You Are Blessed and Don’t Realize It


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In my time spent alive in this world, something BIG that has caught my attention is how Society has devalued the idea and concept of “Life” as a whole. Now – HOLD ON – because I know some of you might be saying, “Hey, wait just a second! I’m Pro-Life!” or something else to that effect. That’s NOT what I’m talking about and I’m glad that is part of your truth. What I am referring to is the blatant disregard for human life I have seen in the places I have lived. Granted the places I have lived are few and far between but when you witness the same themes happening repetitively in different regions, that really says something to me about the Human Psyche on some level.

I’ve seen people step off the sidewalk, narrowly being missed by a passing car by mere seconds. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a possible potential lawsuit & the prospect of winning it would convince me getting hit by a car is a “GREAT IDEA” when it might mean serious brain injury, paralysis, or even death. I’ve witnessed people crossing busy streets EXPECTING people to stop for them. Now while I understand the rules of the road in the United States SAYS that Pedestrians have the right of way (this is NOT true in ALL countries mind you), the fact they EXPECT people to stop for them is a VERY bad idea. The next car coming down the road as you cross that busy street, the driver just spilt hot Coffee in their lap and are distracted by the mess, not to mention the bodily injury it may have just incurred. In this instance, one of two things could happen. The Pedestrian could very well be hit or the driver sees them, swerves, runs into another car or barrier possibly resulting in serious injury or death of any and all parties involved.


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Other situations I’ve witnessed – lots and lots of reckless driving on the road whether it is one driver cutting off another or a driver not signaling to get over into the other lane and they do it at the last-minute as traffic is coming to a stop. People walking around NOT paying attention to their surroundings as they are listening to their Headphone too loud or Texting (And never looking up mind you). Drivers taking a turn when there are Pedestrians’ not just yet in the middle of the cross walk that have the right of way. That actually happened to me in downtown Seattle and I distinctly remembering yelling at the driver, “HEY! Watch it! I’m walkin’ here!”. I’ve also seen some parents endangering the lives of their children by doing some of these acts and couldn’t believe it!


So what’s my point in all this? That human beings, especially adults, have become considerably reckless with their lives and I often wonder if they realize how precious the gift of “Life” they have is. Everyday babies are born and some die through miscarriages, various diseases, or other methods. A baby that is born and able to take its first breath at all – Is a BLESSING. A Baby that lives to be 1, 2, 3 or more – a BLESSING – to have survived as long as they have even if there might be complications along the way such as Diabetes, Cancer, Autism, or something else.

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Everyday, we as human beings take RISKS. Yes; you read that right RISKS. Everyday we walk out the door we take the risk of possibly NOT returning home to our friends or loved ones either because of muggers’, shooters, or other hazards that we KNOW are out there. Heck! We risk our lives even in the home more often than not, paying no mind to the little hazards in the home, treating them as nothing to be “concerned with” or “Oh that’s so simple, it’s no biggy” because we make excuses and that makes it “okay” for they give us comfort. Even if we were to isolate ourselves in our homes we still run the risk of possibly someone trying to break in and perhaps do bodily harm to us or otherwise.

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I am not saying you need to live your lives in fear. In fact I strongly advise against such things myself. The reason for this topic is to bring you back to “Self Awareness” of just how LUCKY and BLESSED we all are, everyday of our lives! We take all these risks and even make some seriously stupid decisions, sometimes resulting in “close-calls”. That’s when we take that breath of relief and thank, whatever forces that be, for looking out for us and ensuring we survive and thrive as a species upon our beautiful planet. So take a moment today to think about how “BLESSED” you are and perhaps in what ways you have been BLESSED in your life on a daily, weekly, monthly or whatever basis you feel comfortable with and give “Thanks” whether it is to yourself or the “Great Spirit” in the realms beyond our normal comprehension for allowing you to continue to thrive for as long as you have and for however long that may continue to be. Just remember Blessings come in all “Shapes” and “Sizes” in any “Manner” or “Form”. An excellent example – someone sees a homeless Vet, walks up to them, shakes their hand, thanks them for the time they spent serving our country and buys them something to eat. Now THAT is something truly special and would make someone feel “Blessed” to be alive.



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Thank you for reading. I hope this has been some serious “Food for Thought” for some of you if not a pleasant reminder of how “BLESSED” you are.




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  1. John Cragin
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 03:02:58

    Very well said. I am glad to see you decided to share your writings.
    John C

    • gw3n4th3pe0ple
      Sep 28, 2011 @ 21:27:50

      Thank you John. I finally decided to create a new blog and say, heck with the old one for now. I just try to remind myself sometimes we lose things for a reason and I feel the biggest reason that might lie beneath is – You are giving up that which no longer serves you or that you require. However, that being said, I’d still like access to all the stuff I had backed up initially on my darn LiveJournal. lol

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