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Initially to start I was going to do a completely different topic. Something a little light-hearted and perhaps even funny, but with all the hubbub going on in California concerning religious minority groups such as Wiccan, Neo-pagans, Heathens, or just flat-out Pagans in general-I feel I need to speak my peace since I am a Pagan myself.

There’s a great deal of misconceptions about the minority religions out there and Hollywood has done VERY little to help the image among a few other zealous religious nuts. I’m here to tell you now, that whatever you may have read out of the history books, comics, video games, or whatever it may be we aren’t all weird “We’ll sacrifice you to our Pagan God” kinds of people. That’s a practice that many of us consider LONG outdated and is easily substituted for things such as “Wine” like at the “Last Supper” reenactment that many Christian Churches do to represent the Blood of Christ. Maybe there are a few “Rotten Eggs” out there who DO but that’s DEFINITELY not myself or the grand majority of us even out there.

If you actually take the time to get to know us you’d find that the grand majority tend to be pretty laid-back, peaceful, fun-loving, and more than ANYTHING we’d love to share our religion with you-but most of us have enough RESPECT for others that we will NOT speak of our religion unless you ASK first. I am like this myself. So long as you don’t go shoving your religion down my throat or say, “I hope you change your mind cause you’re going to Hell,” I have no qualms with you. The minute you start to get on my case about “Do you know the good lord? Well let me tell you about MY religion!” is the minute I cut you off and say, “Thanks but no thanks, I’ve found my path. I am very happy with it and unless you are going to be respectful and listen to what I have to say about MY religion, I’ve no time to listen to just your side and your side alone. I’ve heard it all one TOO many times before in SEVERAL different ways. I followed your path once long ago. Thanks but no thanks.”


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“Worry is the darkroom waiting for negatives to develop.” Fear of what our Ancestors were like and what WE might be like in comparison is where I really feel the biggest misunderstandings about us of all come from (as I said before, the media doesn’t help either). We aren’t the “Boogeyman” lying in wait in your closet to scare the crap out of you! We aren’t the monster under your bed or the shadow down the hall! We are regular normal people and citizens. We are friends, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and parents. We are a good neighbor willing to give you that hand to help you move in or the mother volunteering her time at the local school to aid children in becoming literate. We laugh, cry, love, anger, fear, feel like anyone else. We are human, like you. We just believe in a different path “to God”.

Some of us believe there is a “Mother God” and a “Father God” for if we were made in the image of the creator, “As it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth” or as some of us know slightly different, “As above, so below,” it only makes sense to some of us that there is a “God” and “Goddess” which represent the natural “Duality” or “Balance” in nature and all things. Where some believe you should “Fear” god, some of us believe that “Fear” is not the way to best understand our Creator or Deity. Instead some of us feel that we should be able to “Love” unconditionally and give our respect to a Deity who has more than earned it, not through fear, but through love, kindness, compassion, wisdom, and understanding.

We aren’t trying to become the “Majority” we just want our equal say and rights like everyone else. Just because you are of a different religious sec that does not agree with our beliefs does not make you anymore important or “more right” than anyone else. We are ALL equals. The 1st Amendment guarantees that. “Protects the freedom of religion, speech, and the press, as well as the right to assemble and petition the government” (Taken from Wikipedia). Freedom of religion means ANY religion whether you are Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, Wiccan or something else entirely. My only question is-why are we the scapegoat? Is it because Pagans are directly mentioned in the Bible? I know I don’t see anything mentioned about a few of the other groups I mentioned, so why are we a threat? Because we are the loudest when it comes to defending this Constitutional right? Or is it something else? Would there be a different scapegoat if one of the other groups I mentioned decided to get LOUD about their own beliefs? Especially if one group decided to single them out? I’ve no idea to be honest and I can only speculate. What I do know is again – Freedom of religion means ANY religion and it doesn’t matter what background you come from, “No matter black, white or beige, Chola or orient made, I’m on the right track baby, I was born to be brave” (Lady Gaga Born This Way).

Now I’m not going to say we are “Perfect” we are FAR from it. There might be a few bad examples out there – but don’t let ONE person define an ENTIRE group for you based on one bad experience. That in itself is unwise. Some of us simply are “Spiritual beings having a human experience” and we make mistakes-some of us learn and those of us who don’t? Well guess who gets to repeat that years worth of lessons. Some day I hope to see a day where people can set aside their differences and embrace them as the unique gifts that they have been blessed with by the Creator. Some day I hope to see people be able to “Agree to disagree” because that’s what I feel a good portion of us desire. Until then though, I will hope and pray that someone will either read or listen to what people like myself have to say as we try to create a better world for ALL to thrive in. Thank you.

~Bright blessings, good fortune and more be yours, Namaste~

Technical Difficulties: I apologize for the lack of better presentation. I would have added much more beautiful pictures but for some reason Zemanta was only allowing me the two that you see. Every-time I tried to drag a new picture it would erase everything else I had typed except for the first two paragraphs. I hope you enjoyed regardless.


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