Freedom of Religion Means ANY Religion and Your Assistance is Required

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Now I wish I had the link to where this original post came from but I don’t. Since I don’t I will re-paste and link to where I got my info from about this subject matter. This has brought to my attention another yet VERY important subject matter I should discuss which will supersede the regular “Post-a-day” idea. Without further adieu here is the post I read today off of S.M.G.:

I found this post on-line in another group:

Thought I would share as I feel this information is important to share. Not sure if any here are aware of this happening.

There is a petition to sign.

 The short version is that there is a movement to legally make Pagan religions in general legally unprotected.

Here is the link to a petition against it:!/petition/bar-courts-and-law…

This is the brief for the petition.

 We petition the Obama administration to:
bar courts and lawmakers from creating a “second-class” religion status for minority religions like Wicca & NeoPaganism

Currently in the Federal Court system of California, inmates who practice Pagan religions like Wicca and Druidry are suing for discrimination because they have been barred from practicing their religion which they had been legally allowed to practice.

The State of California, with help of the Conservative Christian Dominionist group the Wallbuilders, is arguing that religions like Wicca are not worthy of being protected by the First Amendment. If a federal court rules that Wicca and other Pagan religions are not worthy of equal status it means that every Pagan in the US could be fired from their job, lose their churches and covens, and be otherwise discriminated against. Please do not let a federal court take our rights away, this country is for everyone of every religion.


blessed be the pagans and wiccan

and may goddess offer her protection

assisting the success and impact of our voice

so that rights be maintained and restored.

Cited/Borrowed from The Secret Moon Garden


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