You Know What Grinds my Gears?! Talking at the Movies

For those who are unaware, the title is a reference to an episode where Peter Griffin, a character from the show Family Guy, was a news anchor with his own segment with the same title. I’d like to state for the record I don’t OWN the rights to the phrase/names or pictures used for this blog post, I’m just using it out of friendly love and respect for the show as a fan and to say, all rights reserved to their respective owners and Seth MacFarlane.

NOW! Jumping back on topic. You know what Grinds my Gears?! A decade ago it was RARE to hear anyone TALK during a movie at the movie theater much less text their buddies wherever they were during said movie (obviously because texting wasn’t that big yet). Nowadays, talking in theaters seems to be a RAMPANT trend and it seems to be getting worse. The ability to text your friends now ALSO a contributing factor in this rather rude annoyance. Unless you got an emergency, talking to your friends can WAIT! That goes for texting and phone calls. If you know it’s urgent, get up and step out, please! Don’t spoil the movie for the rest of us with your lack of courtesy for those of us still TRYING to enjoy the movie we paid to see!

The "Heroic Age" roster of the Aveng...

The “Heroic Age” roster of the Avengers. Cover art for Avengers vol. 4, #12.1, by Bryan Hitch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reminded I wanted to blog about this problem because my brother and I, with a friend, went to see The Avengers this weekend. Side note, great film! Lots of awesome phrases and quotes made of awesome and win. Great pacing, great action, pretty great acting, fun for the whole family. *clears throat* Jumping back to our story, we got there a few minutes late and unfortunately the theater was pretty packed, even AFTER a weeks wait. Sadly we had to sit in, what I consider, the TRUE nosebleed seats (Very front row). Not my favorite place to sit. My sweet-spot in a movie theater is up, back, in the middle section of the upper part of the auditorium.

Since we had no choice though in where we got to sit, we were forced to take the seats; in front of a bunch of Chatty Cathy‘s who were constantly whispering back and forth to one another about gods know what! Since I couldn’t hear them well but my brother could and he tried to ask nicely if they’d be quiet. No dice. So he tried to move but the front row area is usually the WORST place to sit because of 1) The Angle in which you must crane your neck to see the screen 2) Because many of the inconsiderate Chatty Cathy’s like to sit in that section or at the very top back row section which many consider the Nosebleed seats in a theater.

Granted, I’ve heard people chatting in other sections of a theater but I’ve noticed a trend and that is – most of these Chatty Cathy’s who want to talk during the movie like to sit in those particular sections. I don’t really know why, maybe because they feel like no one will bother them? That anyone who WANTS to talk needs to sit away from the larger part of the theater seats? Who knows! Point is – YOUR BEING FUDGIN’ RUDE TO THE REST OF US TRYING TO ENJOY THE FILM!

Angry Dad: The Movie

Angry Dad: The Movie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When do I find talking acceptable during a film? If you have to convey something important like an emergency to your friends or family with you. Perfectly fine. Exclamations of excitement, joy, or what have you when something AWESOME happens in the film. Good! Clapping can also be acceptable as well at these points in time of Awesomeness. Laughing. Things considered the NORM to do during a film you are enjoying.

Angry Penguin

Angry Penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stuff NOT cool in my book when talking during a movie, “Hey dude, how was your day? Didn’t you see this movie last week? Oh hey! Did you see the game last week?” personal conversations better left before the movie, during previews or AFTER the movie. You and I BOTH didn’t pay to hear YOU talk during the movie. We PAID to SEE and LISTEN to a MOVIE. Not – YOU! Hate to burst your bubble – but at the theater, you AREN’T the main attraction. Also, I didn’t PAY to get distracted by your STUPID glowing phone, Kindle or whatever your “Toy” is so PLEASE turn it OFF!

I remember a time when people got THROWN OUT of a theater for doing the crap people do now. If you ask me, theaters have gotten too lax on their rules and they need to start reinforcing them again. At the end of the day, what’s worse? A customer who is angry and demands their money-back because they couldn’t HEAR the film they paid to see? Or angry customers who demand a refund because you are throwing them out for the fact they couldn’t keep their mouths shut so they and everyone else could enjoy the film? You’re going to lose money either way, but I think you’d lose a LOT less if you just kick the Chatty Cathy’s out. They may threaten to not return – but not many people these days actually adhere to their word anymore. That’s a sad fact and story for another day.

So every one of you out there, if you enjoy movies PLEASE – for the love of all things pure and holy – ZIP IT! Thank you! I will thank you and I’m sure many other movie-goers will to.

Added Note of Irritation 6/3/12: People with your Kids. If you know you are going to a rather “Adult” film, please leave your 2 yr old or whatever at home. Unless they know how to use their inside voice or be quiet as a church mouse there is NO reason they should be there. I love kids. Got nothing against them, but people who BRING them and have them constantly interrupting every one else’s enjoyment and viewing of a movie – should be at home with a babysitter, friend of the family, or family member. Someone you trust. If it’s a Kid’s movie – I can’t complain.

Note of Irritation 2: If you take your shoes off in the theater PLEASE for the love of all things PURE and HOLYKEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND! PLEASE! If your feet are up and someone is downwind from you and the fan is blowing in the theater, as it usually is, and you’ve been sweating up a storm in your shoes, you smell NASTY! Keep them on the ground, please! Thank you!

This Grind My Gears RANT brought to you by ME, an irritated movie lover. Thanks for reading as always!

~Love, light, gratitude and more be yours, Namaste~

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)


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