A Thankless Job – Or Maybe Not?

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This is a VERY special story near and dear to my heart, for it is NOT something someone like myself sees everyday, but when it happens people like myself are filled with a VERY warm feeling inside and a gladness that cannot possibly described adequately in words. Firstly, some brief re-cap for those of us just joining in on the L.G. train. For those of you out there who don’t know, I’m a Priestess. Don’t ask what Tradition, you won’t get an answer for personal reasons.

In my personal experience and field, the job of the Priest/ess can be and largely is lots of hard work, dedication, long hours, often doesn’t pay (monetarily) for a VERY long time, and more often than not is a THANKLESS job but someone has to do it and we know that. We do this job regardless because we understand sometimes seeing a “Shrink” isn’t the first option people want to think of when it simply comes to “needing someone to talk to you can trust”.

In our field, I’ve come across two types of “Thanks yous” in my life thus far. The ones that are out of obligation and the ones that are given out of PURE and HONEST gratitude. The latter is the one I would LOVE to hear the most – but often we as Priest/esses don’t hear these types of “Thanks Yous“. We often have to convince ourselves that what we do is for the highest and greatest good of those who come to us and it doesn’t matter if they return to give that heartfelt “Thank you” we have to learn to accept not everyone WILL return to do just that. So we must be satisfied by the fact we “tried” to help the individual whether they take our advice or no, it is their free-will, and it’s in Spirits hands after we have done our job.

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Our story is about my very dear and special friend, Ryan. You may laugh at me but I originally met Ryan on City of Heroes. We started out as Supergroup acquaintances and as time went on we chatted in what we call “OOC” or “Out of Character” more often. We also became regular role-play partners there for a while (still are). Ryan was re-visiting some “Dark Places” and fighting his personal “Demons” alone at the time and one day he sends me a “Tell” (which is a private message in-game to a person currently logged in) talking about some of his problems. Now at the time I wasn’t entirely in the mood to listen and I half-thought of replying back with, “You know normally I would love to listen, but could we do this another time when I feel up for it?” That didn’t happen. Instead, I paused, thought better and said to myself, “No; I’m a Priestess and while I could say no, he needs someone to talk to now and he trusts me enough he’s already opening up to me like this. That says a lot to me about how he feels about me as a friend.” So I listened. I offered the kind HONESTwords he required MOST from the bottom of my heart. I found much of what he was going through I had already BEEN there and done that, so it was easy for me to relate and advise him in what he could do and in what to say to help uplift his spirit.

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Eventually he did come down for a visit to see me and we had great fun, but that’s not where our story ends. No. Our story ends with a very BEAUTIFUL heartfelt “Thank you” from someone “Close” to Ryan. His mother. Now I hadn’t realize Ryan had been going on about me to his family so imagine how SURPRISED I was to get this. This was the message I received:

Dearest Gwendolynn, you do not need to “friend” me back – in fact, that might make Ryan a bit uncomfortable LOL! – but I did want to send you a very sincere “Thank you” to you for being such a wonderful friend to our son : ) You seem like an absolutely lovely person & I am very grateful that you are in our son’s life!! Hugs, Ryan’s Mom (anonymity for the win 😛 ).

When I read that I felt OVERJOYED! Someone ACTUALLY thanked ME! Of all people! They thanked me and it was completely sincere! I felt a new sense of joy and happiness I had NEVER thought I could EVER feel and it felt WONDERFUL! I can’t tell you how happy I was to receive this. Words cannot truly do the feeling proper justice!

In retrospect though, what she didn’t understand or perhaps she did – was that to me, YES, I am a Priestess but I cherish my friends. They are near and dear to my heart. I don’t like to see them suffer. Heck if I was capable I’d probably try to shoulder all their burdens by my lonesome. But I’m not equipped for that unfortunately and I have my own burdens to bear. The most I can do is help ease the load, because I know it makes things easier. I’m not sure I’d say I’m a Priestess 1st, Friend 2nd. Or if it is the other way around because I NEVER truly EVER stop being the Priestess – but I also never truly stop being a “good” friend either. Perhaps I’m both. In any case, to me part of being a good friend is just this – being there to love each other, help each other, be supportive and uplift one another when need be. I do just that. That’s kind of in the prerequisite of being a “Good Friend” to me. I take that seriously as I’m sure others do to.

Overall, the moral of the story is – if you know someone who has done a great deal for you – has been a good friend, priest/ess, or whatever – when you feel it, give them a big heartfelt “Thank you”. You will bring them a JOY I’m sure they haven’t felt often and you will feel good doing it to. If they ask, “Why” or “For what?” tell them EXACTLY why or what! In a nutshell, SHARE the LOVE! We appreciate it more than you know.

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I hope you enjoyed the story!

~Bright blessings, love, light, good fortune & more be yours, Namaste~


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