Assumptions Make an @$$ Out of You and You

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Now this wasn’t the topic I had in mind to follow-up behind the “Common Courtesy” rebuttal, but it works off of the idea regardless of what I desired to discuss initially in this latest topic. For those who weren’t aware – the weather has been rather difficult for some out here in the Northwest. My mother also had to go in for surgery this last Wednesday, which brings me to the beginnings of our topic – but first a story to start us off.

The people there supporting my mother through her surgery was myself and her best friend from many years ago. I got there a little late but just in time before they had administered her “Sleepy Juice” for the procedure. One of the nurses referred to my mother’s best friend as her “Partner” at least TWICE and I caught it both times, saying nothing for the time. Apparently my Mother’s friend also caught it and was just as put off as I was about how the nurse treated her (which was in fact, rude). When the surgery was over we did mention it to another nurse there, because we just weren’t sure at the start what to do on the situation so we had discussed it a bit first after the fact.

Now I’ve gotten this kind of thing before. People assumed my best friend, who is in fact a young man, was my husband and/or boyfriend/Beau. While yes – it might just be a safeassumption” – that’s all it is – an assumption. And we all know what THOSE make us. Heck, I’m sure if one of my very close female friends and I hadn’t popped up one time together that “We’re Sisters!” the clerk would have thought we were Partners to! Now I’ve got nothing against people who are Bi, Gay, or whatever – I just don’t care for people assuming that JUST because it is a NEW age of sorts that it’s a “Fad” and “Everyone’s doing it!”. That’s where it REALLY makes an @$$ out of you and me or just flat-out you, because I won’t be the one turning red and feeling embarrassed as heck. Not unless I “assume” the same-sex clerk as you is YOUR Partner.

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Now – I can’t say I’m completely “Guilt Free” of not making assumptions in the past – but when I did they were based on educated guesses of what my customers were looking for – not typically about them and their personal life. 😛 And yes – on the occasion I’ve made them about people to – but I usually wait and observe, much like Sherlock Holmes before I jump to a conclusion and risk personal and public humiliation. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve escaped the slings and arrows of public humiliation. I am FAR from perfect as much as anyone else.

Here’s a reminder though of what is still existent whether you agree or not:

*Women can still have “Girl-Friends”. Yes; I mean that as a Girl who is a “Friend” whether she is your best friend or acquaintance. We aren’t all Lesbians or Bi. Essentially, platonic love for another.

*Men can still have “Boy-Friends”. The old word for “Friend who is also a Man/Guy/Boy that you love like a brother”. Again, platonic love for another, not Romantic or Sexual.

*Women can still have “Boy-Friends” as in “Men who are loved in a Platonic way but are nothing more. Often thought of as brothers”.

*Men can still have “Girl-Friends” as in “Women who are loved in a Platonic way but are not considered either sexual partners or otherwise. May be thought of as ‘Sisters’.”

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The world hasn’t CHANGED that drastically overnight PEOPLE! Best not to assume that it has because big changes like this – happen little by little overtime. Sometimes with help it gains “Leaps and Bounds” but not always.

So – when you’re about to risk making an @$$ of yourself – what do you consider before opening your mouth? Or do you just chance it and go for the jugular? Those are rhetorical but feel free to answer them if you like. I think they might spark interesting lines of conversation.

Thanks for reading as always.

~Love, light, gratitude and more be yours, namaste~


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