NaNoWriMo Day 22 – Wen and Where?!

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So I realized maybe part of the reason why I’ve felt less than passionate and inspired as I usually do when I’m writing is because I’m trying to do too much at once. I’m trying to keep readers up-to-date on my blog on a regular basis since I took the “Daily Post” Challenge. However, in the wake of NaNoWriMo I now realize this has perhaps done more harm than good. Instead of my writing normally being a pleasure – I think I’m turning it into feeling more like a chore. I suppose it would help if I actually posted far more excerpts of my novel – but – CALL ME PARANOID – I just REALLY don’t want too many people knowing the story of my book before it even gets a chance to be published or much about my characters at that. Maybe if I was doing drawings of my characters might help but even then – I’d probably be just as protective of those as well (yay for deviantart artist copyright law! Mwahaha!).

So what am I going to do? Well I haven’t really written in a couple of days. Why? Because of this for one and I’ve been trying to get perspective on my life as well. I’m still trying to figure out a riddle that I’ve been mulling in the back of my mind for a few years now, but as of late it’s come to light again and I’m thinking – maybe this year, I’ll figure it out. Who knows. I’d sure like that if I could. I FINALLY got to see “Peaceful Warrior” which was GOOD but there are some things I didn’t understand that perhaps the Book can clarify (had to do with scene transitions, it’s no biggy though overall). I definitely recommend anyone who has an open-mind that might be spiritual and wants to see a good wholesome movie that will INDEEDopen it further or perhaps make you stop and think, see this movie!

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I’m thinking in order to get back in the groove of things – I’m going to do some stuff around the house today. Maybe some more clean-up and decorating in my room (which is still a slight mess mind you. I still have no desk i.e. it’s covered with SHTUFF) or something of that nature. I might meditate or do some reading. Who knows. I might even call a friend to talk with them awhile. We’ll figure it out. I’m a spontaneous person – I don’t really plan my life out because the beauty of spontaneity is – you can always be in “aw” of the little positive surprises when they happen and even in “horror” when the bad stuff does. I suppose that’s how I’m able to still view the world like a child at times. I just keep this perspective and I can still see the world and all its splendors and beauty, because I essentially view it the same way everyday, new, exciting, and unknowing of what will happen next.


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Yes; today I’m going to do anything BUT write and if I do feel like working on the story. I will. Don’t worry I will still try to make the deadline – but for now the “Post A Day” Challenge will be suspended for me for now. I don’t want to overload my muse which I’ve done so already. I did watch the last latest episodes of Supernatural and not sure if one of my favorite character’s is dead or not – yet. But if he is – I suspected as much. I had a feeling before I even saw that little detail. I thought they lived long enough it’s probably about time Eric Kripke said, “Hmm time to kill them off!” We shall see next episode.

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As a side note, for those who are not aware. I have really long beautiful hair. I got the “Classic Beauty” sort of look where I should be back in times far more Medieval (Yes I do attend Renaissance Faires and SCA when I can). Well my hair is important to me. I know that sounds silly but my hair has ultimately become a part of my identity. Part of what makes me who I am. As such I try to take VERY good care of it. But as you know there are many products out there that tend to strip your hairs of the natural oils and stuff in it and ultimately dry it out and you wind up with split ends. Yikes! And those aren’t fun because it ruins the hair strands down to the root.

Now I WAS using Teatree and Peppermint Organix shampoo and conditioner, which was working pretty good but my hair still felt NOT hydrated or nourished enough. Loved the smell just – I wasn’t sure I was getting the results I wanted out of using it. I saw an ad on T.V. late one evening when I was flipping through channels and stopped on something that caught my eye. A product that is suppose to be “Organic” developed by one of Hollywood’s top Salon Stylists. You’ve probably been seeing the banners for it all over the net as of late, Goddess knows “I” have. The product is called “Wen” and I’ve been using it a few weeks now.


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First time I used it – noticed a BIG difference in the feel of my hair almost immediately. My scalp felt cleaner for sure and I want to touch my hair a lot more than usual. I typically run my fingers up all the way to my crown because it FEELS that NICE! At least now it does. Wasn’t that way so much before. I can tell it is definitely healthier because after it’s all dry from being washed it almost instantly feels like silk. Apparently it is designed to NOT strip all the natural oils from your hair but actually locks it in (like some of those OTHER brand shampoos and conditioners try to claim, but you have to keep using it for several weeks for best results? Um, how about instant?). Those are actually the BEST kinds of oils for your hair, the natural kind. But no one wants to go for a few weeks on end letting their hair get super oily. Trust me it gets nasty after awhile and even I can’t stand my hair getting overly oily.

They do have other “Flavors” as I call it which is just my simple way of saying “Other scents” but they are for different hair types. They start you off with the Sweet Almond Mint (which is for all hair types) and then you can customize your order if you like. We actually just called the company up recently since I had some questions about the Cucumber Aloe. It says it’s for thin, overly oily hair. Essentially it will help add some volume to my hair to boot which would be nice. There’s also Fig, Pomegranate, Teatree, Lavender, and I think a couple of others. There’s a 60 day guarantee policy that they stick by, live and breath. It’s plastered everywhere on the site, including your receipt of purchase and the box. If you love and value your hair like I do – I recommend you at least try “Wen” once. It gets my seal of approval and I’m definitely excited to see how the Cucumber Aloe will make my hair feel since the Lady said she would be sending us a 30 day sample bottle of it for me to try and sounded free of charge!

Okay, I’m done “Girling” out on you guys. 😛 Have a good one and preemptive Happy Mass Turkey Genocide Day! May there be plenty of good food for all and something you feel you can give thanks for.

~Blessings, good fortune, and more be yours, Namaste~


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