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I’ve been exploring this venue since I was wee lass to the present and beyond (I’m sure). What makes someone beautiful to me – isn’t just “physical” it is also mental and spiritual. Their heart and soul. Are they intelligent? Can I have a conversations with them that keeps my interest? Do we share any common interests? What type of “character” are they? What are their morals, codes, ethics, philosophy, belief, and conduct? What is important to them as human beings? What kind of “company” do they keep (by company I mean “friends”)? How do they treat others?

I try to look at a person from many levels & angles. I look at their actions and listen to their words to see if they hold true to what a person believes. Or if they are merely wearing a “Mask” over their true intentions. I feel every person has a great amount of depth that is WORTH exploring and learning about that makes them beautiful. Yes; some people read like “books” but there still must be something, to me at least, that makes them unique as human beings.

To me, beauty is many things and yet so much more than words can adequately describe. What is beauty to you?



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  1. Joseph
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 19:23:12

    What is beauty?

    A simple yet complicated question to any who are asked it to be sure. But to me beauty comes into three different aspects…Mind,Body,and Soul and you need all three to be fully beautiful.
    My reasoning is this. You must be confident in yourself. Confidence in that you are beautiful hence your Mind. With that confidence your Soul will become strong in what you believe and then your body will respond to the confidence as well. so in truth..Confidence is what brings all three together.

  2. think4string
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 19:23:29

    this has always been a question for the ages. for myself, there have been varied characteristics of the women I have shared romance with. attraction has not always been physical, in fact often it has seemed to spark itself out of argument or difference of opinion. somehow, having engaged in discussion, a spark is lit on my realization that the woman I am disagreeing with has a very appealing nature in the way she chooses to defend her belief. I have witnessed beauty within a woman who was at times selfish in her own relationship – yet selfless in her friendships. beauty can take many interpretive forms and reveal itself under simple & complex situations. physical beauty, although appealing to the sense of sight and at its deepest, capable of provoking lust, can be a reminder that you need to be careful what you wish for. the most amazingly attractive woman I met years ago, was physically model-esque. She was 5’11”, blonde, blue eyes, elegant build, had done some modeling and was very literate and engaging. in the 4 short months we spent together I learned lessons of a lifetime…beauty can come in the guise of a compulsive liar. she had been romantically involved, the entire time we dated, and when I questioned some things that didn’t ‘add up’, I fooled myself into believing someone so ‘beautiful’ could NOT be so cruel to lie about the things we discussed – and – I was wrong. lol, lesson learned.

    since that time, it has become more evident to myself that beauty in a woman takes time to reveal itself. the common denominators are always the same though. a kindness that emanates from deep within; a smile that reveals more than it attempts to hide…and uniqueness that is part down to earth and part out of this world. as MANY things as beauty is…when it comes from the most unexpected situations, to reveal itself – that’s when it is simply at its Most Beautiful.

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