We Can’t All ALWAYS Be Sunshine and Rainbows: A Tale About a Bully

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Our story begins with a rather innocent yet positive post about Bullys‘, allow me to re-post: “That girl you just called fat? Shes overdosing on diet pills. The Girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The Boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Put this on your status for an hour, if you are against bullying…”

For simplification so people are able to follow the story there are three (not including myself) major figures in this story and I’m assigning them letters for the sake of anonymity:
Person A = Is a friend of mine
Person B = Friend to person A that is NOT a friend of mine
Person C = A mutual friend of both Person A and myself. I also may simplify the story a bit so bear with me.

Person A: Is the one who posted the status

Person B: Decides to be rude and call our sharing of experiences a “Whiner Feast” and says we shouldn’t bring them down and we should get over it already, more or less in not so many words.

Being polite I respond duly to “Person B” and in friendly polite conversation mention how, “I wouldn’t say it is a Whiner Feast so much as a “Sharing of Experiences” feast,” addressing them by their user name since THAT to me is a sign of respect, that and it also identifies whom the comment is left for, which I feel is also another important key factor in communicating our ideals.

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Person B” gets a stick up their @$$ and basically says the equivalent of “Don’t you get all friendly with me, you don’t know me!” and proceeds to insist it is a Whiner Feast and how again, we should learn to grow up and deal with it and not bring others down. I don’t know what planet THEIR FROM but a TRULY good friend often listens to the woes and troubles of TRULY good friends, often sharing advice or uplifting words of love, admiration, & camaraderie. Plus, I’d like to point out we all have free will, if you don’t like something you read or what someone says, what should you do? Uh, perhaps ignore it and walk away? Perhaps stop reading and responding all together? (at least in THIS context or silly “Troller” comments i.e. Gap Hunters). When you know it is the time to walk away from the conversation you shouldn’t JUST keep going because you want to WIN the argument. I have to remind myself of this more often than people realize. None of us WANT to be wrong but just because you “Walk Away” doesn’t make you wrong. It just means you’ve chosen to no longer waste your time or energy on something so trivial and “negative” anymore. You realize your energy can better serve YOU elsewhere. Immediately you strip anyone else of YOUR power (or their control) and bring it back home where it rightfully belongs.

We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other.” – Fortune Cookie Proverb

I know when I’m down I listen to my “Happy Music” which is my J-pop, Pop, Techno, House, and Trance. It’s of course different for everyone but I find music to be GREAT medicine for healing and uplifting the Spirit. So if someone does bring you down, find a good friend to talk to or listen to the music you know will uplift your spirit. 🙂

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So, what did I say in response to said rudeness? You’d be surprised, I was FAR politer than Person C was. But what they said had a lovely impact and I felt if I responded after them it would just KILL the AWESOME power it had or be overkill. Here is what I said word for word and this was before Person B and C responded, which happened after my post, “Wow so much animosity – I was simply trying to be friendly and you have free-will. You read this with that free-will you also responded the same with that Free-will. If you didn’t want someone addressing your comments just for friendly discussion, perhaps you shouldn’t have posted at all Person B. Sorry there is no other way to respond to you since that is the name displayed and I will use it regardless unless I am given something else – out of respect for the individual – that being you.

Person B of course responds with another yet rude retort and then Person C retorts which shuts Person B up, far as I can tell, the basic badass awesomeness of “STFU! And GTFO N00b!” (translation for those not privy: Shut the F**K up! and Get the F**k out you idiotic whiny little jerk!)

From the last comment that “Person B” made it sounded/read as though they did not understand that we WEREN’T complaining about how HORRIBLE our lives our NOW. Earlier in the conversation I remember Person B mentioning “Don’t bring me down” in more words than was needed. Person B was making A-LOT of assumptions which made THEM look like a Fool, not to mention how they acted/were perceived by others was the very thing we were speaking up against and about, Bullying. Additionally, I’d like to point out how hypocritical their statement of,“Whining is for people who can’t deal with their issues and feel the need to complain about everything and in the end the person they are complaining to is more stressed out then before they came to them bitching”.

Bullying (327/365)

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Yes that is direct quotation from Person B’s post. If you don’t like people bringing YOU down, why the Hell are you on the Internet? More importantly, do you venture outside of your home? I would hope not! Otherwise you’ll still find MORE people out in the REAL WORLD either purposely trying to bring you down or hoping for a friendly ear who would listen and offer a kind word. I don’t see how this person even has friends if they don’t think listening to “Other people’s problems” is important, least that’s how it comes off as, are friends a Special case I wonder? Hmm, well if you are one to want to avoid the Drama Llama (Translation for those not privy: A person who whines A-LOT and is the epitome of the cosmic “Fool”. They often feel people should pity them and THEIR problems and more often than not like to “stir the pot“. They also seem to perpetually be in their own little “Rut” and nothing you say, do, or otherwise helps because they often WON’T listen. This is my interpretation mind you) your best bet is to NOT have friends and to avoid people at all costs!

Ink pink... Bullies stink!

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So why is this passage rather hypocritical? Because they are Whining about how people are bringing THEM down when they are bringing the other people who posted earlier, sharing their experiences of Bullying, DOWN. My life isn’t perfect but the bullying is behind me and I’m a far stronger person because of it, much to my chagrin to admit sometimes, because it isn’t always easy to admit. I’m also much more optimistic about my life, like “Person C” had mentioned in their last response to this post.

In conclusion – some of us can’t always interpret the WRITTEN intentions, feelings, or emotions behind words. When in doubt, DON’T assume! Assumptions make an “@$$” out of you and me, remember? I feel that it was a dash of this, coupled with a pinch of (by how defensive Person B was acting) a personal node or cord of “Truth” being struck within the person as well, something they don’t care to yet face or admit, but I can only speculate and those are just my thoughts on the matter.

By sharing this personal experience of my life, I hope that it can and will help others understand BETTER the kind of world we “desire” to be in vs. the kind we actually “create”. This was partially for entertainment purposes but also for the intention of “LOOKING at a situation” from many different angles. Thank you for reading. I hope to get back on top of my daily, ahead of schedule posting, but for now – so you know – I’ve got some personal matters I am dealing with and it’s made it difficult for me to keep up with my goal as of late. But I am going to continue to try and keep to my “promise” or “goal” regardless of the situation.

~Be blessed, Namaste~


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