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Some of you might have noticed I recently added a word-count meter on the right hand side and might be wondering where I found it and how I added it and, “Darn it! I want one!”. Well I’m here to answer that. See I was reading another fellow NaNo-nites blog post earlier (even linked to it in previous post at the bottom) and noticed she had one of these “word-count meters”. And I thought. “Ooo! I want one!” so I clicked on it and it took me to the source! Svenja Liv although there aren’t any instructions on how to insert it into your widget bar. I had to figure that out on my own. Luckily I found what I was looking for using the “Help” section. You’ll need to utilize your “Text Widget“. It’s made for stuff like this. And better still the blogger is also a fellow participant of NaNoWriMo. I thought that was pretty cool. They’ve even done some book covers! I thought that was neat. Which really makes me wish I had Adobe Photoshop right now because I’d be going to town with creating my cover for my novel right about now. I have the image in my head but my art style isn’t up to snuff and I don’t really have a very high end camera for photo taking either. So – gotta make due with what I got for now, which is, I’m not concerning myself with it. Well that’s all for now! Enjoy!


NaNoWriMo Day 22 – Wen and Where?!

The Wikipedias. They are serious business.

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So I realized maybe part of the reason why I’ve felt less than passionate and inspired as I usually do when I’m writing is because I’m trying to do too much at once. I’m trying to keep readers up-to-date on my blog on a regular basis since I took the “Daily Post” Challenge. However, in the wake of NaNoWriMo I now realize this has perhaps done more harm than good. Instead of my writing normally being a pleasure – I think I’m turning it into feeling more like a chore. I suppose it would help if I actually posted far more excerpts of my novel – but – CALL ME PARANOID – I just REALLY don’t want too many people knowing the story of my book before it even gets a chance to be published or much about my characters at that. Maybe if I was doing drawings of my characters might help but even then – I’d probably be just as protective of those as well (yay for deviantart artist copyright law! Mwahaha!). More

NaNoWriMo Day 19 – Can We Say “Sequel”?

Awww! He's so cute!

Well I’m now up to 50 pages in word, though in book format who KNOWS how many pages these words would translate to. I typed a total of 2,279 and I am now sitting at 40,971 total. As I’m rounding the end of the first plot I’m beginning to see that perhaps that second “big twist” might actually have to be made special for a “Sequel”.  It has more to do with the fact that I’m not entirely sure the story will be done by the end of the month unless I cease and desist in hitting these “memory barriers” I keep running into, but also the fact that the story may go over 50k which I’m not worried about – but it could pose an issue if I don’t finish it on time. As I write this I have my little furbaby Loki on my lap who seems more than content in keeping his “Goddess Mama” cool, calm, and collected. His company has definitely been appreciated and I’m blessed to have him in my life with his brother for emotional and mental support. More

NaNoWriMo Day 18 – Word Count of the Day

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2,125 words is what I typed up this evening. It’s not a lot but it’s better than nothing. However, I feel my eyes blurring in and out now, trying to desperately blur the words as I read them over or when I am writing them. I’ve been listening to Seabound’s Scorch the Ground which has been helping me to focus and keep writing for some reason. It’s definitely a favorite. I’ll see about trying to get more writing in once I eat a late dinner and maybe watch an episode of either Supernatural or Grimm. 🙂 Lastly, yesterday I picked up a copy of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior“. After I finish “Azal” I will most likely start reading it since, from the movie trailer I saw of it, I should hopefully enjoy and learn something from the book.

NaNoWriMo Day 18 – Playing Catch Up

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So if anyone noticed I’m rather 4 days behind on my “Daily Post”. Now if I could have I would have – but our Hotel I do not believe had internet and I needed a break from writing in general as it was since I’m doing NaNoWriMo. Sadly, concerning NaNoWriMo I am also 4 days behind on my writing. This means I will need to quadruple my efforts of trying to make our deadline. @_@ The good news is? Going to the Goth Club was EXACTLY the medicine the doctor ordered. Yes; my legs are still sore from dancing the night away – but I was in good company and despite we were some of the few “Goths” actually there at the NocNoc we had fun! I guess I didn’t realize how overwhelmed I felt about NaNoWriMo and trying to keep you guys up-to-date to boot. It does take a small toll.

So – before I get to my writing of the day I’m sure some of you want to know about my first Goth Club experience? It – was – AWESOME! Loved the bar/club! No Pina Coladas though, that made me a sad – but the bartender made an alternative which was a nice try on her part. 🙂 They also were showing movies there such as Willow! The music the DJ played was pretty good despite he wasn’t really playing what I would have constituted as Brit-Pop Techno. Would have loved to have heard a few more of my favorite songs played, but he did play at least songs by a couple of artists I DID know. Eventually he did play one of my favorites toward the end by Seabound called “Scorch the Ground“. More

Skip the Debt This Holiday Season

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It’s that time again. That time of the year when the biggest Holidays of the season hit us and sometimes hits our wallets HARD. I often wonder why do we allow ourselves to fall into these materialistic notions when Christmas for instance isn’t even ABOUT that in the least. It’s simply the commercial industry that try their hardest to make us believe – that in order to have a “Good” Holiday season this year (whatever you may celebrate) that you should “BUY, BUY, BUY!” gifts and give them to those you love, because materialism is the only way to BE happy. All that truly helps though are the companies and while our economy could use the “Boost” financially – if you don’t have the money – don’t sweat it! Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Try starting a new Holiday tradition this year. Instead of buying every single gift (or using layaway which even though helps – you are still creating debt for yourself to pay off at a later date) try making a few. Remember, Christmas is about charity, thoughtfulness, togetherness, family, friends, good company, and in a way it’s like another “Thanksgiving” only you are counting your Blessings and going over what you are thankful for. More

NaNoWriMo Day 14 – Rebooting System – ERROR – Failed!

