Do I Work Too Much? Or Too Little?

A Hero’s work is never done.

Topic #241:

Do you work too much or too little?

Note: Just going back in time a bit since I really wasn’t grooving on the latest topic ideas as of late given by The Daily Post.

As a Priestess and a Healer I am definitely a “Workaholic”. There doesn’t seem to be anytime I just simply STOP it seems and I came to that realization one night when I was playing City of Heroes. On the server I play on, there is a very large Role-player community. When I Role-play as my characters I create in the game I always like to make them vibrant and alive in personality and story. I go so far as to even teach other fellow Role-players lessons I have learned “Outside of Character” better known as “Real Life” in the “In character” environment when it is the appropriate setting or time.

Keep in mind I play video games for relaxation and pleasure NOT to work but it happens. That is simply who I am. I see just about everything that we can use such as Television, computers, books, internet, video games as tools. I’m always trying to figure out how I can best use these tools in order to continue adapting my teaching methods so that people MIGHT learn what I am teaching. This has become so ingrained in me however that I am actually using it, in the things I use for pleasure and relaxation. I think that’s too funny.

Sonata Diligently at Work

Just working on my next blog!

My writing is much the same. Even if I am working on a piece of “Fiction” as a novel, short story or poetry there always has to be something meaningful in my work. So it seems I never rest and my work never done – but that’s what meditation is for…okay – I’m guilty of working there to, except that’s usually introspective healing upon myself.

*Facepalm, sigh*

~May you be blessed in all your ways and path, Namaste~


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