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In a previous post called “Fear + God = Does Not Compute For Me” I touched briefly on the concept of “The Divine Within Us“. I decided I’d follow that up with a very special post of its own. I’d like to open up with a word that you’ll often see me use at the end of my posts, because it has a VERY important place to me in this particular topic. That word is “Namaste“. While Sanskrit is a high context language the interpretation I shoot for usually is this, “The spirit in me respects the spirit in you,” “the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you“.

Using some of my past know how in regards to the Bible (and I know some of the same can be found in other sacred texts of other traditions) I’ll be pulling up the old topic of “We are created in the image of our creator” and how it correlates to the meaning of this word “Namaste“.

So how does this all correlate in my eyes? If we were created in the “image” of our creator then, “As it is in heaven, so it shall be on Earth,” which to me means we are a reflection of our “Divine Creator” whether we are “Man” or “Woman”. To me there has always been a “Mother God” and “Father God” for they help to balance out our universe and the same can be found on Earth. Makes only sense doesn’t it? Also there is a very FINE element that separates a regular human being from say, a “Clone” and Scientists are baffled by it, but in reality it’s very simple and obvious. We were given a “Shard” of the “Creator” and this “Shard” helps to essentially “Power” the bodies that are essentially the “vessel” for this “Divine Being/Soul” given to us by the “Creator/Spirit“.

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The “Shards” we are given help define who we are even though we are given the very essential “Free-Will” to do as we like with these vessels. The religious texts? I feel are a very beautiful “Guideline” or “Basic Instructions to Being a Spiritual Being, Having a Human Experience” since once we get to Earth things can seem a bit “confusing” at best. To me these texts weren’t INTENDED to be taken at “Face Value“. Spirit wants us to figure things out for ourselves as well, but to remember to ask for help when it is required. That we aren’t alone on this planet that we reside upon.

We weren’t made “Perfect” for if we were we would probably live less fulfilling lives and possibly do nothing. We are imperfect to learn our OWN personal experiences and life lessons that allow for us to be unique individuals in this beautiful world we live in. It also allows for these lessons to have a greater impact upon us and gain greater respect & appreciation for them. Even though we all have “Shards” of the “One” we are, again, unique and yet very much the same at our “core” of where we originate from in our “Souls“.

Because we are “Shards” of our creator, we have just as much say in how our world shall be shaped (i.e. co-created) or how we “desire” for it to be shaped as a whole, this can be for the greater good (i.e. highest and greatest good and aspirations of all) or we can create our own personal Hell by destroying that which has been so graciously given to us. That choice – is ultimately ours.

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Which would you choose, why? How/what do you desire to see the world be “co-created” and shaped into vs. perhaps what you see today?

Thank you for reading as always. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I am merely a “Spiritual Being” having a “Human experience” trying to make sense of it all and helping others to understand as best I can.

~Bright blessings, good fortune, love & more, Namaste~

Author Notes: I really tried my best to convey my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and divine guidance on this topic as best, coherently possible that I could muster. I hope it made some sense, if not, feel free to ask questions, might help clarify some of the information in my mind as well. I really wrestled with this one in order to present it to you.


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