Congratulations! You Are Ordained!

The High Priestess

Image by ξωαŋ ThΦt (slowly back...) via Flickr

Now I know not everyone takes the Universal Life Church seriously, since ANYONE can go on the site and register to become an ordained minister, but for those of us not entirely savvy on how we’d go about getting this done under the religion of our choice, it does make things easy. Not to mention if we plan on starting our own religious organizations it is very handy.

Today I finally broke down and went on the Universal Life Church to register and become an Ordained Minister in the belief system of my choice. This to me is MOST excellent considering I have followed my own path for a VERY long time and still have met very few who walk the same path as I in perfect love, trust, and respect for one another no matter sex or slight differences in ideology.

So today, I am proud to say I am officially an Ordained Minister of my Faith/Path and can perform any and all rights of passage or religious ceremonies. Yay! Very few people can truly understand how much this means to someone such as myself, even if it was NOT given to me by someone within my own path except by “Spirit” itself-I am happy regardless and in a way somehow relieved.


Statuette of a priestess, AD 230-250.

Image by Tilemahos Efthimiadis via Flickr



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