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As of late there are VERY few music artists that impress me anymore over here in America. I hate to come off harsh – but the only American artists I really like now – is Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I miss the days when Queen was big to be honest. Freddy Mercury had stage Charisma up the Wazoo! His natural gift for music didn’t hurt either. When I’m cleaning I often listen to ‘Queen’ because Freddie’s voice makes the work seem less monotonous and fun! Freddie also makes me wonder – where has all the Charisma gone in our music industry? I hear a lot of ‘Rap’ these days on the radio and to be quite frank – I’m NOT a fan or impressed. There’s only certain ‘Rap’ I can tolerate or actually DO like and it’s few and far between (Cleopatra from like the early to mid-90s was a fave, like some of Cee Lo Green‘s stuff and so far I appreciated “The Way I Are” by Timbaland). I also get tired of going to a club and watching people dirty dance to said ‘Rap’. Now some might say, “So why bother going at all? Why ruin it for everyone else. Just stay home!“. Problem? I LOVE to dance! I like dancing with other people to – so long as they are enjoying themselves. I DON’T enjoy guys trying to cop a “Free-feel” just through a stupid “Dance” that lacks variety, soul, and creativity. I’m an Ecstatic Dancer and I mix a variety of moves in my style. So when I dance – there’s no room for that crap you call “Dirty Dancing“. If you want to know what realgood” dirty dancing is – watch the OLD Dirty Dancing not the new one. 😛

As for Lady Gaga? I don’t really think she has the Charisma – but I know she has the love, passion, and creativity. Perhaps I’ll hear the Charisma in her work in time. But there’s no doubt overall she seems a decent human being trying to send out a positive message to the youths of all countries and nations and I can appreciate that about her. Perhaps you have to be at one of her concerts to really FEEL her Charisma? I don’t know – I can sure hear and feel Freddie’s Charisma in the “Queen’s Greatest Hits 2”. Who can say for sure. I haven’t the chance yet to go to a Lady Gaga concert – but I hope to one day. Just don’t have the money. I’m sure every fan also says this – but I hope to meet her in person someday as well. I feel like she’s the sister I should have had growing up! We would have been thick as thieves I think.

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Reason why I am bringing music up though is that yesterday I was watching a video off the Kitty Blogger’s blog entitled, “Cute Kitten is Sad”. I heard the music in the background of the video and I said to myself, “Oh my Goddess! I need to find out who the artist is and the name of the song! It sounds like something up my alley! Why haven’t I heard them before?!”. After a careful listen 3-4 times I FINALLY managed to get enough for my search results to pull up Morandi – Colors. They are a Romanian Dance-pop group that were formed in 2004. There’s only been one other group I have heard that I like just as much as these guys and that’s O-Zone. Their Moldavian from what I understand. You might have heard of them through “Numa Numa Fat Guy” and other fan-made videos. The real song’s name though is Dragostea Din teibut since no American knew how to properly pronounce that, it was promptly dubbed the “Numa Numa Song” and went completely “Viral” on the net.

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As of late – the music to me that has the spirit, love, passion, and most heart? Is the music not even made in our country. It’s the music in other countries. I can tell you eight other (the two mentioned above included) musical groups or talents I have discovered thanks to Pandora or other sources that I love – that aren’t found in the U.S.A.:

E Nomine (German Duo with Choir)

Highland (Which is a Rap/New Wave sound and feel. It’s awesome! French combined with English Rap)

Oomph! (German group)

O-Zone (Moldavian)

Morandi (Romanian)

Tarkan (I believe he’s a Turkish Pop-singer)

Blackmore’s Night (They sing in English and have a Folk/New Wave sound, I believe. A personal favorite and I don’t believe they live in America)

MELL (Japanese Pop/Rock group. You might have heard their song, Red Fraction, if you ever watched Black Lagoon the anime)

Faderhead (A German Electronic group influenced by House/Trance/Techno/Pop)

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Sure – you might not be able to understand the lyrics and I’ve heard some people argue, “Well you don’t know what they are saying! How do you know they aren’t singing F*ck you! and F*ck America?!” Uh – well hmm – I’ve never had a bad ear for good soulful music. I’ve also looked up rough translations of some of the songs to figure out WHY I enjoyed them with such vigor! The results? Usually positive and made of Awesome and WIN! So don’t knock it just because it’s not American Grade A musical talent. 😛

Overall? I really just like my fast paced beats! I feel like I can let loose and literally lose myself in the music when I hear those beats thrumming through my body like an artificial pulse. I LOVE and THRIVE off that feeling! I can’t do that with Rap or with some guy trying his hardest to “Dirty Dance” with me. They cramp my style. Plus – how are you suppose to appreciate the way a woman dances – if you don’t give her the room to show off and knock your socks off? Hello! Can we say, you’re missing out? Seriously!

This concludes my musical “Grinds my Gears” segment (Much like Peter Griffin’s from Family Guy). I hope you enjoyed and will try broadening your musical horizons a bit in the future.

~Bright blessings, good fortune and more be yours, Namaste~


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