Happiness is a – Cat?

Gabriel - with my brother

I have grown up with cats since I was a wee baby. Cats have been a BIG part of my life (animals in general always have been) and I love them. I’ve been called the “Cat Whisperer” a few times in my life as well. Some people think Cats are selfish, annoying, sometimes arrogant, persnickety among other things and this is often why people choose dogs over cats. But every animal has a VERY distinctly different personality and I guarantee anyone – if they took the time to look – could find the Cat right for them. No; this isn’t one of those, “Please adopt cats because I love them and you should have one because they are great blah blah blah,” rants. No; this is about the amazing things my cats have taught me and what I admire about them personally.

Why is it my title is “Happiness is a – Cat?” because cats usually tend to be pretty chill about “Life” in general (unless they absolutely hate strangers and someone comes over to make them FREAK OUT).  Cats also aren’t lazy creatures in the least. Their heart’s beat faster than a human beings so of course they get tired pretty easily from play or frolicking outside/inside. So what else is there for me to love and admire about my cat? That fact that every time I hear the sound, “Puurrr PURRR purrr PURR”. That sound alone makes my heart simply swell. When you pet a cat they can’t help the fact they purr. It’s a natural instinct that they have no control over. It just happens.

My cat Amadan and his mother Cammy

Cats are animals that live in “The Moment“. They aren’t living in the past or the future. They are constantly creatures of the present and whatever experience they are having NOW that they enjoy, they let you know with that wonderful sound! Now I did used to work at a Shelter for Cats (I plan to volunteer my time there again this month). While the shelter does receive cats from time to time that are skittish or afraid of people – it just means they need to be shown not all humans are out to get them – much like people. If you get put down enough – you’ll start to believe that perhaps everyone is out to foil your plans.

Loki - named so for good reason

My Cats Amadan and Loki are very sweet and often love to be close to me – even if they aren’t on my lap. While sometimes they can get in my way when I’m working on something on the computer or otherwise and it bugs me – I put up with it. Why? Because that’s the power of true “Unconditional love“. Cats are part of my equation of giving and receiving in “Unconditional Love“. When you find your match they give to you in kind and they hope to receive in kind from you “Unconditionally”. That is why often Cats just amaze me. Doesn’t matter, at times, how good or bad their life has been – when they give us their love and affection – they give it “unconditionally”. I love them for that. That is how my cats are some of my constant source of “Happiness” and “Unconditional Love“. They remind me constantly how living “In the Moment” can be grand vs. worrying over the past or the future and that giving love “Unconditionally” can feel so good when given and receiving. Maybe we can’t understand their language but sometimes I feel they understand ours better than we think they do. 😉 That goes for all animals mind you!

Thank you for reading!

~Blessings, good fortune and more be yours, Namaste~


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