The General Election – Old Blood vs. New Blood

voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

So the primary Election is over and MOST of the people I know I voted for have made it on to the General Election. To be honest, I don’t know HOW these things got their name. I’m sure there’s a history somewhere (Wikipedia aside people) on how they GOT their names in the first place. But in general it just seemed silly to call the, what I would refer to as the “Preliminary Election” as the “Primary”. I suppose in a weird way it MAKES sense because we have “Primary Schools” for children, but even that does not seem like an adequate source of confirmation. Let’s take a look at the definitions offers:


1. first or highest in rank or importance; chief; principal: his primary goals in life.
2. first in order in any series, sequence, etc.
3. first in time; earliest; primitive.
4. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of primary school: the primary grades.
5. constituting or belonging to the first stage in any process.
Well I guess definition five gives us an answer, but again – why Primary was picked over “Preliminary” is still a mystery. Perhaps it is simplicity. Okay, enough about the names, let’s move on to the important BITS.
Unofficial tellers, wearing party rosettes, si...

Unofficial tellers, wearing party rosettes, sit outside polling stations collecting voter registration numbers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned most of the people I voted for made it to the General Election and I was quite happy about that. I feel that MOST of the candidates I DID vote for were excellent choices because I decided to become a pro-active and “informed” voter. There’s a small sense of “pride” one can take away from that, but I also know it’s not over. I felt this would be a good time to discuss an obvious problem that I have seen in my Local government as well as Federal Government, BIG TIME.

Now I’m sure most of us have heard the phrase, “Respect your Elders,” and believe me – when I can tell the person deserves respect, I give it. Unless I determine they are arrogant and very prideful, than I might be less inclined to show as MUCH respect as I would to someone I can genuinely see deserves every bit.
So when I say, I feel there is a rather BIG generation gap between the YOUNG Adults of today and the Older possible Veterans of Politics, I’m not saying we should do without them. What I am saying is we require an equal balance of both. There are certain to be times where the two generations will most likely BUTT heads, but it’s better than squabbling over petty little things, because both Generations will/should care!

Voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The younger Generation would be able to provide new and innovative ideas, ways of thinking outside the box and possibly more. The Older Generation can/could offer their knowledge about the past and present with helpful insights into the possibilities of what the consequences might be for some of these ideas being generated BY the Younger Generation. If the two could work together, I feel a LOT of good could be achieved.

As I looked over the Primary Ballot though this past July-Aug, I could help but noticed how staggering the number of Older folks running for office was. Now that’s not BAD but it’s not especially Good either, as I said, there’s a bit of an AGE or Generation Gap we sorely need to bridge I feel to make some serious head-way. Especially in our small town. The age ratio has changed drastically in the last decade since my “parents” moved me here to go to school and “live in the country“.
English: Albert Einstein Français : Portrait d...

English: Albert Einstein Français : Portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Course I won’t deny what we ALSO don’t need is another “born and breed politician. If someone is raised only to have their parties best interests at heart, than in my eyes they are NO servant of the people. They are servants and slaves to their own agenda and someone higher up on the food-chain. They are sheep, selfish and only thinking of themselves. Sometimes I know it can be difficult not to think of ourselves first only, especially with the way the economy is, but that’s no excuse to do what you know is wrong in your heart and mind and you know it. Albert Einstein once said, “What popular is not always right and what’s right is not always popular.” Keeping that in mind, how about we try to remember WHO exactly we are as a people and that which is important to us.

Granted, this is not the only issue our politics suffer from and while this may not be a new issue, it seems to go “ignored” more often than not.
Thanks for reading and happy voting in the coming final elections! You may see a couple more like these, but I’ll try to keep them relatively impartial.
~Love, light and gratitude, Namaste~

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