What 5 Songs Have Inspired Me the Most

Now I would have done this about “What 5 Books Have Influenced Me the Most” BUT – I “Really” don’t want to get into that. I got too many books. It’s far easier to talk about “Art” or “Music”. So I’m starting with my “5 Songs That Have Influenced/Inspired Me”. I’ll try my best to very it to some degree but that may be difficult. First I’m just going to name the Song and then the artist and go over after why I picked each one:

1. Eye of the Storm – Cruxshadows (other choices I had were Sophia, Birthday, and Quicksilver)

2. The Times They are a Changing – Blackmore’s Night

3. The Way I Are – Timberland

4. Born this Way – Lady Gaga

5. Firework – Katy Perry

Rogue - Cruxshadows

Image by Sperlock74 via Flickr -Lead vocalist & lyricist Rogue of Cruxshadows

Eye of the Storm by Cruxshadows:

I picked this as my first because I love Cruxshadows and I know, as I mentioned above, I had very well three other candidates that would have taken this songs place had I not picked it as my 1st choice. Cruxshadows have been an EXTREMELY positive influence in my life, with their lovely tunes and beats to their very spiritual and uplifting lyrics. I chose “Eye of the Storm” because during my hardest of times (especially when I used to work at Wal-Mart) I’d listen to this song or I’d sing along in order to try and “Bolster” my faith, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. I’d like to think that, in a way, Cruxshadows have always been there with me, in spirit, walking by my side holding my hand in theirs (Rogue or one of the members 😛 ) as we continue to advance in our lives. I highly recommend any of the songs I mentioned in the a fore mentioned for you to check out if you are looking for music that is uplifting. It’s a little techno-like so you’ve been warned (I love techno myself for the record. 😛 )

Crüxshadows angels at Dragoncon 2008

Image by Fordan via Flickr

Candice Night performing in 2009 with Blackmor...

Image via Wikipedia - Candice Night of Blackmore's Night

The Times They Are a Changin’ by Blackmore’s Night:

Often when I look at the world and where it is at (especially now) I am often concerned about the well-being and its continued survival. Even though we aren’t in a “LITERAL” depression I can just “Feel” this big huge CLOUD of “Depression” hovering over American and it brings me sadness, because like some of you I am unfortunately a part of the “Unemployed” that goes unaccounted for in the U.S.. Now rather than turn this into longer than it needs to be, I’m leaving THAT for another story for later for another time and place. 😛

I chose this song because it is a reminder that “NOTHING” is EVER constant in our world. The Nature of the World and Nature itself in the wild is “Change”! Some people fear change and try hopelessly and desperately to “CLING” to the past or even to STOP change from occurring, but that does no good because as the song goes, “Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone for the times they are a changin’!” CHANGE doesn’t always have to be “Big and Scary” or even BAD. Change can be good and often times this is one of the things most people COMPLETELY overlook and miss altogether. Overall, Blackmore’s Night have been a constant source of joy, happiness, and positivity for me since I was first introduced to them. I am glad to share their existence with more people. 🙂

Ritchie Blackmore performing with the Blackmor...

Image via Wikipedia- Ritchie Blackmore

The Way I are by Timbaland:

I loved this song when I first heard it. Was my kind of beats (I think he’s considered “Rap”? And if he is, you all should know, I don’t like very much rap). I loved to dance to this song in the club when I got the chance or even at home. It’s a rather sweet song all things considered and it’s more the type of thing we really NEED to start seeing and hearing more people DOING and TRYING. If you want to be with someone long-term, you gotta love them for the way they are, flaws and all. I’m not perfect, neither is anyone else out there (no matter WHAT their egos tell them) and this is just a very FUN song that exemplifies this.

Give It to Me (Timbaland song)

Image via Wikipedia

Born This Way by Lady Gaga:

Oh! I bet some of you are so TIRED of hearing about “Mother Monster” but too bad. 🙂 I’m a Gaga fan and I was so THRILLED when “Born This Way” came out. When I first heard the lyrics I thought to myself, “OMG! This is such a positive uplifting song! Thank you for writing and singing it for us all Gaga!” I picked the song for the inspiring lyrics and when your down this would be an excellent song to listen to, to help uplift your soul and mind. The song honestly speaks for itself and I really can’t say much more about it other than that I hope I get a chance to sing Karaoke to this song. lol

Lady Gaga holding a speech at National Equalit...

Image via Wikipedia

Firework by Katy Perry:

Now how many kids out there or even grown adults don’t sometimes feel this way (if you’ve heard the lyrics you know what I’m talking about)? Especially now? This is a beautiful song that definitely comes from the heart and soul of the artist and I thank Katy Perry for performing it (also – can I have your dress from the video? lol), so that all could hear it and those who are meant to be inspired by it were able to have their lives brightened up just a little by it.  Again, this is a song that speaks for itself when you listen or read the lyrics. If you’ve ever been or ever felt you were in a vulnerable position and were utterly powerless or otherwise, this is just BEAUTIFUL and I recommend you listen to this song. It’s a very self-empowering song that helps teach people about their own personal “Inner light” we all have inside of us and when we truly let it shine, it is a beautiful and unique experience.

Katy Perry at the Life Ball 2009, Rathaus, Vienna.

Image via Wikipedia

Thus concludes my reasons of why I have been inspired by these 5 songs. Thank you for reading and I hope maybe you might be inspired to listen or read the lyrics of some of these songs in order to benefit from their positive words as well.

~May you be blessed in your path and all your ways, Namaste~


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