Day One/Two of NaNoWriMo: Operation Charlie Brown

”]Cover of "Bram Stoker's Dracula [Blu-ray]...So you all know, I am going to try to participate in NaNoWriMothis month. I don’t know if I’ll write a novel that’s 50,000 words or more but the REAL goal in all of this is to finally finish a novel I started a few years BACK! Since I’m a wee bit paranoid though – you won’t be seeing an excerpts from me here or on the official NaNoWriMo forums. I’m rather protective of my work and very picky and choosy about who sees it and who helps to be my editors. However, I will be posting mini-updates about my progress – such as this. I know we are already into day 2 of NaNoWriMo and I really haven’t had a chance yet to get started back on my novel. It’s not because I am purposely trying to procrastinate. I’m being honest when I say this. It has more to with distractions or much-needed errands have to be “RUN” towards late end of the evening. Or I get incredibly sleepy (which is what happened last night). Right now, I’m not sure if I’ll try to pull up what I can of my already typed up work tonight or tomorrow. I don’t have a lot of energy I feel to do that – however I have enough for maybe writing one of my regular “Topics of Interest of the Day” sort of dealies.

What I WILL tell you about the Novel I have already started is this:

  • It’s a Vampire Novel
  • It’s being titled: Operation – Charlie Brown because I don’t feel like releasing the true title until say, Publishing. Again, has to do with my overprotective paranoia. XP That and when I DO publish it – I’ll be using an alternative “Pen Name” because I understand some people are turned off by female Authors of vampire novels (Myself included). I am aware of very few that I actually LIKE the written work of that don’t turn every book into, essentially, SEX in essence. *facepalm*
  • Are the Vampires Sparkly, Pussified-whimps? No; they are more traditional in the classical sense of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In short, Badass vampires that DON’T SUCK! (Pun completely intended. :P)
  • Can you tell us a little about the story? I can tell you this will be a sort of “Day in the Life” of one particular Vampire of special rank within their clan, who embarks on quite the Epic adventure that is more or less THRUST upon them. Readers should be able to learn a LOT about Vampire Culture, history, and lore in my world that I will be weaving into words.
  • How do you feel the novel will turn out? Aside from needing to be desperately edited – in a few words – MADE OF AWESOME AND WIN! MWAHAHA! And yes, some people are probably thinking, “Well you’re just saying that cause you WILL be the author after all”. If you’ve been keeping up with ANY of my written work thus far – and have seen what it is I am PASSIONATE about and what DRIVES me, you can expect an EXCELLENT product to come from this mind and two hands. 😛 So again – AWESOME AND WIN!
  • If you didn’t like Vampires before – after you read my novel – I think you WILL after. Maybe even cheering. 😛

    The Vampire

    Image via Wikipedia

  • What’s the setting like? Medieval/Advanced culturally Fantasy/Adventure/Action/Drama. It’s kind of hard to pin-point an EXACT timeline but when you read the material – it’s easier to get a better picture, I feel, in your mind. It’s around the same period of time where much of the human world is still very young and before the Industrial Revolution to say the least. Even still – this doesn’t really feel like the same history as our timeline of Earth History though. Make no mistake things are still VERY much so DIFFERENT.
  • Were you inspired by movies such as Underworld and Twilight for your story? HELL NO! and HELL YES! I had already had this idea when I was in Middle School LONG before Underworld was ever even made into a movie. Heck! I don’t even know if it originally started out a BOOK! The only book that has truly helped inspire my love of Vampires is Bram Stoker‘s Dracula. If anything these types of works motivated me even more STRONGLY to write something even BETTER! Hence the “HELL YES!”.
  • Say your book gets published and a company wants to make it into a movie. Would you want Kate Beckinsale or Robert Pattinson in it? I wouldn’t want Kate to be a LEAD role if at ALL. Unless she was the only one who showed up for try-outs that did the ABSOLUTELY BEST read, then I might concede. I think she’s done enough Vampire movies though in her life. I’d really like to see a different actress though that can portray a strong female Vampire. As for Robert, do you really have to ask? After Twilight – he will be forever known as “That guy who played Edward in Twilight” to me and I’m sure other people. Nothing against Ms. Meyers. I’m glad she pursued her dream and ambition as a writer. Think that’s great. But I’m used to traditionalVampires – not her kind. I don’t like her kind. Simple as that. So big NO on Mr. Pattinson there.

    Dracula (Castlevania)

    Image via Wikipedia - Dracula of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Original Artwork done by Ayami Kojima

Any other questions you have, feel free to ask. I’ll try to answer to the best of my abilities without compromising too much of the story I am writing and try to keep you all relatively up-to-date about my progress. 🙂

~May you all be blessed in your path and ways, good luck on NaNoWriMo2011, and Namaste~

Twilight Disclaimer: Anyone who feels I was harping on Twilight – I am aware some people are CRAZY about the series – awesome! Glad you found something you adore! I just don’t like it. I don’t feel the same way you do about it and there is NOTHING you can do to change my mind, especially threatening my life or otherwise. Remember, everyone is entitled to THEIR own opinions. If you don’t like someone’s opinion – you don’t have to acknowledge them – you can ignore them and walk away. Plain and simple. I’m not here for a “Flame War” or otherwise. I won’t start one nor will I get into one with you. Any hate or otherwise related speech in comments will be deleted. So don’t bother wasting your time or mine. Thank you.


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