DmCR-Flop in the Making?


Devil_May_Cry_3_-_Dante's_Awakening_Special_Edition (Photo credit: shinoyh)

We’re going to switch gears today and talk about another something I’m passionate about, Games. It’s a very little known fact – that unless you’ve gotten to know me (or have stolen a peek of my room) you’d NEVER guess I was a “Gamer Chick” from a first meeting. Unless of course the conversation earlier had taken a turn for such. One of my all-time favorite games has to be Devil May Cry.

First game had wonderful story, the writing at times could have used some more work, but overall you got the feel for most of the characters within the story – especially Dante. The sequel – we shall NOT speak its name! It was an utter travesty. From what I remember from the rumor mill, fellow Gamer Nerds included, the DMC – Flop was intended to be a Resident Evil game. Apparently – the project got halted in its tracks and so they SLAPPED DMC skins on it and called it good.  Only it was TERRIBLE and many fans cried and “Nerd-Ragged”. Which accounts for lack of story among other things. DMC3 – Not too bad, you can call me a whiner or whatever – but I wasn’t a fan of how “hard” they made the game. I do like to ENJOY my games – not get frustrated and a headache from it. Granted – I don’t want it too easy either. But all the Fanboys cried about how the previous games were “Too easy” and so that’s how DMC3 came to be (least the story was MUCH better this time). Then you had DMC4with the same level of toughness from what I understand (Haven’t gotten to play it yet – have the game but no PS3 and no Xbox360 *le sigh*).

Beryl flirts with Dante.So now I’m hearing news they want to REBOOT the DMC franchise and I’m going – wait, what?! Many fans are doing the same thing along with shaking their heads (in some cases fists – among other objects). Some are even getting angry what with the screenshots we’ve seen so far of game-play AND the NEW Dante going so far as to write in “Death Threats” to the company developing it. Yes; you did read that correctly. I did say “Death Threats“. Now I don’t want to sound like a purest but we’ve all become accustomed to certain things about the DMC series. THAT’S what I’m not liking. The developers are kind of messing with everything we’ve come to know and love about the DMC series, including the ruggedly sexy and iconic white-haired, sarcastically, cheese-humored protagonist, Dante.

Now I can understand they want to play with the new “Platforms” and their gaming engines, I understand completely! Great idea! Really! I applaud that effort. But – this is a BIT over the top. I even read in an article they want to make DMC more like Bayonetta. Wait – hold the phone, I thought Bayonetta was trying to BE the NEW DMC?! Sure seems like a female sexy-librarian-esque Dante to me. But maybe that’s just me.

Mari Shimazaki tried to make the witch Bayonet...

Image via Wikipedia

Okay, so let’s break this down of what’s wrong with this picture, at least in my eyes:

1. Changing Dante’s look – The new Dante – ye-ah, he looks like an angsty Emo to me. And if you were shooting for “Not pretty” – I think you hit the nail on the head with THAT one. It reminds me of that one commercial they did for the Kia – Soul.

Dante (Devil May Cry)

Image via Wikipedia - This?

You can have this! —————–^

or you can have

Younger Dante as seen in DmC Devil May Cry

Image via Wikipedia

That – which would you rather have? Honestly, I’ll take my good old Dante over this NEW guy.

2. Changing the Story/Rebooting the Series – Ye-ah, kind of sounds like a cheap cop-out to me. Did you guys just run out of ideas?! If that’s the case, I could have WAITED for an actually GOOD DMC game! Not this craptastic answer! Hell! I’d have been happy if you remade that dreadful thing you called a “sequel” to the first one if it was actually going to be GOOD this time.

3. Money/Marketing – Pretty sure this is just a “ploy” to continue making DMC a “Cash Cow” in the gaming industry. Just because it SAYS DMC doesn’t make it so. You can call a Tiger a Zebra – but at the end of the day, you’ll be cat food.

Dante performing one of his signature moves, t...

Image via Wikipedia

Will this change be good? I’ve no idea. So far though, I don’t like what I’m seeing OR hearing and I’d be lying if I said I was a “Peaches and Cream” about it all. Whatever happens, the one thing I hope Ninja Theory does – is give some credibility to its player base, the fans, us. In a way, DMC is just as much OUR baby as it is theirs now. While I can understand there are some pretty nasty fans out there giving them just as much grief  (more so than me, alright and much less nicer or polite than me) I just hope they listen and don’t try to rush and make something that will ultimately flop. While we as gamers WANT and Desire for something GOOD – GOOD doesn’t happen overnight. Good takes time and effort. Just because we DEMAND another great DMC doesn’t mean the next one WILL be. That will take pain-painstakingly delicate effort and creation. If you want an excellent product – sometimes you gotta wait a little longer for BEST results.

So let’s cut Ninja Theory some slack – not too much, we still want them to know we aren’t happy – but doing away with the “Death Threats” is a good place to start. Try writing a letter of maybe “why” you don’t like the new changes and what you’d maybe like to see them do instead. It’s worth a shot. You never know in this day in age. I know they’ll at least appreciate it.

As a final thought – I recently watched one of the game trailers for this DmC-R – I liked what I saw as far as game-play went at least. So the game-play is definitely DMC’s style (which brought SOME relief). Now if they can only get the rest right this could very well be a bad@$$ game.

Thanks for reading and we’ll get back to our “regular” topics of interest now.

Dante encounters Phantom

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~Blessings, good fortune, good luck and more be yours fellow Demon Slayers!


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