The Power of Words


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One thing, in all my years praying to my Higher Power something I did not realize until someone mentioned it to me was that, sometimes the way we word things to Spirit is VERY important. We DON’T always know what we NEED but we always do typically know what we WANT. That doesn’t mean THAT is truly what we NEED and Universe knows what’s best for us. Universe doesn’t care if you say, “Universe I need this! I want that!” Instead, Universe more or less says, “We all have wants and needs, what makes you so special.” Now I know THAT comes off sounding a bit harsh or mean but the true hidden message is there. The point is we don’t always know HOW to ask Universe the RIGHT way of obtaining Goals we have in life or for anything much less for that matter.

The best wording I have found that a VERY good friend of my Spirit Family and fellow F.O.I. member was this, “Instead, try using the words “Desire” and “Require”. I have used these words and I tell you they work!” I indeed tried them and they TRULY do work! How do you go about using such words? Here’s an example: I desire to go back to school, but I require the financial backing to do so. Thank you.

“What if I’m not trying to go back to school? What if I’m looking for a job?” What kind of job is it that YOU require? What are you seeking? How about this, “Great Spirit, I desire to find a job that I will be happy doing, that will pay me well, and can help me manage the financial burdens I have. Thank you.”

If you noticed on both examples I give I added, “Thank you” at the end. It is because in life and even in nature there is always a sort of “Equivalent Exchange” of energy I have noticed. In order for the Universe to do something for you, you must ask and in asking, thanking Universe for the blessings you are ABOUT to receive and after is a beautiful and wonderful thing and can benefit the soul in many positive ways. I also feel it is only “Respectful” and continues to maintain a positive relationship between yourself and your Higher Power. You are sending out positive energy in order to “receive” positive energy back. Don’t be afraid to ask either! As the phrase goes, “Ask and you shall receive,” but don’t forget to also help yourself a little as well along the way.



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Additionally, when you ask for these things, after you do – FORGET THEM! If you forget them they will manifest quicker! If you dwell upon them you’ll only push it away or possibly “distance” your goal from you by putting/sending negative thoughts/energy to it. You know the “What ifs” and “How do I know this is even going to work” and “There’s no way this is going to work”. “Worry is the darkroom waiting for negatives to develop.” It is SO easy for “Negative” energy to build and manifest quicker than our positive energy and push what we love away. So – “Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”Frank Outlaw (?)



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