NaNoWriMo Day 12 – It’s DONE! Excerpt from Operation Charlie Bravo/Brown

The Vampire

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Fooled yah! No; I’m not done with the novel yet but what I AM done with is my hand-written manuscript. I got to the very last few pages today and have them all typed up. The last bits of it brought me to a word count of 1,557 yay! I honestly feel like the worst of it is over – but I understand I might feel that way again soon as I progress further into the story. My Bad Guy has a pretty interesting and unique name as opposed to *insert blank space here, no really I mean it* and the Council being called something completely ambiguous because I couldn’t think of something at the time. I also officially gave my Vampires the name that use for their kind. Yay!

So okay, I just realized I was right. This next part may be my next hardest. Why? Well as the Blackmore’s Night song goes, “Where are we going from here?” Oh goodie! Well I might very well introduce the Bad Guy and some of the other members of the Council so people get a good idea about who he is – what his personality is like, etc. It would give me a good opportunity to talk about one of my “Good Guy” character’s who is supposed to be spying on his butt. 😛

As a sort of “whoopee! We’ve made it this far” I’ve decided I’ve had a change of heart and that I might like to show an excerpt from my novel I am working on. It gives you an idea of the main Protagonists personality and it includes fun bad@$$ banter. 😀 Please keep in mind what you are reading is taken from the portion that is 2 yrs old so it’s definitely rough for sure. I will be putting this on my NaNoWriMo author page as well. 🙂 So you know the female is the “Good Guy” or main character of our story. Enjoy!

Vampire. 1893-94. Oil on canvas. Nasjonalgalle...

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Operation Charlie Bravo/Brown Excerpt:

“MEN! Tonight is a night of victory for us! We have achieved something truly precious and exquisite. Something that is considered a rare delicacy these days only because few in these times attempts such feats anymore. While they sit comfortably in their mansions they do not comprehend what they are missing out on. Tonight we savor something truly pure, rare, and raw that is absolutely divine! As humans grow older they poison and taint the blood flowing through their body, but as they are still young the blood is still pure and good! Blood more pure than a child’s is an infant’s! Come let us dine and share in our glory!”

As the young men began to gather round for a taste of the spoils, one of their members on the opposite side of the fire found himself immobilized. His body was paralyzed thanks to an incredibly tiny pin pressed just so into the appropriate nerve in the back of his neck, but is eyes were able to gaze upon his fellow fledglings in horror as a female voice from over his shoulder whispered in his ear.

“Having fun are we?”

Now he wanted to struggle and warn his companions but try as he might he could not. The female approached the band with cat-like grace with a doubled edged long-sword drawn by her right hand. “Well, well, well,” she mused with a hint of sarcasm weaved within the velvety rich tones of her voice loud enough for them all to hear.

The group shifted their attention immediately to give the female their attention as the smiles faded temporarily from their lips. As she approached the young men the moons glow silhouetted the back of her leather long coat while the firelight flanked her right, creating an imposing and impressive sight. She stood five-foot-five with soft waving long true auburn hair, giving the illusion of dry blood, down to the tailbone. Her skin was pale as moonlight, much like theirs, with large almond-shaped dark forest-green eyes scrutinizing them up and down with the hidden promise of something terribly sinister behind them as a cruel playful smirk graced her full red lips. She was a truly handsome woman with an unearthly beauty heralding back to the times of the Renaissance, around as young as her early twenties with an immaculate build of an athlete or dancer.

The leader was the first to speak up despite the entire groups newfound curiosity with the figure. “And who might you be party crasher?”

“Only your friendly local exterminator,” she said with a warm smile from ear to ear and the flick of the tongue upon a sharp canine.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, should I put it in laymen’s terms for you?”

The leader’s brows furled in discontent as the woman proceeded to toss the sword up into the air and catch it once more by the hilt. She seemed to be juggling it out of boredom.

“I’m the local guardian of this region. You are breeching law ten, section a, of the Ahku’haru Treaty that is abided by all clans.” She pointed the blade at the leaders throat as she continued to speak over the cries of the baby. “I demand to know what clan you hail from otherwise I will be forced to take drastic measures.”

Carefully cradling the baby in one arm the leader batted the blade aside with one coal leathery-gloved hand. “We are our own clan. We roam the lands. All land is ours to call home since we no estate of our own.”

Again the woman smirked. “Then you’re fair game,” her smirk twisted into a sadistic smile. With a bang the scene was instantly blanketed with a thick black smoke.


It’s not much but it’s something for now. I might post other teasers later on as time goes on and my situation looks a bit more promising.


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