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I understand my humor in this subject matter might be missed so just know that I will be going back and forth between “sarcasm” and all seriousness. If you can imagine a female voice that’s relatively pleasant, upbeat, and normally relatively cheery – you probably are imagining mine pretty well. Anything “bold” or in parentheses is emphasized by said “voice” with most likely hand gestures. Also I’d like to state for the record – I’m a PROUD Independent. This is most likely going to be of “RANT” quality, you’ve been adequately WARNED. Additionally, I have my High School Diploma and SOME College experience. Lastly, largely doing this for entertainment purposes as well. Enjoy!

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When I was in High School I remember when there was big hype on T.V. on such programs as Nickelodeon and even in School about how those of us would be turning the legal age to vote SHOULD in fact vote. At the time I was indifferent about the whole thing, but I registered to vote like a good citizen and I still voted regardless, even if my decisions were NOT the most “well-informed“. At one point I was even a little discouraged upon learning that supposedly the “Electoral College” are still officially the ones who hand-pick our president and that our votes are chopped up to nothing more than a “Popularity Contest“. Apparently the way it is INTENDED to work is that the Electoral College is a compromise between Congress and Popular Voter pick. I don’t know if it actually still works this way or not, but given I have lived through three different presidencies now I’ve seen it work and fail. So who can say for sure at this point in time. My recommendation is – KEEP VOTING! Because it still matters. 😛

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As the years rolled by and I grew older I gained a new-found appreciation for voting and understanding of how important voting is to me as a citizen. Recalling my days when I was in High School though I  feel I have a better perspective of why kids, especially teens coming into “Adult Hood” have little to no interest in voting – if that. When it comes to voting on important matters such as Initiatives, Senate Joint Resolutions, Positions in the community, Proposed Bills, Levies, Senators, Governors, and Amendments – when you step back and look at it all – that’s A LOT of research to do and can be VERY overwhelming! Especially when you know nothing about the candidates or what I mentioned in the a fore. Teens in High School obviously have ENOUGH to worry about and I’m sure they want to avoid anything else that might add-on to their burdens of learning.


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But this is part of our duty as being “Informed Voters“. If we want to make the best decisions for our Communities and Country we must look at both sides of the “coin” (the good and bad of anything presented to us the American Tax-paying Citizens and that goes for YOU who do not as of yet. :P) and research the issues most important to us that certain Candidates may or may not agree upon. These are ALL important factors that go into being a “Well Informed” Voter. So I’ve been rather aggressive about advantageously researching these matters as much as I can BEFORE I cast my vote and I wanted to share some of my silly vexations with our political and government system when it comes to the WRITING and other factors in which these are presented to us.

(Uh oh! Here comes SOME of the sarcasm folks! Keep a look out for it!)

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Sympathetically, another reason WHY I can understand the lack of interest Teenagers might have in voting is the fact that half of this stuff usually isn’t put into PLAIN ENGLISH for ALL people of any educational background could understand. Now sometimes they do (and sometimes they oversimplify) – but for the large part what I see when reading things such as “Initiatives” it is using all sorts of jargon that I’m POSITIVE if I asked someone what “Spirit” meant, as an example, to them in terms of I-1183 they probably wouldn’t be sure or they would most likely say, “Well – my guess would be maybe it means Hard Liquor? Other than that I’m really not sure“. I even asked my MOTHER of all people what “Spirit” meant to her when looking at I-1183 and she replied, “Uh I think it’s an old term for Hard Liquor“. Even she wasn’t entirely sure. Times change people – let’s keep the Grammar up to DATE please? Hmm?! Is that so hard?! I know for a FACT in school I NEVER had a class where our teachers helped us to decipher technical Jargon of this nature or otherwise, except maybe in our Constitution and Amendments. That’s about it. Heck! Even on it isn’t among the first of definitions of what it means in regards to alcohol. You actually have to scroll ALL the way DOWN to the very BOTTOM to even SEE that definition. Oai vey!

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Now this next part has to do with me being a BIT of a “Grammar Nazi” and normally I’m not but it does irritate me sometimes to see  certain things only because it’s just like, “Really? REALLY?!” *insert face-palm*. A very good example of this is in SJR 8206:

This amendment would require the legislature to transfer additional MONEYS to the budget stabilization account in each fiscal BIENNIUM in which the state has received “extraordinary revenue growth,” as defined with certain limitations.

Seriously? Moneys? That sounds REALLY STUPID! *facepalm* I tried the sentence WITHOUT the “S” and I thought it made sense and sounded just FINE to me. Why they had to go a put an “S” at the end is beyond me! It just makes me cringe! OAI! So add “unnecessary usage of words and/or extra letters” to my list of vexations on these things!


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Now I know maybe some people out there understand Biennium but I actually had to look it up and I KNOW this one is DEFINITELY not used commonly. I’ve heard annually, quarterly, millennium, century, decade and biquarterly but Biennium was definitely NOT a word I was taught in High School or College. I did look up what it meant and my only minor complaint is – why can’t you just say, “Every 2 years”? Is that REALLY so hard? Maybe they are trying to increase people’s vocabulary – I don’t know. Honestly, isn’t that what pleasure reading and the reading we do in school is for? I would think we should already be WELL prepared for the world at large as active and productive citizens. The more that times goes on however – the more I feel I’ve been ill prepared for it all and I’m trying to make up for lost time. For me that’s just SAD!

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Another thing I was researching but disliked was that when you are looking at Candidates running for say, “Position such and such of Blah School District” and you don’t recognize any of the names, you should be able to somehow find out more info about these people you are voting for. Otherwise, how do you know you are making the best informed decision that you can? I noticed on our County Auditors Page some of the Candidates had brief blurbs about themselves and sometimes photos. I liked that a lot and found it was a GREAT idea! Very helpful! The drawback? Not ALL the candidates took advantage of this. Not so much as even a LITTLE blurb about themselves or their goals on the County Auditors page. I thought that was TERRIBLE! Even if you’re the ONLY ONE RUNNING you should STILL put something of yourself! Otherwise I sure as HECK don’t want to vote for you! It comes down to, “Give me ONE good reason why I should vote for you and NOT Mickey Mouse.” 😛

I do strongly believe and subscribe to the “K.I.S.S.” method. For those of you who don’t know what KISS stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid“. I do just that. Sure, my rants and sometimes the topics I write VERY passionately about don’t SEEM simple to anyone else, but believe me when I say – it IS! Trust me! I firmly believe that if you want people to understand what you mean – try to do so in as simple of terms that EVERYONE can understand no matter who they are or their educational background and be to – the – POINT! Don’t just “beat around the bush!”. I’ve seen too many authors and people in general be this way when everything could just be “K.I.S.S.ed” and done with.

That’s my rant! Hope you enjoyed and got a laugh at my silliness.

~I LOVE YOU SEATTLE! GOODNIGHT! OWWW! Namaste~ \m/ ^.^ \m/ <–Me Rock’n on


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