A World Without Heroes

English: , from the title sequence of the Supe...

English: , from the title sequence of the Superman cartoons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people in our world have grown up reading comic books their entire lives. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. I didn’t really pick up reading comics until my teens or young adult phase. The culprit of such a crime is most likely the fact I couldn’t fluently read until I was twelve. Or maybe it was the fact that as much as I enjoyed watching the old Superhero movies, the Heroes in spandex and tights just never seemed to appeal to me? Now some might be thinking, “Whoa! How could you not like Superheroes?” Well I got my reasons and I’m willing to share them.

Now don’t get my wrong, I really do enjoy experiencing the worlds’ of Superheroes & Villains whether it is Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or someone else. Though, for the longest time Heroes in Spandex and Tights have simply never captured my imagination or curiosity. I’m not entirely sure why but if I had to guess, one reason is that it’s highly unrealistic for us to have Heroes in our world of their caliber and nature. Perhaps it is in that fact that I find the most disappointment. Sometimes I feel like our world needs people like we read in comics, super powers and all to humble our egos, give us hope and uplift our spirits.

Gambit (comics)

Gambit (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Gwen: “This is sexy.”

Another reason I suppose would be a serious lack of interest. It’s like the Movies and televisions series I remember growing up with were good enough to me for general background and ideas of these worlds with these people in it. I liked getting those glimpses. They were enough for me and I didn’t really feel a significant interest in getting to know the characters better. Don’t get me wrong though. I do have my comic favorites such as Gambit, Nightcrawler, Black Cat, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Ironman and there are most likely a few others I’m forgetting, but it’s 7:30 A.M. and I’ve been up since 3:20 P.M. of yesterday (yes; I have been awake that long). Also I’m aware two of the ones I mentioned were “Bad Guys“. Point is they are still favorites.

Lastly, I suppose another reason Superheroes don’t much interest me is the fact they seem so unrealistic. I know that might be the point but it’s like the difference between a true “Magick” practitioner and “Stage Magic“. By the way, for those who are curious, reason why they include the “k” at the end of “Magick” is exactly for the reason to differentiate it as, what some refer to as “High Magic” vs. “Stage Magic“. The more fantastic the background or powers the less they still feel humanto me and like I can actually identify with them.

Black Cat (comics)

Black Cat (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, while I may enjoy playing and experiencing the world through mediums like City of Heroes or something, unless there’s room for my magic and mythical creatures or leeway for such things, my interest just isn’t 100% there sadly. Am I saying I could never be persuaded to read a comic? No. I have the full book of Watchman (which I still need to read and fully intend to do so) and I don’t have this one, but I want to read it, V for Vendetta. I can say I have read a few comics as is such as DAWN by Joseph M. Linsner, which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who love things that get you thinking. Make sure you get Lucifer’s Halo to start and NOT Return of the Goddess or Three Tiers before hand. Otherwise it will be VERY confusing. I also have a rather large collection of Mangas’ (Japanese Graphic Novels). So I am not without my love of comics somewhere, just a matter of finding the right ones that catch my interest.

Poison Ivy (comics)

Poison Ivy (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In all honesty, I wish there were more heroes, like in Kickass, in our world, sadly there aren’t. I do have another topic on that I’d like to write though for another day. Till then…

Thanks for reading and a special hugs and kisses to the Comic Book Geeks and Nerds out there. We love yah!

~Love, light and more be yours, Namaste~


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