Employers, In Your Social Media – Invadin Your Privacy!

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I certainly hope most of you have heard about SOPA which has stricter rules, regulations and the like on what can and cannot be posted on the internet.  But the other subject that has people abuzz over is social networking sites being used by potential employers and current employers to fire employees. Not that long ago I heard some potential employers were going so far as to ASK for social networking passwords and log-ins.

You know – I think that’s an invasion of privacy and none of their business. I’ve been saying it for a while now to my brother and friends when it comes up. Your boss has NO right to fire you over something you posted OUTSIDE of work on your own time. Many people from what I understand hate their jobs, their manager (s) or boss. I can completely understand how they feel and how the managers/boss feels stumbling upon that kind of thing, cause – truth hurts. But I also know not everything is as black and white as it may seem. From personal experience though, I have worked jobs where I felt my boss or employer didn’t have much of a moral compass or was out of touch with their compassion and humanity, at least that’s how it seemed and more often felt.

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If the employee however was posting on their social media page during work hours though – well – than the evidence is kind of up for grabs in a manner of speaking, especially if the page is left up with them logged in. I’ve heard stories of employees even having or being forced to accept “Friend Requests” or invites by their managers or boss as a means to “keep an eye” on their employees which I think is a horrible thing to do. It’s your private life, you have a right to your privacy away from work. No one has the right to FORCE or threaten you to be friends with them. That’s what we refer to as bullying. Yes; bullying even occurs in the “Adult World” that claims to be all that, a bag of chips of maturity. Side note, sometimes maturity can be overrated.

So again, why is it wrong for Employers to do this? As I mentioned before 1) It’s an invasion of privacy BIG time. What goes on in your life outside of work is your business. That being said though, try to use some discretion when your posting about how much you hate your job or otherwise. If you are going to post about how much you hate your job or your employer, try to make such things a private affair between you, friends and family – not the public.


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2) If you aren’t bad-mouthing your work, place of work, employer or otherwise AT work, there should be NO form of retaliation and if there is – it is unjust. If they are going to fire you, they really should have more reason than simply, “You hate us so much you can find another place to work than, have fun!” For better or worse there are times employers wish they could fire people, but CAN’T because they have no reason to do so. Either they are incredibly great workers or something else.

3) They are also infringing on Constitutional Amendments. I feel it definitely infringes on “Freedom of Speech“. Yes; there are times where people DO tend to abuse this, but it is still a valued freedom regardless. It also vaguely falls into “Right of search and seizure. If you are posting outside of work how much you dislike your job or how miserable it makes you, than there are no lawful reasons or rights that your boss has to USE this information against you, because it was NOT on the job and you weren’t caught POSTING to your blog, networking site or whatever (that’s only if this is true. 😛 ). That might be stretching it a bit but point remains.

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U.S. LGBT employment discrimination law. Sexual orientation and gender identity: all employment Sexual orientation: all employment Sexual orientation and gender identity: state employment Sexual orientation: state employment No state-level protection for LGBT employees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4) Employers could also very well use any and all of this personal information to look you up ahead of time and possibly discriminate against you for various reasons (sex, creed, religion, etc), which we are already aware IS against the law. Let’s not give them anymore reasons NOT to call us in for an interview if you ask me.

If your employer is either trying to ask for this information or otherwise, I say FIGHT it! It’s got to stop! You shouldn’t stand for it either. The only way it will stop is if we make a stand. I sure as heck wouldn’t stand for it, neither should anyone else. This is your life, your privacy. Don’t just roll over and take the beatings. I wish you all good luck with this if you find yourself in these situations.

Thank you for reading.

~Love, light, gratitude and more be yours, Namaste~


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