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Captain America

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The Daily post suggested, “Write a movie review for the last movie you saw”. It’s a little embarrassing but Captain America was indeed the last movie I saw in the theater with a good friend of mine. I was very excited about seeing the movie. Not because I had read every single Captain America comic since I was a wee lass, but more so because Captain America is a legend of American History, especially Comic Book History and quite frankly anytime there is a movie coming out based on a comic – I kind of feel like I gotta go see it. By the way, I’m betting there are spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t look any further, but I’m never try to spoil too much so you know.

I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was a fun thrill-ride and Captain America is one of the few Heroes I can ACTUALLY relate to. He starts off an average Joe. He just wants to help his country but the people at the recruitment centers treat him like he’s damaged goods because of his health history. But he sees what’s going on in the world on the other side of the pond and he can’t help but feel that – no matter what – he HAS to get out into the field of combat and help his brothers in arms. I admire his true good old fashion “American Spirit”. That sheer determination to keep trying no matter what. When I see Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), I see myself. The constant struggle and desire to try and make a difference no matter what anyone says and our stubbornness/determination won’t allow us to simply throw in the towel.

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Eventually he gets his wish because Dr. Abraham Erskine sees the potential for great things in Rogers (I also feel he sees the true good and purity of heart, courage, honor, and dedication Rogers has) and enrolls him into a special secret government Super Soldier program to turn Rogers into the type of person he desires to become. Long story short, the experiment is a success but not without the cost of losing someone dear in the process as Hydra tries to sabotage and steal important info from the lab. After losing a friend Rogers is at a loss for what to do after stopping the Hydra agent. Senator Brandt offers Rogers an alternative idea of how he can help his country – support the troops on the home front.

Without giving TOO much away and still keeping track of what I’m trying to get at with the movie – the story of Captain America is truly a tale of the “Heroes Journey“. Eventually Rogers truly gets to “PROVE” himself in the field of battle and even takes it upon himself to do some pretty risky things. Why? I think the answer is pretty simple. Yes; he wanted to still prove himself, that he wasn’t simply a joke – he was a man waiting to prove his worth and he waited till the right time to strike and went for it. Sometimes that’s what we have to do. I’m sure Rogers was scared out of his wits but he showed TRUE courage and determination in the face of fear. He overcame the odds and proved he could come out on top. That’s what I love about him. Seeing this movie made me wish that there were more “Steve Rogers” out there and truth be told – I still do. I don’t feel we have enough people like “Steve Rogers” in our world to truly balance out a great deal of the “negative crap” in our world. I hope one day, there might be another “Steve Rogers” type or even more whether man or woman.

Captain Rogers after the Siege of Asgard and i...

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This film definitely made me appreciate myself in a brand new light. I’m not perfect but I always try to do whats right for the best interest of all – though not everyone may see it that way. That’s okay, that’s their perspective and their entitled to that. I’ve always said kids require better role models and Captain America to me is just that. I just wish we had our very own, doing awesome heroic deeds. Overall, my verdict on Captain America was that it was 10 stars (1-10, 1 being the worst movie I’ve ever seen and 10 being one of the best I’ve ever seen). It’s definitely worth seeing and the acting was pretty superb. Action, danger, romance, evil plots to try and take over the world – yeah this movie has it all. Thanks for reading!

Captain America is coming soon to cinema

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~May you be blessed in all your ways upon your path, Namaste~


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