Ego vs. Spirit – What is the Difference?

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This person is sitting on the embankment of the harbor of Wijk bij Duurstede and looking to the moored boats. (Photo credit:

Some of us out there often wonder how people can treat others poorly without a single thought, care or concern for the mark they leave behind on the people in their lives or that they meet on the street, even the internet. I’ve especially wondered this myself when it concerns people who are very “Egocentric” vs. “Spiritcentric“. In order to understand the two words though, you need to define them. What does Egocentric mean?

Egocentric – Definition from

1. having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things: an egocentric philosophy that ignores social causes.
2. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one’s own; self-centered: an egocentric person; egocentric demands upon the time and patience of others.
A definition of my own:
3. A person who often does things for themselves with the conscious or subconscious intention of satisfying their most basic needs, including those of their ego whether it is insecurities, ideals of grandeur or something else. They often go through life unaware of the consequences of their actions until the “Clue x 4” of life smacks them in the face with reality.
So an Egocentric person seems pretty selfish and self-serving. They might even see other people as simply a “Means to an End“. But those of you reading this, know that you are not. YOU are a PERSON. You have feelings, thoughts, beliefs, ideals and things you hope others share in common with you as being a human being.
Sadly, there are some people who are Egocentric and don’t even realize they are because they are NOTSelf-Aware“. They are so blinded by their own ambitions they do not SEE the effect they have on others. They often miss things in life. Entire memories, situations, perhaps opportunities – they definitely say “No” to a lot of things they don’t feel are worth the exchange for their Comfort Zone.
Though the same can happen to even the best of us. It’s just that an Egocentric person tends to be LESS attentive to their life and perhaps those closest to them. Bullies and Hypocrites are often great examples of Egocentric people, but let’s just give an actual example, shall we?
Example: Boasting or speaking of a truth about yourself, then later getting offended when it is brought up by someone else (especially friends) to make a general statement or point-of-reference and THEN demanding an apology of the other party for daring to use it or bring it up at all.
If you are getting offended over something YOU brought up and the other party isn’t intentionally trying to make fun of you (innocent for the large part), maybe only to make a simple point, there is something wrong when YOU are calling for an apology for something YOU brought up in the first place. Don’t want people to bring it up? Don’t mention it than. Plain and simple. Can’t complain if you brought it up first.
Example 2: Denying something that is a Fact/Truth about yourself. When you see the same trait (s) in others you can’t help but POINT the finger at them and cry for something to be done about it (*cough* Homophobia *cough*).  It is because you have failed to yet accept and acknowledge this Fact/Truth ABOUT yourself first (meaning you got ISSUES to deal with within), but feel completely comfortable prosecuting others for it.

egocentrism (Photo credit: madamepsychosis)

So now you might be asking, “So what makes a person Spiritcentric or Spirit based than?” A person who is “Spiritcentric” often is described as someone who believes in things like The Golden Rule, Altruism, the shoulder to cry on when things are tough, the friendly ear to listen to your troubles and woes even your darkest secrets, the person who reserves judgement to get to know the person and – honestly I could list a lot more things – but I want to keep this short.

So a Spiritcentric person or a person centered/coming from a place of “Spirit” is often pretty giving, maybe sensitive and could literally be anybody. But the most important thing to remember is you can recognize them from their actions, often their words and deeds. These are the people who honestly strive to BE good people and because they do, they ARE.


The thing to remember about people who are Ego based is that, often times the path of “Ego” is chosen because it SEEMS or FEELS easier, when actually it does more harm than good to everyone including the person. The choice to live a life out of “Spirit” has its fair share of challenges BUT it is also the MOST rewarding in the end. A Spirit-center will forge, temper and shape you into a stronger person mentally, emotionally, spiritually and on a soul level.

Think of it like the Salmon and how it migrates up rivers and streams of fresh-water JUST to get back to the perfect environment where they were born in order to lay their own young. It’s quite a struggle to go upstream vs. downstream, but they do it anyway. Why? Because it is the most ideal place and nature intended them this way.
Spiritual Center of the Universe

Spiritual Center of the Universe (Photo credit: Renodesertfoxstill)

This is the path I have been on since I was born, Spiritcentric. I often like to say I’m inherently a “Good” person, because anything else would be unnatural. Yes; I mess up from time to time – I’m not perfect – I’m human – and that’s LIFE. Perfection is an ideal that can never be obtained and yet we already HAVE it. When I mess up, I keep trying. Like in The 5th Agreement.
One of the rules is, “Always try your best,” and if you don’t, there’s always tomorrow to try again. Same goes for all out there. I also highly recommend the book if you haven’t read it yet.
Additionally, we all have our own issues. Egocentrics do not have the Monopoly on Emotional Baggage or Personal Issues. We all have our own issues to deal with. The only way to heal them, is to go within ourselves, find the ROOT/CORE of the problem and pull that weed UP and out, in order to make room for better things, thoughts, feelings, ideas in our lives.
I hope you have enjoyed this topic. I have more on the way when I find the time. I’m headed to the Renaissance Faire this weekend! I am excited!
Thank you for reading and I hope you stay with us for more future entries!
~Blessings, good fortune, love, light and more be yours – Namaste~
P.S. Sorry the formatting is a little off and crappy. I tried to work with it and fix it. Couldn’t. Nothing I can do about it. Sorry you had to read the article in whatever way it appears that may not look like the usual way I format.

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