Long Hair – Yay? Or Nay? Gay, Bi or Straight?

farewell, seven years of long hair - _MG_3774

farewell, seven years of long hair – _MG_3774 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

Alright folks! Get all your chuckles out now! I know the title might be funny and even the thought of me doing a topic on “Hair” alone sounds rather humorous to me, but – believe me when I say, I’m actually serious.

In the last decade and a half, long hair has slowly gone from being “Cool” and the “In thing” to either “You’re one of those Hippies, aren’t you?“, “You’re a Flower Child, aren’t you?“, or “Dude you look Gay!” I’ve grown my hair out since I was ten and while yes, I am a female and it is perfectly acceptable for me to HAVE long hair, I don’t understand why a man should get so much flack if he honestly wants to wear his long like me. I see nothing wrong with it and here is why.

Now granted long hair looks better on some than it does others. I’ve seen my fair share of variety when it comes to men and wearing their hair long. I’ve seen men who should have gone with cutting their hair and keeping it short vs. long if only for the sake that they’d look actually better that way. But a man wanting to wear his hair long in my book has never been an issue to me overall.

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodblock print, Japan, Taishō era, 1920 Goyō (1880-1921) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long hair is very much a classic and traditional look. Many of the Vikings wore their hair long as did the Celts (Battle Braids anyone?) and Ancient Egyptians. Heck! Most depictions of Jeshua (Jesus) depict him with long hair! Culturally speaking though, there are far more cultures out there who have favored or sported long hair at one time or another, some even to this day. So how someone can call a man Gay or otherwise for wanting to wear his hair long, just doesn’t compute for me.

Sure, they might look like a woman from behind at first but there ARE ways to tell if you’re looking at a man or woman from behind other than just hair. Maybe it’s the Homophobic Straight guys afraid to actually mistake another Man for being an attractive woman from behind? That’s what we call assumptions people and what do we all remember about those? If you’re perfectly comfortable with the fact you are straight, it shouldn’t bother you for a straight man to grow his hair long. Just saying. You might be embarrassed for a few, but you should both be able to laugh it off.

Another reason I find it fine and dandy for a man to wear his hair long is – let’s face it, I’m bias. I LOVEand adore a man with long hair. I love it. I don’t think we have enough great looking men out there wearing their hair long and proud. So if nothing else you brave straight, bi, or gay men out there – wear you hair long and proud because you have one fan backing you up and supporting your personal choice of being who you want to be!

Vanuatu is at the crossroads between Polynesia...

Vanuatu is at the crossroads between Polynesian and Melanesian migration.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve even heard a story that wearing your hair long helps to improve or heighten a man’s intuition. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s true but wouldn’t that be something? Would be just another good reason to wear one’s hair long if you believed in such things. Belief can be a very powerful thing indeed.

Thanks for reading like always folks! Until next blog!

~Hummingly bright beautiful blessings, good fortune & more be yours, Namaste~


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