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Empty Fairground Ride

Empty Fairground Ride (Photo credit: groks)


Today I’m going to be talking about something important to me. An issue concerning my hometown of Shelton, WA.

Sometime back in January I remember reading in the local paper of my hometown that the Shelton Fairgrounds was on a lease to the City of Shelton from the Federal government. This lease is supposed to expire in January of 2013 which is, more or less, just around the corner. Once the lease is up it becomes the property of the Shelton Airfield. Now, I don’t know what the Airfield intends to DO with the Fairgrounds once it reacquires it, whether it would be to give it to the County as a gift so that we could continue to have a Fairgrounds or  to possibly bulldoze it to make a bigger Airfield. That is the most uncertain thing about this matter. I’m certain they have enough space for their planes, but I could also be wrong. As it STANDS though, I feel our Fairgrounds are a very important and vital asset to maintain and keep. If anything it should be bigger, but sadly it’s not as big as we’d probably like it to be. Point is, the Shelton Fairgrounds is, in a way, an extremely crucial source of income and culture for the city. If we were to lose that, I’m not entirely sure where we’d have our cultural events, expos, or anything else. We could have them in Hoodsport but that wouldn’t make any sense. We could have them in Downtown but then people might complain once more about traffic bog-down.


So why are the Fairgrounds so important?


*Would bring tourism to our small town which in turn…


*Brings money into the community so the County & the Town have money to spend on much-needed projects that SHOULD have been started months ago, but have been held back due to lack of funds.


*The few festivals we DO have are often hosted at the Fairgrounds. We lose the Fairgrounds, where do we have them after?


Those are the few major reasons why the Fairgrounds are critical to our local economy surviving, the County, as well as the local culture. Granted, some of the festivals I don’t much far for such as Oyster Fest or the Forest Festival, but I’ve always been a fan of people celebrating their heritage and culture. Long as it is reasonable.


I am planning on writing a letter to the Mayor of the City, possibly the Governor as well since it concerns them more than anything (Federal Government and all), about why these Fairgrounds are so essential to the Town’s economy and the County’s. I urge anyone else who happens to be a Sheltonian to do the same. The more voices on the issue – the better. That way people know it is not something to be dismissed lightly.

Thank you for reading!

~Love, light, blessings, good fortune and more be yours, Namaste~

Local Resources and Information:

Shelton Chamber of Commerce – Mason County

Shelton Life Newspaper/Magazine

The Mason County Journal




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