Beauty is NOT Just Skin Deep

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It’s funny how the topic of yesterday ties into this one today as the latest topic suggestion was, “Write about one of the subjects from yesterday.” Funny how that works out.

As children we have no idea what “Beauty” is considered by “Society’s” standards. All we care about as children is living our lives to the fullest and trying to get as much play time in the day, maybe getting through school to the end of the day and then home where we can relax and veg out for a while to rest our exhausted little minds. It doesn’t become apparent to us that our perception of “Beauty” is vastly DIFFERENT from what “Society” feels is truly “Beautiful”. As the media such as television, magazines, movies will teach us supposedly things like “Sex” sells and “True Beauty” is simply “Flawless Perfection” which can NEVER be obtained or truly achieved. Making for a whole MESS of psychological problems as we grow up in life.

Some people feel, “Hey! If you got it, flaunt it! Nothing wrong with that” and that’s fine in moderation so long as you are being TRUE to who YOU are inside. If you’re doing it because someone ELSE or a magazine tells you it’s what you SHOULD do, then you aren’t listening to the right source. If you truly want to “Flaunt it” do it because today “I feel beautiful and sexy! Think I’ll show it!”.

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They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but I feel one of the things we sometimes miss as human beings (especially in today’s society) is the fact we are taking this phrase WAY too literally. Beauty isn’t JUST skin deep. It goes far deeper. So deep to a point you can no longer see it but we must use our other senses in order to perceive its “subtle” hints & tricks. Sometimes the outside of a person doesn’t always match the “Inside” of who they truly are – often times people wear what we call a “Mask” keeping others in the dark about who they REALLY are on the inside until maybe it’s too late and we end up with, a broken heart, a broken sword – and things only have the power that you give them.(Quote from DAWN: Lucifer’s Halo)

DAWN - 5 Masks by Joseph Michael Linsner

So why does something like this matter so much to me? Because it has a great deal to do with my personal experiences not only growing up but also as a grown woman. Story time! Yay! When I was a wee lass – I was picked on by many of my peers. Children more often than not can be quite cruel and often times they don’t SAY why they are “bullying” you, it just happens. Often times because in their own lives they are suffering through one way or another.
For the longest time I thought everyone picked on me because I was simply “ugly”. To me there could be NO other explanation at the time for why they did it – not even my height or build so much at the time. Hell I didn’t care if they made fun of me for the things I wore so much. I knew I wasn’t like the rest, it was obvious to me when I got older. I’ve just NEVER fit into any of the stereotypical “clicks” people love to talk about. I’ve never been a sort of “trend-setter” or “conformist”. I’ve always seemed to blaze my own trail, even when I really wasn’t trying. I just wanted to be True to myself, to ME and no one else.

So it eventually occurs to me people find me attractive in High School, through a slow steady process of getting hit in the head with a proverbial “Clue x 4” and a few other factors, but it doesn’t truly dawn on me just HOW attractive I am till College. That’s when it really shows. Fast-forward through several BAD experiences over the past few years with “Guys” up to the present (I’m not just talking relationship wise either). Now I’ve lived in a few different regions and I still see the same thing no matter where I go. I’m looked at like a “Piece of meat”. A guy will more or less lick his lips thinking about the “One night stand” he’d LOVE to have with me and then proceeds to, most likely, think about the “tick” he can add to his list of previous conquests. Most likely he’s also thinking of the what “position” he’d love to see me in. I’m not an “object” nor a “Prize” to be won. I’m a human being. I FEEL, I laugh, cry, feel anger, betrayal and much of the same like anyone else.

Okay, I get it. Some men are driven by sex but are all men simply “sex starved”?! My gosh! What happened to make this occur? Last time I remember being at a club the Men to Women ratio was WAY off. There were more “Guys” than “Girls”. I remember one customer saying how they felt it was a real “Sausage Feast” and I can agree. So are we lacking enough women in America? Or are the women of America craving something different and just flat-out avoiding American men? Unfortunately, I can’t answer for the majority since I’m more or less a “minority”. Not by the color of my skin, oh no. I’m a beauty with BRAINS and I crave a man who can stimulate my mind, life, and body. Unfortunately, for me it seems that the “Good Men” I crave is in short supply and we need to restock or back-order, preferably just “restock”.

I actually know a few of these good men but unfortunately I feel no spark between myself and them, but they are very near and dear to my heart and I hope they know that if not by the “loves yous” I throw out here and there in randomness.

I see myself as a being of far more substantial value than being a “Cow” for other peoples’ enjoyment and delight. I’m a Priestess. My body is my temple. I expect anyone who comes to “worship” at it to pay it GREAT respect, not desecrate it. If someone impresses me and shows me respect, they may be able to enter and do just that – but there are very few that I have encountered that I consider “worthy” of such an honor.

For those looking for good women or men, they are out there. There in the places you least expect to find them. Sometimes they are the ones hiding their picture on the dating site you’re looking at, because they don’t desire to be judged by their looks alone. They want you to see them for WHO they are like in the movie Avatar how the Na’vi say, “I see you.” They see beyond the physical into the Spirit/Soul of the individual, perhaps into their heart and mind. Perhaps the good woman or man you’re looking for volunteers at a shelter, works at Wal-Mart, is a housekeeper, or something else not overly glamorous. Thing is, looks can be deceiving for anyone – man or woman.  There are good people out there that our worth our time and energy. We just have to believe we deserve them and pray to Spirit that we shall find them as they will us and in time (“Patience is a virtue worth cultivating – yet it is not an easy crop to grow” – Chinese Proverb with my modification) – I truly believe such a thing is possible for all so long as we keep our hope and faith alive. “Banality is stronger than belief, yet Faith is stronger still” (A quote from one of my teachers that I carry with me everyday within my heart and mind and can easily be applied to all elements of our lives).

In conclusion, yes, while I understand society likes to tell us all that “Sex Sells” regardless of what society tells us from what we wear to what we read and everything else in between – I – DON’T – CARE. But I will not stand idly by and have people try to tell me, “It’s just the way things are. Nothing you can do about it. If you don’t like it, maybe you should move.” Moving wouldn’t change the way things are if I run away from the issue. It’s like the “Starfish Story” in a way. A child is throwing Starfish back into the ocean as the tide is going out, the old man who stops and asks what they are doing says, “There are so many, you CAN’T possibly make a difference!” to which the child picks one up and throws it into the ocean and says, “It made a difference for that one.” I can try to make a difference if I stay. Better to stay, fight, and possibly fail than to regret never trying at all. The Heavens only know – how much the children of tomorrow require better role models today. The world may not change overnight, but making a difference everyday of my life, great or small, is worth all the riches and FAKE beauty in the world to me.

Thanks for reading! Peace and blessings~


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  1. think4string
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 07:26:47

    awesome. you owned this post and had me cheering for you from your corner of the ring. great write!

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Oct 12, 2011 @ 08:26:08

      Believe it or not. It took me a few hours to complete this. I wrestled with writing this piece. It was not an easy piece to write, but I’m glad I was able to finish and get it up. I definitely feel it came out pretty well.

      Thank you for the cheers and reading. I’m glad you enjoyed another piece of mine. 😀

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