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The ‘Muse‘ isn’t entirely with me today – so bear with me as I try to tell this story the best that I can. A month ago a mutual friend of mine came home from work one evening absolutely angry & frustrated! She works in a call center where her company IS a legit business honestly trying to help people “save” some money on their day-to-day expenses.  She was especially angry some of the older folk she called would either chew her out or slam the phone down before she could even say a WORD about who she was and what company she was with.

Now granted – I don’t like telemarketing calls (especially the recorded message ones) BUT – in light of all the things I have learned in my life when I DO answer them – I try to be nice to the representative calling. Why you might ask? Because – they have to handle 100s of calls on a DAILY basis and many of those calls are angry people offended someone would disturb them in the sanctity of their home (if it’s dinner time or during your favorite show – wouldn’t kill you to just ignore the phone either). NO ONE – I don’t care WHO you are – likes being YELLED at daily and being chewed out in harsh words (unless you are into that thing – but kinks are another BEAST altogether people). It accomplishes nothing, especially in this case. It does more harm than good – psychologically and emotionally. In all honesty, I believe many of these folks would prefer NOT having to call people – but it’s a job and it’s NOT a very glamorous one considering it is pretty much one STEP above ‘Janitorial‘ duties and I KNOW not everyone WANTS to do that kind of work.

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So – what’s wrong with this picture? I briefly touched base but call me “Captain Obvious“. What’s wrong in this situation is people act like they have ‘no heart‘ no sense of compassion or respect for others when answering these calls the way they do. No one allows the representative to at LEAST do their job in pitching to the potential customer what it is they are either selling or trying to do. I am aware there are scams out there – but not all calls you get are going to be scams (only the ones that ask for personal information and pretend to be people you know, maybe a few others). Remember – these people calling you are PEOPLE too. Yes; I KNOW it’s annoying to get that call from the person with the VERY thick accent you can’t fudging’ understand for the life of you – but if they understand enough of OUR language you can at least be polite enough to say, “You know – I’m sorry – I wish I could understand you so I knew what you were trying to sell me or offer me – but I just can’t. I’m sorry. Have a good day,” than hang up (my mom has actually used this one, I thought it was awesome. I’ve used it once myself to).

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Sure – I might MAKE it sound easy, but I know for some people it might not be. Trying is a start though and it’s something! I know the representative on the other line will appreciate it more if you are polite, kind, courteous and DON’T ask for their supervisor (Spirit only knows THAT doesn’t get ANYTHING accomplished because NO ONE wants their BOSS breathing down their necks). My Spirit-Sister works in ‘Customer Service and Support’ in a Verizon call center. She gets calls ALL the time like the ones I made “examples” of. I can SEE and FEEL how stressful it is for her and it makes me sad that people ASSUME so much about her or say other hurtful things toward her when I KNOW she is a wonderful and good person (And we ALL know what ‘assumptionsMAKE you people, don’t kid yourself). And believe me – if anyone reading this has worked “Customer Service” you KNOW those days where you wish you could have “told it like it is” and WHERE they could SHOVE IT to the customer being a douche to you that day, because that was the final straw that was breaking the camels back but you KNEW you had to keep your ‘Poker Face‘ on.

So next time you call that ‘Customer Service Help Line‘ or otherwise to talk to a Rep or get that call from the Telemarketer– don’t ASSUME they are OUT to get you. They are STILLThe little Guy” and most of them don’t even LIKE the company they work for 9 times out 10. This also applies to OTHER ‘Customer Service’ related JOBS! Asking for the supervisor UNLESS the Rep is being HIGHLY rude – will get you no where, because most likely the Supervisor has NEVER worked in the same field as the call center associates and did NOT work their way up (doesn’t always work like a ladder people, not in this age it seems). Yelling profanities and other mean hurtful things at the Rep gets you NO WHERE real FAST and makes the Rep think you are some crazy hormonal psychopath who isn’t better than garbage in THEIR book, because you are going out of your way to make their life hell at this given moment. Plus, you WASTE your time and THEIRS they could ACTUALLY be using to help a customer instead of getting your issue resolved in as timely a manner as possible for you both! No one really wins when you are a ‘douche‘.


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So class, I hope we’ve learned a thing or two today about Kindness, Compassion, Respect, and Courtesy and that you will honestly give it a go. It won’t kill you – I promise. Just remember, not everything is as “Black & White” as you might think it is. There are “Shades of Grey” that make up our world as well. With how the economy has been as of late – everyone could benefit with a bit of these ‘key ingredients‘ I listed. It will indeed help to raise and boost morale. Give people ‘hope‘ for something ‘better‘ and creating a ‘positive‘ future for themselves and perhaps others.

As a final note – you can always ask to be taken off companies ‘Calling List‘ and they like it more when you ask politely.

Thanks for reading. And as always,

~Bright blessings, good fortune & more be yours – Namaste~

P.S. I urge you to read this article:

5 Idiotic Misconceptions About Calling Customer Service


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