Why Batman Does NOT Equal Sexy to Me

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As a kid I grew up with Comic Heroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-men, and Static Shock (Yes; I consider even S.S. a Comic Hero in my book). Now in one of my novels I read the female author just LOVED to compare the male protagonist to “Batman” which ALMOST completely ruined the image of “Hades” for me because to me – IT JUST WASN’T RIGHT I tell you! I CRINGED every time she made the comparison (“Yep; definitely Batman” Me: *shudder and frustration*). To me it wasn’t right because the “Greek God” appearance to me is just “Classic” and you can’t MESS with the classics!

“He looked just like how Greek Gods ought to but in full 3D” or whatever corny line you want to use to describe a typical “Greek God”. So this led me to a weird pondering, “Do women truly find Batman sexy? Why don’t I think he’s sexy? Am I the only one who DOESN’T find Batman sexy?” Silly I know, but it led to some interesting conversations with friends.

I took this conversation to a few of my male friends and simply stated, “I’ve never found Batman sexy. I don’t know why any woman in her right mind would find Batman sexy. There’s a number of reasons why I just can’t get on this bandwagon that supposedly Batman is sexy”. One of my male friends responded with, “Well his non-costume self “Bruce Wayne” is a Millionaire. I think most women who would find him attractive are just attracted to the idea of his money.” That wouldn’t surprise as being ONE of the reasons in all honesty.

One thing people have to keep in mind is Batman, from what little knowledge I have on the man is a loner, but overall Batman or “Bruce Wayne” likes to keep his distance from those he loves in order to keep them safe and protect them. He makes that personal sacrifice in order to do his job. I respect that about him, but I also feel sympathetic toward his character because he has to give up something some of us consider quite a beautiful thing and possibly never experience its joys (though the lack of its pitfalls kind of is nice, least the worst of it), but he does experience its minor pitfalls to some degree (like in Batman the animated series when he figures out Catwoman loves him from her Secretary).

Greek God Hades

Image via Wikipedia, bout the best picture I could find of Hades I approve of with Persephone.

Then there is also the fact that Bruce Wayne is a Millionaire. First of all, I’m from the poor-middle class. I DON’T brainwash myself into believing I’d ever MEET a Millionaire, Billionaire, or whatever wealthy men and/or women who are out there. Nor do I kid myself into believing that I’d meet one in passing on the street or whatever it is I might be doing. I also don’t plan on going on any of those “Fake” supposed “Reality T.V. Shows” that say, “Oh meet your dreamboat of a Millionaire and marry them!” Ye-ah no, I’ll keep my nose out of that. Sounds like a BIGGER headache than I’d like to have. Plus, while having financial stability COMPLETELY being taken care of would be lovely – money will NOT make me happy and I know that.

Personality wise, I think Bruce has a pretty good one, but that also depends on WHICH incarnation you’re going with. I largely think of “Batman: The Animated Series” when I think of the Batman I know in my head. I know “Adam West’s” Batman and I know some of the later animated Batman Series’ including the movies (in my opinion Christian Bale has been the best LOOKING Batman there is to date). But Batman or rather “Bruce Wayne” has never had a STRONG personality I’ve been very DRAWN to. If anything I’ve been drawn to characters like “The Riddler”. Some of my favorite female villains included Harley Quin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Talia al Ghul & her father Ra’s al Ghul (always made for an interesting party). Honestly I loved both those characters now that I think about. Point is though, I’ve never felt Batman has had a strong personality in the series’ or movies. Perhaps he did in the comics but I’ve never had a chance to read the old comics.

There’s no denying Batman is a “Bad-ass” overall. He’ll always be one of my beloved Vigilantes, but the one who always takes the CAKE for most attractive “Neutral Good” comic character in my book will be “Gambit”. Yes; I think Gambit is made of AWESOME and WIN! There I said it. He has a sassy personality (love the accent) and the “Bad-ass” attitude to boot. He doesn’t ALWAYS do the right thing-but for the most part when it seems to matter the most he always seems to make the right choice (I was disappointed with the recent Movie adaptation of him and how small a part he got. PSH!).

What do you folks in “Inter-webs Land” think? Is Batman sexy? or no? I’m adding a poll to get your opinions.


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  1. think4string
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 08:31:02

    I’ve always thought Adam West’s Batman to be very, how do I put this kindly…lukewarm. The TV series was always very cool, and as a kid the colors, the action boxes (POWW) the outfits, costumes and cars were cool. The villians were always more colorful, more animated, and even had ‘cooler’ dialogue than Batman – even the Boy Wonder was a cool cat compared to Mild Mannered Batguy.

    I think the movies have done a little more justice to the ‘coolness’ appeal of Batman, and there has been some cheesy dialogue in the movies, but…I’m a Guy, so the ‘sexy’ award HAS to go with Bat Girl for me. Even more than Cat Woman, because Bat Girl was feminine like a lady, tough like a heroine, and intelligent to boot.

    Money can’t buy everything, it just kinda makes up for everything else that’s missing, so it’s good to hear a girl say she doesn’t care for Bruce Wayne’s money.

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Oct 11, 2011 @ 01:50:33

      Yeah I have to agree. Adam’s “Bruce Wayne” personality was rather “Lukewarm” to me as well, but I also couldn’t really take him seriously either. Adam’s generation of “Batman” is rather “comical” to me and I agree, I think some of the villains got better lines than Batman or the Boy Wonder did at times during the show. Still entertaining – I won’t deny that.
      I definitely feel the movies have done a much better job in demonstrating Batman’s “Coolness” appeal.
      I also think your choice is a good one – always good to see a man who appreciates a woman with personality and a brain. lol

      Thank you for the compliment. *bows* As a friend once said to me, “Money sure helps, but it can’t make you happy.”

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