NaNoWriMo Day 18 – Playing Catch Up

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So if anyone noticed I’m rather 4 days behind on my “Daily Post”. Now if I could have I would have – but our Hotel I do not believe had internet and I needed a break from writing in general as it was since I’m doing NaNoWriMo. Sadly, concerning NaNoWriMo I am also 4 days behind on my writing. This means I will need to quadruple my efforts of trying to make our deadline. @_@ The good news is? Going to the Goth Club was EXACTLY the medicine the doctor ordered. Yes; my legs are still sore from dancing the night away – but I was in good company and despite we were some of the few “Goths” actually there at the NocNoc we had fun! I guess I didn’t realize how overwhelmed I felt about NaNoWriMo and trying to keep you guys up-to-date to boot. It does take a small toll.

So – before I get to my writing of the day I’m sure some of you want to know about my first Goth Club experience? It – was – AWESOME! Loved the bar/club! No Pina Coladas though, that made me a sad – but the bartender made an alternative which was a nice try on her part. 🙂 They also were showing movies there such as Willow! The music the DJ played was pretty good despite he wasn’t really playing what I would have constituted as Brit-Pop Techno. Would have loved to have heard a few more of my favorite songs played, but he did play at least songs by a couple of artists I DID know. Eventually he did play one of my favorites toward the end by Seabound called “Scorch the Ground“.

Daniel spinning at nocnoc

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Funny thing was our group were really the only ones actually “Goth” there it seemed and the rest looked more or less like “Normals” as we call them. There were also a couple of “Wiggers” and/or “Yo Boys” as I refer to them as, as well. For those who don’t know “Wigger” or “Yo Boy” is a Caucasian male, typically, who thinks the “Gangster” fashion is cool and try to emulate African-American Hip Hop/Gang culture when it doesn’t fit them at all. It’s the fashion that you actually see many young black males wearing that looks good on them (in most cases, though I still say “PULL YOUR PANTS UP! I don’t want to see your boxers!” but the white boys do it to) – but a “White Boy” not so much. Neither name is typically meant in a flattering complimentary way but it’s the only way to describe the “Fashion” as we see it – much like people would refer to myself as Goth if they saw me Wednesday night (As you can tell I’m not a PC Nazi but if you are offended by what was said here – sorry about that but I have to explain some how for those who don’t get it).

The "good" kind of hurricane.

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We took plenty of pictures but sadly they haven’t been uploaded just yet. Once they are I might post some for fun when I get my copy of them. 🙂 After we left the club we stopped at The Hurricane for some late night/early morning Breakfast. For those who have never heard of “The Hurricane” it’s a greasy-spoon sort of restaurant in downtown Seattle. Decent food and definitely awesome employees! They have the BEST Hot Cocoa by the way. 😛 A couple sitting across from us actually complimented our group saying we looked very nice and even cool. I thought that was awesome and so I thanked them. 🙂

Overall it was a very fun venture and I hope to do it again in the future – hopefully when more “Goths” will be there at “NocNoc“. Now that you are all up-to-date. It’s time I get back to work on my novel. I think I can overcome this barrier I hit before I actually went dancing now. My mind and emotions are clear and I’m pretty certain I can focus better than I have been this month.

By the way, as a final note – I made a BLASTED “Twitter” account. *groan* Yes I did it for various reasons. Exposure for one. Since “Twitter” is the “HOT” new thing if you want to try and make your voice known and heard – best thing to do to help yourself is to “Jump on board” with everyone else to help promote yourself. No one is your best promoter than you! So – taking that into account – if and when Charlie Bravo is published I figured best to do this now for more exposure, though I’m not that overly thrilled about it as you can tell.

Thanks for reading!

~Love, light, blessings, good fortune and more be yours, Namaste~


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