Free-will, Predetermined, or a Little Bit of Both?

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This topic seemed RIGHT UP my ally so I figured, “Why not”. I think this will be a fun one to discuss. Hang in there folks. I think we are going to be in it for the LONG HAUL cause there will be somethings to explain some of you might not know or have heard of that I will be going over for those who DON’T know. Anyone who is particularly curious as to my Spiritual background, I am more or less Pagan but I am spiritually open-minded. Not to the point my brain is a ball of mush ripe for the Hulu aliens to eat-I am sensible about what I believe and there is always a “reason to my madness” as I always like to say.

Do you believe in free-will or is life predetermined?

This is a question, I feel, gets a little tricky. Some people believe that before you come to this plain that you sit down with your Spirit Guide and perhaps your Guardian Angel and any other Spirit Guides you may have throughout this lifetime and plot out or “chart out” the course of your life. Now some people would say, “Then how is that Free-will? That sounds more like Predetermined to me.” Hang on! Don’t get ahead of me here.

The Truth

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When I think of this chart I think of a nice big, dark blue, “Flow Chart”! Yes; I said Flow Chart. On this chart it lists all these possible choices at every step and every turn that the path of your “Life” might take. When you pass from the Spirit World into this world everyone goes through what is known as The Veil of Forgetfulness so you don’t recall anything prior and experience everything first hand as though it were the “First Time”. However, somethings will just simply come to you instinctually over time as well in some cases.

So now you are in the World of the Living congrats! But with that comes Ego. Often Ego is a deciding factor in how we decide to live our lives. As children, I believe we largely listen to our “Higher Self” or intuition as some people call it. It isn’t until we get into our “Tweens” or so we really start to perhaps listen to the “Ego”. In all honesty one could say “Ego” is like “The Devil” that Christianity has often described. Always tempting you, trying to lead one astray toward perhaps selfish and greedy ends. However, there is a balance to all things and if you can temper Ego with Spirit, you can make a harmonious relationship within yourself. I also believe in “Duality” in all things. So to me of course it makes only sense to strike this particular balance with oneself. Additionally, there are just SOME THINGS in this world we HAVE to do for our own “Highest and Greatest Good” that may appear Greedy or Selfish to others on the outside looking in, but it is usually one of those situations where either you do it and “Follow your Bliss” or continue possibly doing something detrimental to your well-being. The phrase, “Come Hell or high water” comes to mind along with “Catch 22” (if you don’t understand that one I can address that in comments).


I was once taught by a teacher of mine (my Kahuna, which for those who don’t know is a Hawaiian Shaman) that the “Psyche” naturally wants to feel and have “Good Experiences” or experiences that the “Psyche” considers “Pleasurable and Good”. So it only makes sense to “Follow your Bliss” rather than doing something that goes against it.

So back on the bandwagon of “After you come to the Realm of the Living what happens next” party – how then is it we supposedly have “Free-Will” and this is NOT simply predetermined? Well, as I mentioned earlier, your Chart is a Flow Chart, the Creator gave you Free-will once you were born into the world and as a human you now are bombarded by other notions, sensations, and are constantly influenced by your “environment”. We are creatures that are constantly evolving and can be just as swayed to be the “Best that we can be” or “Vile, menacing, and corrupt” as they come.

However, the Creator (and when I say Creator I mean God, Goddess, Mother God, Father God, whomever or whatever you subscribe to personally. It’s the universal term to me as well as “Spirit”) wants us to “Choose” what we “Desire” out of life and how we are going to go about forging that Path, hence the “Flow Chart” concept. You have all these opportunities that will come up, all these decisions, choices, people who should get to know, people you should avoid but maybe get to know anyway, people you didn’t get to know but should have gotten to know when you were kids, all these experiences will ultimately shape and mold “Who you are” in life. That is truly “Choice” but Spirit will lay out those choices for you that you PERSONALLY CHOSE before coming into this world so that YOU can now make the best decisions you feel for yourself. Will you listen to your “Higher Self?” your Claircognizance, the “Gib’s Gut” or will you ignore the intuitive messages being sent to you subconsciously and choose a different path? THAT – IS – “Free-Will”.


Image by Cody Wms via Flickr- This image was a Free-will decision for instance.