Bookstore at TED 2007.

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So I’m not even going to try to probably write tonight. My eyes actually feel sore and tired. I wish I knew where my eye drops were – but I don’t so the only thing I can think of is drink some water and go to bed early tonight if possible. I made very little headway this evening while I tried writing at B&N. I think that had partially to do with the fact that my Peppermint Mocha needed about 2 or 3 more shots of espresso and that the music drastically needed to change. I would have brought my MP3 player but I’m sure it would have needed to be charged for about an hour before I left. I left late enough as it was. So – knowing I really didn’t get anywhere today, except a paragraph since I couldn’t THINK clearly – I’m going to have to work “Double Time” if I want to make up for Sunday and Mondays losses. Wish me luck and pray that the Muse of creativity strikes me tomorrow. I’m going to require all the help I can get in order to figure out this next chapter and how it should proceed.

NaNoWriMo Day 13 – I Need a Break

Barnes and Noble (Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA)

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So since the stress of not so much as “writing” but between a biological clock “ticking” and my frustration with it I decided Sunday – I should just take a break. I didn’t want to but I thought, “If I’m this worked up after getting the rest of the handwritten manuscript done – I think maybe I should take a day’s rest and do something I love.” So I did. Now – it’s back to the old grind and I’m possibly headed to Barnes and Noble to do just that tomorrow. I’m really hoping being in that environment will help clear my head of all this “stress” and make room for more creative thinking and writing. I still have a story to finish. Since Bookstores have always been a rather uplifting, positive, and sacred place for me I feel I should do considerably well so long as I don’t look for distractions or otherwise. 😛 I don’t think I will. But the lack of a computer at times still does have its down points (i.e. no dictionary.com or instant research on google). Wish me luck! Even if I’m alone I won’t be. 😛

NaNoWriMo Day 12 – It’s DONE! Excerpt from Operation Charlie Bravo/Brown

The Vampire

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Fooled yah! No; I’m not done with the novel yet but what I AM done with is my hand-written manuscript. I got to the very last few pages today and have them all typed up. The last bits of it brought me to a word count of 1,557 yay! I honestly feel like the worst of it is over – but I understand I might feel that way again soon as I progress further into the story. My Bad Guy has a pretty interesting and unique name as opposed to *insert blank space here, no really I mean it* and the Council being called something completely ambiguous because I couldn’t think of something at the time. I also officially gave my Vampires the name that use for their kind. Yay!

So okay, I just realized I was right. This next part may be my next hardest. Why? Well as the Blackmore’s Night song goes, “Where are we going from here?” Oh goodie! Well I might very well introduce the Bad Guy and some of the other members of the Council so people get a good idea about who he is – what his personality is like, etc. It would give me a good opportunity to talk about one of my “Good Guy” character’s who is supposed to be spying on his butt. 😛

As a sort of “whoopee! We’ve made it this far” I’ve decided I’ve had a change of heart and that I might like to show an excerpt from my novel I am working on. It gives you an idea of the main Protagonists personality and it includes fun bad@$$ banter. 😀 Please keep in mind what you are reading is taken from the portion that is 2 yrs old so it’s definitely rough for sure. I will be putting this on my NaNoWriMo author page as well. 🙂 So you know the female is the “Good Guy” or main character of our story. Enjoy! More

Veterans Day 2011

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It’s that very special time of year where we honor and remember those who have fought and died for this country. From the Founding Father‘s to the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and other events that have been an affront to our way of life that we have openly opposed, Veterans are the ones we have to thank. But not everyone feels the same way. In fact some people feel that ALL Vets are in actuality “Baby Killers“. That’s right. I once typed something up in honor of those who wear the “Uniform” and found there was at least ONE disgruntled voice among the few who actually agreed with me vs. them. From the sounds of it the man had actually SERVED in the military, but loathed and hated it so much that he considers anyone in the military a “Baby Killer“. Hmm, I wonder if he just so happen to go AWOL. Maybe he was even a “Desk Jockey“. Who can say for sure – but for someone to feel as strongly as they do in such a “Negative Voice” I have to wonder – where did it come from?

I know not all who serve our country are bad folks. They are just like any of us with friends, family, a LIFE somewhere in this country that they serve. They are just as HUMAN as anyone else. Yet often they are at the Heart of “Public Ridicule” by Politicians and those who just want a scapegoat to BLAME for their troubles instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. In all honesty – you can’t blame the troops. They are doing as they were instructed by their commanding Officer. So in reality the blame falls on them. Or even still you could go further to another person in the chain of command, Commander-in-Chief? But Heaven forbid anyone ridicule or comment negatively about how the President might be running the country or commanding a War. More

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