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It’s that time again. That time of the year when the biggest Holidays of the season hit us and sometimes hits our wallets HARD. I often wonder why do we allow ourselves to fall into these materialistic notions when Christmas for instance isn’t even ABOUT that in the least. It’s simply the commercial industry that try their hardest to make us believe – that in order to have a “Good” Holiday season this year (whatever you may celebrate) that you should “BUY, BUY, BUY!” gifts and give them to those you love, because materialism is the only way to BE happy. All that truly helps though are the companies and while our economy could use the “Boost” financially – if you don’t have the money – don’t sweat it! Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Try starting a new Holiday tradition this year. Instead of buying every single gift (or using layaway which even though helps – you are still creating debt for yourself to pay off at a later date) try making a few. Remember, Christmas is about charity, thoughtfulness, togetherness, family, friends, good company, and in a way it’s like another “Thanksgiving” only you are counting your Blessings and going over what you are thankful for.

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Aside from making gifts try the “Gift Jars” where you fill a Mason Jar with loose change until it is full and on Christmas Eve go out and place it on a needy families doorstep. Don’t forget to knock or ring the doorbell – and RUN FOR THE HILLS! The greatest satisfaction of knowing you helped someone – is doing it without the intention of receiving a “Thank you”. Doing it simply out of the kindness of your heart is so much better and demonstrates you sincerely wanted to. Spirit doesn’t forget acts of kindness and perhaps someday soon the favor will be returned to you. It always is in great and small forms we often lease expect or even miss.

To save a little money and to really make something special – try making your own Christmas Cards with a silly drawing, maybe your families portrait or something else that is meaningful to you with a personalized message – maybe even a favorite quote.

Talk to your family about the Family Budget! Many people don’t try to communicate with their family in order to better explain the financial situation. Yes; no one likes to admit they might not have the money to get the kids all the gifts they want or the wife that lovely necklace (or the husband his new drill), but they are your family and if you explain things they might understand and make executive decisions about maybe what gifts are MOST important to them to get this year. Again, Christmas isn’t about Greed, Pride, or Vanity – it’s about Charity, good fortune, good will, celebration, and cheer.

You know sometimes the best gift that you can make and giveaway – is FOOD! Yes! Food. I love to bake desserts myself and I know most of my family loves when I do to. I love the holidays for the food that I get to experience during this time of year as well. In a way, it’s a treat/gift in of itself. People are coming together to “Share” their bounty.

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I’m sure there are far more things you can do for making gifts or otherwise for the Holiday Season, unfortunately my knowledge is a little limited. I bet the “All Mighty Google” knows – so do a search and I’m sure there will be even BETTER suggestions than what I’ve said here. I understood many of us are still struggling financially and I want to be one of the voices of reason this year to say, “You don’t have to spend till your bankrupt or poor in order for your Holiday Season to be magical, beautiful, and bright.” I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, I’m simply trying to lend some helpful suggestions for consideration.

Do you have a helpful creative suggestion for a Holiday Gift Giving Idea or something similar? Please share it in a comment! We’d love to have you share it! 🙂

Thanks for Reading and sharing!

~Be blessed, be well, good fortune and more be yours, Namaste~


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