And just for further elaboration to explain where I’m coming from Spiritually – some people believe that Spirit/The Great Creator only wants whats best for us. Spirit wants us to “Follow our Bliss” but sometimes we don’t listen to all that “Internal Guidance” Spirit tries to give us and we brush Spirit off as “Nonsense”. Some of the bad experiences in life we did “choose” for ourselves and I know that isn’t easy for some to hear, believe me (I’m one of them, ha!), but as the saying goes, “Whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” Like it or not, even the bad experiences have their place in making us stronger human beings or – sometimes – weakening us if we don’t learn to ask for help, when it is required at the right time and place and NOT at the last-minute, but sometimes that can’t be helped either. It is because of this particular lesson that I have learned to STOP believing in mere “coincidence”. I’ve had TOO many experiences happen where the set-up of the situation just seemed too “perfectly planned” to NOT have been orchestrated by a Higher Power or someone looking out for me on High.

So how do I know this may be how it all works? To be honest – Faith. Pure and simple. Faith and my intuition along with the confirmation of my Spirit Guides and my Angel on certain details. They have been through thick and thin with me and I SWEAR some of them must be REALLY TIRED of me by now and want to change jobs. lol But they stick it out with me regardless because my work on Earth isn’t done yet or they just simply aren’t done with ME yet.

Even if you believe in free-will, could your belief in it be per-determined?

🙂 Honestly, no. I don’t think so. If it were, I think I’d still be Christian in all honesty which I am not and believe YOU me, I had a very bad Spiritual Power-Struggle with myself as to where my “Faith” in a God, Goddess, or Higher Power should be placed. I know I did NOT need a religion to be “Spiritual” but I believe because I had grown up with a sort of “Dogma” that I desired a religious path that I could truly believe in, love, and call my own. I truly believe that if my beliefs should have been predetermined, I’d still be a good old 7th Day Adventist. In all honesty, I’m far happier on the path that I am now trying to pursue my Bliss. It is simply a matter of – this is what works for me, brings me great joy and happiness (although it is not without its own personal struggles at times), and I know I’m truly following my bliss now and not trying to fool myself into following a path someone ELSE wanted for me instead. I have complete “Faith” in the powers that I give my “unconditional love” and respect to. I feel these are VERY important building blocks in establishing any “Faith” in any “Higher Power” appropriately.

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Does this topic bore you?

Not in the least. This is one of those topics I could talk hours about while bouncing around to several other subjects that connect with it. 🙂

What is Willpower, and how does that relate to Free-will if at all? Do some people have more Free-will than others? How do you know?

Oh boy, this is a FUN question! </sarcasm> This will be a bit more difficult for me to explain, but I hope I can answer appropriately, Guides and Spirit willing. Willpower, I feel, is determined individually by each person once they are born into this world with the traits they have decided upon for their make-up. Willpower is an aspect of the Human Psyche that is intangible and difficult to properly measure or describe in words appropriately in order to do it justice.

I feel I have a strong Willpower. The reason being is that I have been through some VERY trying times, but I have persevered through even the worst of it (alone) and come back out on top for better or for worse. Willpower is solely determined by each individual and their own personal experiences they live through that shapes them into who they are. It’s their ability to resist a temptation or to overcome an obstacle and depending on their outlook they have on life and a dash of “stubbornness” determines their “Will” in the matter to change the situation in their favor.

Willpower is a VERY powerful thing and can, more often than not, be a major deciding factor in any given situation. So it plays a VERY big role in people’s “Free-will” and it plays very close and is, more or less, entwined with our “Free-will” in order to determine what it is we will utmost pursue with all we’ve got.

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How do I know? Again, Faith – intuition, Guides, Guardian Angel, and Spirit. Need I say more? There are simply somethings I believe that Science cannot ALWAYS explain or Science does NOT always have an answer for. I was once told by a friend of mine, “You know if you ask the same question 7 times eventually the answer will be Faith.” It was either 7 or “enough times” I don’t recall but you get the idea.

I hope this has been educational and beneficial for some, if not all who read this. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them as comments and I will answer them – if not in the comments section or in a new blog altogether. 🙂

~May you be blessed on your path in all your ways, Namaste~


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