Veterans Day 2011

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It’s that very special time of year where we honor and remember those who have fought and died for this country. From the Founding Father‘s to the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and other events that have been an affront to our way of life that we have openly opposed, Veterans are the ones we have to thank. But not everyone feels the same way. In fact some people feel that ALL Vets are in actuality “Baby Killers“. That’s right. I once typed something up in honor of those who wear the “Uniform” and found there was at least ONE disgruntled voice among the few who actually agreed with me vs. them. From the sounds of it the man had actually SERVED in the military, but loathed and hated it so much that he considers anyone in the military a “Baby Killer“. Hmm, I wonder if he just so happen to go AWOL. Maybe he was even a “Desk Jockey“. Who can say for sure – but for someone to feel as strongly as they do in such a “Negative Voice” I have to wonder – where did it come from?

I know not all who serve our country are bad folks. They are just like any of us with friends, family, a LIFE somewhere in this country that they serve. They are just as HUMAN as anyone else. Yet often they are at the Heart of “Public Ridicule” by Politicians and those who just want a scapegoat to BLAME for their troubles instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. In all honesty – you can’t blame the troops. They are doing as they were instructed by their commanding Officer. So in reality the blame falls on them. Or even still you could go further to another person in the chain of command, Commander-in-Chief? But Heaven forbid anyone ridicule or comment negatively about how the President might be running the country or commanding a War.

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And before anyone pulls the “You’re racist!” card, I’m far from it. I have family who are half black. Some of my good friends are Black, though unfortunately they are few and far between, especially where I live. So I’ve got nothing against anyone’s color. I only judge based off actions (or lack thereof), motive, convictions and character. What I am saying is this – no matter the President’s race, religion, sexual orientation or WHATEVER! I could care less! But if they cannot lead our country well and have done more harm than good – then we can’t blame someone else for their faults and flaws to try to cover up their mess. At least that’s NOT what we should do. Some have what it takes to be President and others don’t. Simple as that. Sometimes, however, the blame is shared.

However, the men and women in uniform CAN’T decide who or who they WILL NOT fight under or for. The very unfortunate part is our military folks are largely treated as “United States Property” and they HAVE to obey the word of the Commander and Chief. Without probable cause for NOT following a direct order, they can/could be most likely Court Martialed for insubordination. And let me tell you – NO ONE wants to be Court Martialed! That is one of the worst!

While they are serving our country they largely LOSE their “Freedom of Speech” to boot to a far degree. They can’t comment or critique negatively on how poor a job the President or other members (most likely) of his Cabinet are doing or otherwise, unless it is positive. I suppose this is because it would almost look hypocritical if you’re serving your country but you don’t like the one you serve. Perhaps it is also to keep “In-fighting” down and as a lack of concern. Whatever the case may be – I know that is hard and very stifling.

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For those who find it so easy to criticize our Troops – I often have to wonder, “Gee, why did you decide NOT to wear a uniform and protect this countries livelihood and rights?” Again, probably because it’s far easier to point a finger and BLAME someone else for their problems, rather than themselves. I bet though, that if our country was lacking any source of protection to keep it safe from those who, well, rather don’t like us – do you honestly think that would keep invaders out? If we had no allies to speak of and were invaded do you really think our invaders would allow for us to keep our livelihoods and rights that our forefathers worked so hard to protect? Didn’t think so. I’m pretty sure those who call our men and women in uniform “Baby Killers”, despite some have NEVER fired a gun in their lives or harmed another being either, the first thing they would do is 1) Cower in fear 2) Run with their tail between their legs 3) Beg and plead. Try to make a deal with the enemy for their own security and safety. Hmm, betting THAT won’t last long if at all.

In the end, we on the outside looking in can’t even begin to FATHOM what our troops go through, what they TRULY are sacrificing or giving up. Believe me – being in the military isn’t all “Peaches and Cream” when you’re in – either. So “Double Time” these men and women DON’T have it easy in the least and we have a GREAT deal to THANK them for their selflessness and service to their country. I chose not to serve my country for a couple of reasons 1) I felt my talents would be of better use on the home-front 2) I could support my troops by being the supportive voice I am for them 3) I’m a lover, not a fighter – but I’ll fight for what I love if I’m pushed to that limit 4) I also have some health (nothing too serious) and height concerns that I’m sure would make me “axed-out”.  I also know quite a bit of information about the military because I’ve had family and friends all serving in similar or different branches and they’ve told me their fair share of “Horror Stories” and otherwise. Nothing classified mind you so don’t ask.
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These people have or had it rough and we should be thanking them. Not insulting them. That’s like giving them a paper-cut and pouring lemon juice on it. We dishonor their work and service by doing this and some of them often wonder, “Why did I even bother doing this?” Heck my BfAM (Brother from Another Mother) said the same thing when he was in. Why? Because he was often treated like DIRT by his co-workers at his shop and because there were those, like I mentioned earlier, who said such hurtful things. The truth is about my BfAM is that he’s a truly GOOD and HONORABLE young man deserving of respect, love, and admiration. Additionally, there were some political issues going on at the time as well  (cutting military spending for instance). So stop being a couch potato and go out, find a Vet, take them by the hand, shake it firmly and say, “Thank you for all that you’ve sacrificed and more on my behalf. You’ve done this country a great service!

War is NEVER pretty for ANYONE involved, there are loses on all sides whether it is friends, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, grandmothers, grandfathers or otherwise. But sometimes it is a necessary “evil” in order to protect that which is MOST important to us.

Veterans I salute you! Happy Veterans Day!

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

~May you be blessed & protected upon your path and in all your ways, Namaste~


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  1. todaysbriseis
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 17:44:30

    This was really great, I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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