to post it in your comment or whatever. 😛 This is intended to make you laugh or put a smile on your face. So have fun with this to some degree.

1. Witnessed a customer pulling through a parking spot, while you were driving down said lane, with two other cars behind you, only to wind up going down a “ONE WAY” parking lane and you are going the correct direction while they are not.

2. Witnessed a customer throw a rug in Domestics on the floor, step upon it with their shoes, then proceed to leave without picking it up. Continued to…

3. Next customer who comes through said aisle runs over said rug on the floor, pretending like it’s not even there, dirtying it further making it impossible for the store to sell it, resulting in the store having to claims it out. 😛

4. Watching parents leave their kids in toys to run amuck like its “Day Care“. Or even Electronics.

5. Watched a customer bump into a display in Apparel (clothing) and do nothing to pick up what they JUST knocked off the display (if of course they are able).

A row of shopping carts.

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6. Witnessed a customer eat a whole bag of grapes, without paying for them, while in the store, and then leaving the empty bag behind. It’s STILL STEALING! Don’t think it’s NOT just because you ate the evidence! XP This goes for anything that a customer might consume in the store as well and discard later.

7. Customers who will insist that the store should take their product back, despite it CLEARLY looks like it has been used or dirtied, with quite possibly a lack of original case or otherwise with said item, then watching a manager cave to said demands of a refund.

Arguing Royal Penguins at Macquarie Island

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8. Two people standing right in the middle of the aisle chatting away and blocking the area to the item you need to get to. (contributed)

9. People walking right down the center of the lane you want to drive down to find a parking space, whether to their car or to the store.

10. A customer with their cart behind you, making it almost near impossible for you to open the freezer door you’re standing in front of for the item you desire.

11. People with 50 items in the 20 items or less lane. Can’t they read?!

Stuff in my bag!

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12. Parents who blatantly IGNORE the rules about carts and children being in the actual CART part of the shopping cart with no kind of strap or form of protection to keep them in. I know you have multi-kids. Isn’t that what Kiddie Harnesses are for? Aren’t we worried the kids will fall out and injure themselves, especially severely?


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