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I’ve never been big on Twitter. Even since it came out. I guess I really just don’t see the point. It’s like a big giant glorified “Text MessagingCellphone web-site thingy! Are Myspace (which I know has lost popularity over the years) and Facebook just not good enough anymore to keep your friends in the know?! Why Twitter?! I know even WordPress promotes and even encourages users to get a Twitter account if your desire is to “gain” popularity/followers FAST. I guess I’m strange. I’m happy with my Facebook Fanpage/Account and my WordPress blog. I’m happy with my cellphone which I use to text friends and family often. Twitter just seems pointless and useless to me for what we already have and what is/already/has been readily available. So WHY of all things did someone decide something like “Twitter” was really required as ANOTHER social networking device/plug? I have no idea. I can’t really answer that. Though I’m sure the creator will/would give all manner of reasoning and I’d STILL disagree with them. Aside from the possibility of, “My friend’s made me” and “All my friend’s had one so I got one,” etc, if you have a Twitter account, why do you have one? What purpose does it serve for you? Do you find it useful? How so?

I’d really love to hear some of my fans and non-fans ideas, feelings, and thoughts on this one. 🙂


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