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This was a response to the old chain letter many of you may have seen known as “Common Sense“. I don’t see “Common Courtesy” get used much any more and I recently (June 28th 2009, so not that recent people. Just re-posting from my dA gallery) had a VERY rare account with “Common Courtesy” not too long ago – someone offered to pay for my coffee when the store was unsure they could process my large bill. It got sorted out eventually – but this person had such a profound impact upon my being that I felt something like this was needed. This is dedicated to her, that stranger that decided to offer their kindness to me when I was in need.

Also to add I’m not entirely sure how well I did rewriting this (like I don’t know if the “Bureaucratic red tape” comment really works or not), but the important thing is I did my best to try to convey the message I wanted people to get from this. Enjoy! Pst! Pst! This is leading up to a different topic I will be writing about soon! *Humm Humm*

C.M.A.: I did write this and it can be found on my dA gallery at NyghtshaydeEN!

Obituary for Common Courtesy

Today we mourn the passing of yet another beloved old Friend, “Common Courtesy”, who had been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old she was, since her birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. She is remembered as a great philosopher and teacher who helped us to cultivate such valuable lessons such as:

Opening a door for a stranger in need or not in need but purely out of kindness and respect for your fellow-man;
saying “Please”, “Thank you,” and “Excuse me”;
extending a helping hand when you see others in trouble or in need of something;
offering to shade someone from the rain or sun when you’re the only one with an umbrella;
saying, “Excuse me may I please get by” instead of expecting others to simply acknowledge you are there and to magically step out of your way.

Common Courtesy lived by simple, sound principles (give when you can but never put yourself in a place it could potentially hurt you) and reliable strategies (a little bit of kindness goes a long way).

Her health began to deteriorate rapidly when people no longer made their children do chores to help build character and spoiled them rotten, not wanting them to experience the harsh life they had to endure when they were young, allowing their children to be lazy and spend more of their time indoors playing video games and watching television allowing their young minds to rot and bodies to become bloated with obesity.

Her condition only worsened as she witnessed first hand people shoving their fellow-man out-of-the-way to get by without so much as a “Pardon me” or “I’m sorry”.

Common Courtesy lost ground when people all of a sudden “expected” they had the “right” to live and gave off the aura and notions that the world revolved around them and them alone and everyone should respect and cater to their needs.

It declined even further when she heard reports that in New York city at a Wal-Mart on November 28th, 2008 a man was trampled to death. When potential customers were asked to leave they refused because they wanted to get a good deal because it was Black Friday. They showed no remorse for their actions.

Common courtesy lost the will to live as churches no longer supported spiritual growth and development and betterment of the self; and people no longer understood what it meant to work hard for the things you want in life and should rightfully earn through blood, sweat, and tears. Common Courtesy took a beating when you had to kiss the ass or do questionable favors for those above you just to get a raise, a bonus, good grades, or move to a higher place in a company that you rightfully earned through respectable means.

Common Courtesy finally gave up the will to live, after people began pointing fingers at their fellow-man of all races, shapes, creeds, sizes, sex, religions, colors, political disposition, and jobs to find a scapegoat to distract them from their own flaws instead of working on becoming a better stronger nation, country, or people.

Common Courtesy is preceded in death by her Daughters, Kindness and Compassion, her husband, Humanity and her son Tolerance.

She is survived by her 4 stepson’s – who are removed:
I Know My Rights;
I Want It Now;
Someone Else Is To Blame;
I’m A Victim

Not many attended her funeral because so few realized she was gone. If you still remember her, take a moment out of your day for silence to say a prayer to remember the lessons she taught us and strive to carry on her legacy. Or join the majority and do nothing except carry on with your lives as they are.


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