The Muscle Test – Your Body Instinctually Knows!

Today, I wanted to share something fun and positive. I have a VERY special topic I’m working on, but it’s not yet the right time to post it yet. I needed a post and today’s topic that “The Daily Post” offered was a bit of a “downer”, so here I am with this one!

Something that has been brought to my attention that is used by some Holistic healers is something fun and nifty called the “Muscle Test”. It sounds ridiculous but if you do it right it really does WORK. The Muscle Test is where you have someone try to push an arm down or take something from your hand (doesn’t have to be overly aggressive, just enough there’s a good amount of resistance) only after they ask you a question that is either “True” or “False”.

For example, say you ask a friend to ask you, “What is your name?” and you respond with “Sean”. Your friend pushes on your outstretched arm. If your friend meets a great deal of resistance from your body, it means that it is a “True” statement. If however your name is NOT “Sean” but instead maybe “Gabriel” your friend would very easily be able to push your arm down with little to no resistance from your body.

The Muscle Test works for everything. Say you wanted to decide between two things you desired, perhaps two different types of Shampoo (yes I know it sounds silly, just give it a try. 😛 ). Pick the two bottles up you are looking at buying, hold them tight, ask your body, “Which one is right for me” and you can have a spouse, friend, significant other in general, parent, or even a stranger (though I don’t recommend it) try to take the bottle from you. If you don’t easily give up one of the bottles, you’ve found your winner. If your body easily gives up both? Back to the drawing board. Try asking again holding a different brand of Shampoo or a different type from the same line.

The Muscle Test can be used in a variety of ways and I encourage you to try it just for fun to see what kinds of interesting answers your body might give to you. Have fun!

~May you be blessed in your path in all your ways, Namaste~


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