Banality, Belief and Faith

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Banality is stronger than belief, yet Faith is stronger still“. I’ve heard my teacher utter this phrase more times than I can count and in all honesty I still haven’t quite had my epiphany of “OH! I get it!”. Instead I understand the meaning of what is being said – but something just isn’t clicking. These three forces are considered some of the most basic in understanding how the world works and how we can manifest that which we desire in our lives. I’m going to break it down and maybe by doing so I’ll have my epiphany – if I’m lucky.

What is Banality? In the realms that I work with “Banality” often deals with “negativity” or anything that is considered “negative”.  It can be a thought, a word, a phrase, a feeling, worries, doubts, and fears. Banality to my teacher and myself is often found in forms such as:

You can’t do that,” sarcasm, cynicism, dishonest intentions such as saying one thing but meaning another, “You deserve to be happy*with me*…”

Sometimes people say some of these things and think nothing of it or they don’t realize the kind of energy they are sending out into the universe. Often what we send out is what we get. One of the reasons why “Self Prophecy” tends to work.

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Belief – what is belief? Belief is something we believe yet there CAN be doubts, worries, or even fears that can hinder that Belief. This is often where “Banality” plays its biggest role. If we believe in something then who’s to say it CAN’T be done? Who’s to say it isn’t possible? We are only limited by our own “Belief” or rather “Banality” and that of our environment. In a nutshell, Belief is a relatively strong force if you can overcome the “Banality” of your own mind and environment.

Faith – what is Faith? Faith is stronger than either of the two by far. Faith is seen as unshakeable. Even if you have your worries, doubts or fears – so long as you have “Faith” you’ve got a leg to stand on even in the face of “Banality” constantly bombarding your senses. This could range from a number of things, Faith in yourself, Faith in your Higher Powers, or whatever it is you personally put “Faith” into.

For magical practitioners or even non-magical practitioners these three elements are very important to understand.

Example 1 – Magic: From a Magical Practitioners perspective – you cast a spell. It’s a spell with good intentions and so in our rules you would get back what it is YOU have put out into the Universe to achieve with this energy. However, if they tell a few friends who are skeptical of their power or even that the spell will work, that “positive energy” that YOU put out now has to fight against “banality” of others and quite possibly their own doubts, worries, and fears. If they have “Faith” in themselves, their power, their higher power (maybe) and that they will be successful – then they shall be rewarded with their desired outcome.

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It also doesn’t hurt to forget what it is that you put out there in the first place – has a tendency of manifesting quicker because it has no “Banality” to hinder it.

Example 2 – Prayer: Prayer to me is much so a different form of magic. You pray which puts out a specific intention. Let’s say you are homeless and are praying that you will have a meal at least within the day. So you wait. In most cases I know of I don’t know very many people who voice their prayers for others to hear unless it is in “Church”. So the most likely case of what would happen is – because you asked – ye shall receive because you had “Faith” that the Universe would provide. Since you also did not tell anyone else what your desire was – that also helped.

No epiphany but I hope you enjoyed reading this as it is a “glimpse” into the world I work in and how I perceive the world. I hope it made sense. If not I am open for discussion on this topic. Might be fun. 🙂

~Be blessed on your path and in all your ways, Namaste~

P.S. I know it’s a bit late in the day. I’ve been dealing with a lot of “heavy” personal issues outside of the net. Trying to keep to my vow of “Post once a day” up until the new year. Thanks for hanging in there and for your patience.


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