P.A.U. 7 – End of…Heroes?

City Of Heroes: Delta Arietis

City Of Heroes: Delta Arietis (Photo credit: Psycho Al)

Hello to all my readers! Sorry you’ve experienced some serious “break-ups” between my posts. I seem terrible about trying to keep up with a weekly posting instead of a daily posting. I apologize for that. I wish I felt much more motivated to do my musings as of late, but ah me – that’s life.

There’s been much weighing on my heart and mind as of late and those take priority, sadly. You will be happy to know I’ve done some reading. I’m currently enjoying the rest of the Circle Trilogy (Morrigan’s Cross, The Dance, The Valley of Silence) by Nora Roberts. I have to say, I don’t think she’s a terrible author, but I haven’t been jivingon her style. It seems straight forward and normal enough, but I don’t know if someone edited these books before they went to publishing. I felt that at times I couldn’t tell who was talking as far as dialogue goes (had to re-read certain passages at times over again) at times and sometimes the writer’s voice was a touch choppy here and there and not understandable.

Cover of "Valley of Silence (The Circle T...

Cover via Amazon

Overall though, it’s not bad and like I said, I am enjoying it. Though most of the female characters…all remind me of variations of myself. That’s kind of weird when you are reading a book. Normally you just identify with one character, not all the female characters. @_@ It’s crazy. At least I don’t want to have allthe male characters in the story. haha! No; I just wanted…two. lol Cain and Larkin. You’d think it’d be Hoyt and not his brother cause he’s the Mage, but no and I suspect that is because I have a “soft spot” for Vampires. So shoot me! ….not literally people. Ha!

So among personal matters and reading keeping me from my writing, lack of motivation another, if you are a Gamer and haven’t heard by now (which I hope you have but for those who aren’t or haven’t – this is for you) – the game I have played for just about a year and a half now, City of Heroes, NCsoft (the publisher of the game) announced on August 30th, 2012 that it was shutting my game down on November 30th, getting rid of the Paragon Studios staff (more poor Americans out of work, ugh!), and halting any and all current projects in production for City of Heroes to be later released.

Needless to say, many of us who are avid Role-players were not happy with this news. So we have banded together, putting together events to show our support of the Paragon Studios Developers and proving to NCsoft why shutting City of Heroes down would be as good an idea as shooting yourself in the foot.

A tanker (foreground) confronts one of the gam...

A tanker (foreground) confronts one of the game’s arch villains, the mad scientist Dr. Vahzilok, in City of Heroes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will they listen to our petitions we have (there are three), maybe not. But we have heard back from the Developers that our voices are being heard when everyone on the outside who doesn’t play have said this, “Oh you aren’t going to make a difference! They’ve already made up their minds! You’re all acting like a bunch of children having a temper tantrum”. I have a question in return – have you never fought for something you cared about? Or love for that matter? In order to be so thoughtless and careless, I can’t imagine what may have happened to make someone so ‘cynical‘ and ‘hopeless‘. It’s a sad thing in my book. You can call it being “realistic” if it helps you sleep at night, doesn’t make any difference to me.

One thing that does hold true is this – Minds can be changed. Decisions can be overturned. It happens every day. We are fighting for something we love. Not in the sense of, we want to marry it. But for some of us, Roleplaying is a great way to relax and experience something new without many of the strings (or hazards) that could be attached in real-life. And while there are other games and one could argue, we can just find another place to call home. It’s never the same. Some people will lose integral pieces of their characters background, history, maybe their love-life and family.

City Of Heroes: Steam Punk'd

City Of Heroes: Steam Punk’d (Photo credit: Psycho Al)

It’s not real – but when you read a book and you start to empathize with a character and see yourself in them, you get attached, don’t you? Same principle. A Roleplayer puts a sliver of themselves into their creations. So their characters are a part of them – but are not them. What NCsoft is doing is like killing off your favorite character right when the going was getting good! That’s not cool, is it?

Additionally, City of Heroes was one of the few games that allowed for a wide variety of colorful characters to be immersed in their Fantasy/Tech/Sci-fi world. It is one of the few of its kind that allow for this sort of diversity and variety as far as customization goes and character background development as well. It may not be the shiniest or prettiest game out there to date. It may not have the BEST customization in the world. It may also have some things still BROKENin its system, but we loved it the way it was and the Developers worked with us.

City of Heroes Roleplaying Game

City of Heroes Roleplaying Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t tell you how many times I was surprised a GM (Game Master) would pop-up when I put in an inquiry about an issue I had. I think I got someone almost every time except once. But that was more times than I ever got on say, World of Warcraft or any other MMO I’ve played.

Lastly, I would like to say this about NCsoft. The way they made this announcement was poorly executed. Not even the Developers knew what was happening until the Players did regarding losing their jobs and the game shutting down. This isn’t the first time NCsoft has screwed up on something like this “business wise” either regarding the player base, sales, or its employees. If you don’t believe me, do a Google search and see for yourself. This could have been handled so much better and much more professionally. How it has been done – is not professional but rather lacks that element altogether. If NCsoft plans on staying in business for years to come – I strongly suggest they start changing their perspectives on how to handle the business relationships, policies between them and their employees, future potential software developers, players, media and possibly more. Otherwise they WILLbankrupt sooner than later.


ncsoft (Photo credit: Robert Scales)

If you are no longer playing anything NCsoft Publishes, don’t do it because of them unless the game is truly that awful. They are only the Publishers. The Software Developers though do deserve your support and credit for their work (games). Play the games if you do for them. Send well thought-out letters of complaint to NCsoft instead, both the Korean based company and the American. If they get enough, they may change their business policies. Who knows. Just make some noise like we are and don’t settle for what the Naysayers say which is, “Oh you won’t matter! They won’t listen to you!” It’s bull excrement and you know it. Anything worth its value, especially to you – is worth fighting for. Remember that. Just don’t go overboard. We all know what happens if you do. 😛

City of Heroes

City of Heroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even if our game is going down, it’s not going down without a fight! As some of you are already well aware (especially by me posting this). At least we can say we FOUGHT for something we cared about and a cause we believed in, that’s more than most can say. It’s also something that deserves respect and admiration. Not the stupid, petty, immature, heckling we have got for trying to make a stand. True Heroes often stand up for what they believe is right, even if no one else is standing with them or feels they are right. Are you a Hero? Or – a Villain? (To keep with the theme) 😉

I’m going to leave links at the end for those wanting to sign the petitions and other info if you might be interested in giving our voices more strength and weight. Thank you to those of you who are understanding a sympathetic. We appreciate your support. xoxo

Thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with my musings as always everyone!

~Infinite love and gratitude, namaste~

City of Heroes Support Links and Others:

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