Beauty, a Gift and a Curse


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This may come as a SHOCK but if you are born naturally & aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Beauty can be both a GIFT and very much so a CURSE. How one grows up with this “Gift” is completely dependent upon our environment. Some mother’s enter their daughters into “Beauty Pageants” at an early age and often this is psychologically damaging for the child. Other times parents are aware they have a beautiful child, but they let them be and raise them like normal children. I believe most parents however like to believe their children are all beautiful even if other people do not agree. Then there are the parents that don’t do much to reassure their children that they are “Good Looking” at all and if the school bullies get to them first – there’s a likely chance the child might believe they are being picked on NOT because they are different, but because they are – in fact – ugly.

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There are those who take their beauty for granted, movies like “Beastly” are a good example which is essentially a retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” but in a modern setting with less fantasy and the magic intact. While on the opposite side of the spectrum there are those who cherish and appreciate what they have – but in a way they have to COME into the understanding that they are beautiful, because they didn’t see their own beauty until later on due to one event occurring in their life or another. Beauty, as I’ve stated in a previous topic of mine, isn’t just “Skin Deep” it is so much more than meets the eye. People tend to “overlook” the hidden treasures within a person because they LOOK with their eyes for the beauty of someone, not the “inside” with their hearts and minds. Sadly, again, people’s outside does not always adequately betray their true “inner” nature – instead it can be horribly misleading.

Unfortunately, the best way I can truly support this particular argument is with my own personal experiences so that you all will have an understanding of why I feel so strongly about this particular subject. Growing up, I was the kid who didn’t believe I was beautiful, despite the occasional compliments I would receive from family. I was the kid who got picked on in Middle School and the conclusion I came to as to WHY they bullied me was “I must be ugly!“. Not only did I have people on the outside tormenting me – I was tormenting myself and there is not enough words in our language to describe how much that SUCKS.
Eventually, as I grew older I had a change of perspective because I was tired of people trying to control me and MY power. So I took it back. It wasn’t easy but with some meditation and positive reinforcement mantras, eventually I managed to get to a level of confidence where I could say, “I am attractive” and could easily believe it as truth. Point is – I fought to get that sense of my dignity back and I succeeded. Eventually no one picked on me anymore to boot. It was as if they had grown bored of it – or just grew up a little.

Take The Time To Find True Beauty Around You.

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For awhile it was pretty awesome. I eventually gained some serious confidence and OWNED my power, sometimes the attention of a room depending on where I went. As time went on though I witnessed people trying to use and abuse my “Beauty” to make themselves look “Good”. In one relationship I fell into; I was treated as the “Trophy Girlfriend”. In another, non-relationship but was a “testing the waters friendship” kind of thing, I had a guy THINK he supposedly had CLAIM over me. I put a stop to that immediately. I’ve had men try to SUCK UP and “Sweet Talk” me into giving them my body. But as Shania Twain once sung, “That don’t impress me much!“. My “curtains” might be of a “Rusty” sheen but that doesn’t mean I’m a dumb floozy who’s going to spread them just because you make eye contact or use that cheesy ass pick-up line of yours. This is also how beauty in a way is a curse.

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So why does this truly burn me up? Because of the “bread-crumbs” I’ve been leaving for you, the readers, in the above paragraph. I don’t know what’s gotten into people these days. Yes; I am aware we are mammals and that makes us “animals” and procreation is a “natural” thing to WANT to do and sex can be enjoyable, but it shouldn’t be the SOLE driving force of a persons motives. I can’t tell people how to live their lives, I know. The most I can hope for is to inspire CHANGE for the better.

We are PEOPLE. We think, we feel, laugh, cry, some of us get attached easily, others don’t. Some of us are pleasing to the eye and some aren’t but it’s their inner beauty that is the most DAZZLING of all. Beauty CAN have BRAINS and a PERSONALITY not just be a floozy bimbo to act as your “Trophy” or “Shiny new Toy“. As Princess Jasmineof Aladdin said, “I am not a prize to be won“. Our love, respect, attention, admiration and more must be EARNED it cannot be bought and will NOT stand for abuse of any kind. The 2% out there I know stand with me on this I’m certain.


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But my feeling of why so many people these days are miserable (aside from that dense “Depression” looming over our country because of the economy and other important factors) is because they are simply “settling” for one selfish, greedy, what they feel is “practical“, or other reasoning that they give to convince themselves that their “relationship” is a good one, will work, and last a long time. They aren’t staying “TRUE” to themselves and aren’t “following their heart“. Instead they follow their “Ego” and that typically leads to “misery“. And we all know, “Misery loves company“. I’ve never been much of an “Ego-Driven” being but I’ve had my share of “Ego” based moments – they are ugly, definitely not pretty, and not something you typically want to remember. Like a bad hang-over.

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Life and people aren’t just about “SEX” and “that’s where they end“. Life, people, the world at large – has DEPTH. If all you want to do is “scratch the surface” by exploring the “SEX, SEX, SEX” realm of things. Go ahead. However, remember you’ll never have a VERY fulfilling or satisfying life. Instead, you will live a life of lacking and always trying to fill a “void” you don’t know HOW to fill. We are human beings – we are designed to take risks – “It’s time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” (Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus) Couldn’t have said it better myself Ms. Frizzle. Yes; being human can be scary at times – but it can be truly worth it in the long-run if we just TRY our best and NEVER less.

Thank you.

~Love, light, blessings & more, Namaste~

Special Note: 2% representing the others who feel the same as I do. Yes; that’s a statistic I pulled from thin air because it sure feels that small some days. Did you know like 95%, I think it is, of statistics are made-up on the spot? 😛


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  1. scenicroadway
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 10:14:51

    Great post, and so very true. You can add me to your 2%, because I agree!

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