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Note: No; this is not what I had in mind for my little social experiment as of yet, but it may help build the steam up to it. I’ll let you all know when you DO see it though.

When I heard this quote throughout Middle School and High School in my American History classes or regular run-of-the-mill History class, I didn’t quite fully grasp what it meant. One of those things I just brushed off for the longest time, because I did not fully comprehend the meaning behind the words. After all these years a month or two ago it finally DAWNED on me what F.D.R. had finally been saying the entire time and I said, “DUH!” face-palm. Couldn’t believe I missed it this entire time and it was biting me on the nose of all things.

The only thing we have to FEAR is FEAR itself!

When I first heard this quote I was thinking, “That’s not true. People have all sorts of fears. How could one be afraid of FEAR itself? That’s kind of strange“. Keep in mind this is a younger Gweny still figuring out the world. After my epiphany? OH! DUH! Why is it that FEAR is the only thing we have to FEAR itself?! Because ‘Fear’ in its essence, no matter what ‘form‘ it takes is still ‘Fear’. It can scare us enough to NOT act when we SHOULD. It can SILENCE us when we should SPEAK UP. It can prevent us from becoming ALL that we can BE and MORE all because of that little ‘nagging‘ voice within us or because of what our environment has CONDITIONED us to believe. Perhaps even what we’ve convinced ourselves what to believe as far as negative thoughts, feelings, actions and perceptions.

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I’m in this phase again myself, trying to let go of ‘Fears to simply work toward finding myself and accomplishing great things with it. I know that a “Dead End Job” isn’t the career that I seek. It’s far from it. This is NOT how my story will ‘End‘ that much I know. But I’m trying to let go of these ‘Fears’ in favor of stepping out into my ‘True’ authentic-self. That isn’t always an easy task. I’m sure many of you know where I’m coming, those who have been there, done that – have a mug and a T-shirt to prove it.

I know that if I DON’T learn to let go and step out of my “Comfort Zone” that ultimately my story WILL end in a way that I will dislike with the prospect of MANYwhat ifs” and regrets. While I know I rather reminisce over “Oh wells” I’m still trying to find my inner courage and strength to get back on the horse and try again. I look at that horse some days and go, “Okay – maybe today,” than the next it’s right back to, “KEEP THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!”. Sometimes I do wish it were easier to overcome the situations we go through in our lives, but then I remember – nothing worthwhile is ever truly appreciated unless it is FOUGHT fiercely for. I find this concept has gone ‘SADLY‘ under-appreciated in today’s society as compared to when I was growing up, but than again – I can see MANY things I would rather change for the better in our world as of currently in addition. One step at a time though.

We all have to start some where – sometimes the BEST place to start – is within ourselves. They say – if you nourish the inside, than it should reflect outward and people will notice. And sometimes you just have to take that ‘Leap of Faith‘. I do that every time I feel I post something rather “sensitive” on my blog or when I respond to someone I feel is rather bias, close-minded and jaded. My heart RACES every time I hit that “publish” or “submit” button in nervous anticipation of how others will respond to my words, me hoping they hear/read what I mean – not what I say, because sometimes I can express myself rather poorly. But again – that’s FACING a Fear for myself and I rather SPEAK my TRUTH than to remain SILENTand compliant with others thoughts and feelings that may not resonate with my own.

Leap of Faith

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Facing our Fears can be done in BIG and in SMALL ways. Some of which we don’t even realize (as I mentioned above an example). But the more we do it – eventually, indeed, the easier it WILL get. For anyone else out there trying to “Break Free” of your fears, I have something very special I’d like to share with you from my Guides, Guardians, my Angel and a few other good and kindly beings. They shared this message with me when I FINALLY sat down to channel what they had wanted to say to me for a week and share with others. This is what they had to say in the face of my worries, doubts and fears that is intended for anyone experiencing the same:

You are made of stronger stuff! We know it’s been hard and difficult. We know you’ve been trying your best. Hang in there and keep trying! Never give up! Never surrender, remember? Sometimes what you find insignificant sometimes has a greater impact. YOU are David! LIFE is your Goliath! Your faith, perseverance, strength (Will) is your SLING! Remember who you are! Remember you can do this! Take up your sling and conquer YOURGOLIATH! Conquer your worries, doubts and fears! Master them! Don’t let them master you! You have your Spirit Family, your Blood Family and us at your back, in your corner. We aren’t going ANYWHERE! You always have someone with you no matter what! We are with you always! Just call on us and we will be there in a heartbeat, a breath, a blink. You will find happiness again! You still have work to do! And remember – without Faith, what do you have? A broken heart? A broken sword? Things only have the power that you give them. Give your LIFEPOWER once more! We love you dearly and deeply beyond what words can express. xoxo

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This got a bit more personal than I had originally intended but I hope in exposing myself it helps others out there. YOU are the ONLY reason why I do this. You who are struggling. YOU who are looking to “Break Free“, to step into your true authentic-self. YOU who are ready to be all that you can be, even if you are unsure of what that means and are absolutely terrified! I do this because I care about you and honestly? I love you. I don’t even know you yet and I love you. I mean that from the bottom of my heart as my eyes semi-well pouring that energy into this as I type, hoping you can feel the residual energy signature of the sincerity of my words.

Stay strong and if you need a friend to talk to – I know I’m a stranger, but I love to listen and I know people have things they need to get off their chest. Granted, I can only do so much – but I’ll do what I can if it’s within my power to do so and I don’t feel like I’m a mess! And if we reach out to one another in this way, really cheer one another on – who knows what we could accomplish. I think that would make this world – just a bit brighter and a bit better for all of us – give us hope for a better tomorrow and a beautiful future that perhaps we can finally conceive as being tangible, no longer just day-dreams.

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As always, thank you for reading, please take care and…

~Infinite unconditional love, light, gratitude and more be yours beautiful souls – Namaste~


Thank you, xoxo to Jeff Emmerson for sharing this video in one of his blogs, otherwise it may have been years before I ever got to hear its beautiful sound. It speaks to my soul in a very powerful way. Also thanks to Enigma for bringing such beauty and creativity into our world with powerful melodies and meaningful lyrics no matter how short or long the stanzas may be. Also special credit and thanks to Joseph Michael Linsner for the very last reference in the message presented to me by my Guides, Guardians, Teachers, etc (the part about faith, heart and swords, things only having the power that you give them).


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