Remembering Aurora

Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Evil Dead: Hail to the King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Admittedly, originally for the title I wanted to put, “Guns don’t kill people…-I- DO!” (Warcraft III; Dwarven Rifleman Unit) BUT given the topic I was ABOUT to discuss and in light of the Aurora, CO shooting, out of respect, I decided to go with THIS instead. Not an original quote from Warcraft 3 like the other since BOTH were taken from something else, but that is where those quotes stick out in my mind the most…next to the Evil Dead series. Very well, getting on topic before I DE-rail myself again…

James Holmes

James Holmes (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

If you watch the International News or National News, you may have heard about the shooting in Aurora, CO in a packed movie theater that was to be the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Sadly, some crazed DIPSTICK ruined the fun evening out by whipping out some smoke grenades and/or Tear gas and then open fired on the audience. This was a very sad and tragic event. The young man arrested, James Holmes, claimed he felt he was The Joker, that is what I heard, as if it justified his actions. We know he had no previous criminal record. This just goes to show, that even if people are not emotionally well, they can hide their symptoms WELL up to a POINT before they go “Critical Mass” and explode, possibly harming more than just themselves, such is the case.

The Joker, after emerging from the canal of ch...

The Joker, after emerging from the canal of chemical-waste from Batman: The Killing Joke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not long after that many government officials, mayors and people wanted to hear what Obama had to say about “Gun Control” as well as the other candidates feelings on the matter.

fine weapon

fine weapon (Photo credit: horizontal.integration)

I’d like to point something out for those who seem to lack understanding about how GUN CONTROL LAWS work. Gun Control Laws are only AFFECTIVE if people FOLLOW THEM. Making stricter Gun Laws means it makes it harder for GOOD and Responsible citizens to get their HANDS on firearms to possibly use for home security, hunting or recreational shooting. Not everyone who HAS a Gun is a Psychopath, a Killer, or even a POTENTIAL Killer. Hell, I HAVE a gun for self-defense purposes and recreational use (going down to the Firing Range to practice and stay sharp). Why? Because I sure as hell don’t trust my trigger happy yahoo, neighbors at times to be responsible with THEIRS! I sometimes hear guns going off now and again in the distance and it doesn’t sit right with me, especially with other factors to lump in (for another time perhaps).

It comes down to the matter of, I rather be safe than sorry. If you think Stricter Gun Control Laws are what we need, than you are FOOLING YOURSELF! The only person who is going to follow them are most like YOU (the person who WANTS this) and the people who Buy Guns for the legit reasons I gave earlier. If you think “Bad Guys” actually adhere to the law, you are DEAD wrong. They DON’T give a rat’s tail about the Gun Laws or Knife Laws. Why do you think they are called, “Criminals” or “Bad Guys“? HELLO?! There ARE illegal ways to obtain firearms and if you don’t think there are, again, you are a FOOL for believing otherwise. True Criminals will find OTHER ways to obtain weapons regardless of the rules we put in place.

Gun laws fail safety test: Greens

Gun laws fail safety test: Greens (Photo credit: publik16)

When it comes right down to it though, it is not the WEAPON that kills people, it is the person BEHIND wielding said weapon that KILLS people. Intention is everything. If you buy a gun for protection and recreational use, you may or may not EVER use it to defend your life vs.  a Criminal who might not be so merciful and spare your life with their gun pointed at you, the intention of killing you. If you buy a gun with the intention of killing another, that’s ALL on you. Your karma, your consequences and YOU will deal with them when the time comes.

Given the type of Gun though that the suspect was using, I’ll bite and say yes, that would be okay to possibly create stricter laws for in order to obtain the kind of Gun he primarily used. As a whole though, don’t punish everyone for one person’s stupidity and certainly don’t try to take away my Second Amendment. Just try! You can pry it from my cold dead body Sirs as I’m sure many others would agree with me on that sentiment.

English: Christian Bale at the red carpet film...

Christian Bale during the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In closing, I’d just like to say – those of you who wished and hoped Christian Bale would visit the victims of the shooting, if you haven’t heard, he did. Out of the kindness of his heart he flew from France back to the U.S. to visit with the victims, feeling it was a terrible tragedy. He did this of his “Free-will” no one forced him to and though he was asked by many people online, I doubt anyone had to ask the man TWICE to do this simple thing. Bravo and most excellent show of awesomeness, kindness, love & compassion Mr. Bale.

Thank you for reading – “Please come again!“.

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