She Suffers, He Suffers, I Suffer, We ALL Suffer!

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Sorry folks! I know I took the “Post-a-Day” Challenge and I know I’ve been slacking horrendously with it this month. After NaNoWriMo it just took its toll on me and I figured I’d keep working on the novel…that didn’t happen either. Actually much of this month has been about introspection, reflection, and contemplation why you might ask? Because I wouldn’t call it a rut – but let’s just say I’m not where I’d like to be now with my life and I’m sure other people are feeling the same as I do now. I could definitely say I can see where I would have liked to have been – but fact of that matter is – still not there and not now. So that’s been getting to be a bit. Course I’ve tried to support a positive outlook. However even that has been faltering on me just a bit. While in this time period I can say I have learned and experienced a bit (I took a trip last week to Wake Forest, NC and very much so enjoyed myself), I know that it might just be a bit unwise for me to share everything with you all – so I’m going to share something that I can definitely understand far better now. For some it’s probably old news but for others they might not have realized this in the least which brings me to our topic title!

A friend once told me that Buddha taught (this is paraphrasing people) that if we want something then we shall always be suffering, for we shall continue to crave what we want until our desires are sated. So we suffer and the process is a vicious never-ending cycle of torment. I know I briefly mentioned the Wants vs. Needs thing back in another topic post I did, I believe, back in October (It had to do with prayer). I gave a similar example to this – Universe knows we have Wants and says, “Ye-ah I know you want stuff – but it’s not what need.” In the end the only things we truly need in life are Food, Water, air and maybe some human companionship. Overall these are the three basics for Living, Food, Water, and Air.

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The Wants we have are not limited in the least from having a good day to, “I sure hope I don’t get an angry customer at the end of the day,” also “I want that awesome new car I saw!” and “I want the latest game system!” the list goes on. So I’ve definitely become more fully aware of this and how much Humanity suffers from its Wants. Not so much because of personal suffering or anything – just that I’ve had the time to really see and feel things out. I think to myself, “Wow – We are real masochists!” because either we are suffering or we are the result of another’s suffering and we don’t stop to give it a second thought in the least! I feel that is sad and it’s definitely not how I live my life or desire to live my life.

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Given what time of the year it is – I truly wish the positive sentiments of this time of the year were practiced with much more fervor than they are all year-long, every day of every year. You shouldn’t need a “Good reason” to simply be respectful & courteous to others and practice “Random acts of Kindness and Senseless acts of beauty“. In my book – everyone deserves some level of “Common Courtesy” until they prove otherwise – and even then I strive to rise above my anger or frustration and try to change it to unconditional love, understanding, reason, and perhaps even tolerance – or I get the heck out of there and fast! Point is – I don’t see enough of our Humanity shining in our country much these days and that wounds me. I didn’t come from an upbringing where I had everything – but – in the time I did get to spend with my families they taught me these lessons that I consider very valuable even today (There is a positive way to manifest your desires and that’s in that earlier post I mentioned).

If we are going to live in this world together why not make it a bit easier on everyone and try to at LEAST make it tolerable for us all – why not practice some of what I mentioned above? Give it a chance. By doing so – you’d help make the world that much more positive, tolerable and maybe even a bit more loving. Maybe try this as your New Years Resolution and see if you can keep to this one. 😉

Thanks for reading!

~Blessed Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays one and all. May you and yours be blessed in all yours ways. Namaste~


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