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Technology has done a great deal to help advance and improve our daily lives, but for all the good it has done there has been those with iniquitous motives for advancing technology as well. Computers have done much to advance our communication and understanding of the world, but for every bit of accurate information or positive thing the internet and computers have done – there is just as much useless or hurtful content and people. So where might I be going with all this you might wonder?

If there has been one thing I have observed in my young life, it’s this – the more our technology advances the less we actually connect with the people we love and care about outside of the technological jungle or even the world around us. The more “Plugged-in” we are different facets of our lives begin to suffer (attentiveness, appetite, spiritual, emotional, family, friends, dreams, etc). It’s so easy to let internet, videos-games and other technological hobbies slowly take over  and nearly consume our lives – if we allow them to. Many people do. I have seen it time and again, often many in denial about. Even I have allowed myself to be lost as well in that interesting, tantalizing, unrelenting stupor of splendor of being “Plugged-in“.

It’s easy to want to surrender to these things when times are hard, difficult, tough and you just want to hide, escape, or spend time in a place you don’t feel so powerless. But at the end of the day, all it seems to do is waste time and energy we could be using to heal our lives. I don’t always feel it is a waste of time as Online Role-playing has done a great deal to also improve my story-writing, storytelling and many other aspects of my writing (not to mention it’s also my drug*cough* so to speak. That’s a joke people – LAUGH!).

Cover of "Matrix-Trilogy [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Matrix-Trilogy [Blu-ray]

Point being, I see fewer people taking the time to “Disconnect” from their unrealistic/fantasy lives, Facebook, MMOs, Facebook Apps, the list goes on as some may know. I don’t see people “getting-out” and enjoying a nature hike/walk in the park, maybe going fishing, constructing your own choreography for a song, sitting under a tree and reading that book you’ve put off for months, finally sitting down and painting that painting they’ve been yammering on about for months being in their head and I could list a heck of a lot more examples, but we’re keeping it simple. The picture has been illustrated though.

Yet another aspect I wanted to touch base on that I consider very important and integral to our emotional, mental and even physical well-being is our Spiritual. Whether you call it Faith or your relationship with God, Allah, Yahweh, Goddess or Spirit, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we need to feed our souls. I feel a good many people today have just lost touch with this aspect of their lives and more everyday find themselves in this place. I have seen many people stray too far to one extreme (the easy-way, fantasy, etc) vs. another (take care of you, your family, feed your soul, etc). In very modern cultures I’ve notice the more modernized, the more out of touch we are with our Spiritual aspects.

facebook engancha

facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you look at many third-world countries or countries under development, the people still have close ties to their friends, family, to the land they live upon, to life, to nature and the beauty found within her and more. They live humble, meager and simple lives wanting nothing more than to meet their basic necessities, though some of the younger generation might be dreaming of bigger and better things (neither here nor there at the moment though). Anything else after would probably be seen as just a blessing or a perk. Sometimes when we have things – we take them for granted. Computers, Internet and Television are definitely three of those things. We don’t often see the obvious blessings these things can be and are or even how the simple things can be blessings and we should be grateful for them in our lives.

A mosh pit, uploaded from flickr

A mosh pit, uploaded from flickr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recall a story someone once told me, about how they took a trip down to Panama for a concert. Apparently the locals take “Moshing” very seriously. So much so people often get hurt or injured but not so seriously that someone dies. This person told me at some point they fell upon the floor and the moment they did, the crowd parted and someone hauled them to their feet, asking if they were okay. That – that is what I call true appreciation for “life“, compassion and a people still in touch with their “humanity“.
Now I’ve been to concerts before and at the head or back of the Mosh Pits. I’m of a svelte build so I don’t have a lot of weight to throw around. Also I just don’t care to get involved because I think it’s more fun watching other people “Mosh” away. I have heard more stories involving trampling and “Mosh Pit Mishaps” in America and parts of Europe that are considered “with the times” than a country that is under-developed. I don’t know about you – but that speaks volumes to me.

I often find – when I feel I’ve been neglecting other aspects of myself too much – it’s time to take a “Step back” and breath. That means, avoid the computer, avoid my phone unless it’s to call a friend to go hang out with them or plan something fun to do with friends or family, avoid the television if possible and go out and get some fresh air, paint, read, anything else that allows me to “Disconnect” from what often makes me forget I feel like I’m becoming a “Zombie/Slave” or feel like I’m in The Matrix.

Zombie Parade - DSC 0533 ep

Zombie Parade – DSC 0533 ep (Photo credit: Eric.Parker)

That my friends is what I’d like to suggest to you. I know you are reading this on the internet and I am very grateful and appreciative of those who do read my blog. Thank you. But please, for your sake and mine – take some time out to assess just how much time you are spending “Plugged-in” and whether you have neglected yourself, others, anything in its many forms, shapes and sizes that the neglect will come in (such as your hopes, dreams, wishes).

Stop making the excuses and be a “Peaceful Warrior“. Take Action instead of having a re-action. After all, change does not come from those of Idle hands. It comes from those who “Take Action” the great and the small. That has been something I’ve been working on steadily this year and I can tell you I’ve had some success – and my fair share of failure too. I keep trying though. Why? Because I have to until I “Win” – that’s why. So should you.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 1st week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know times have been tough these last four years but don’t go down without a fight. Don’t forget who you are. And speaking as an American – We are a PROUD and Tenacious people. Our ancestors came here for a new life, a fresh start and they FOUGHT tooth and nail for all that they had and more for their families. During The Great Depression neighbors tried to help their friends and family by sticking together or going where there was work to be done, to wire money back to those they loved. Not all Americans spat on one another and said, “Help yourself! I don’t have time to waste on you! Lazy slob!” no! Some extended a hand and said, “Let me help you up brother“. That is the America I live for. THAT is the America I LOVE. That is the America I appreciate.

So everyday, try to find that reason that life is worth living. Try to think of at least one thing you are grateful or blessed for (I know I’ve said this before in other blogs) to have or to hold. Try to do a kind deed for someone else and something kind and nice for yourself and assess, what you want to keep in your life and what can be discarded because it distracts or is no good for your hopes, dreams, goals, nurturing of yourself, your life, or whatever it may be. I don’t believe in the impossible – only that which is possible. I never limit myself – neither should you. If someone tries to tear you down, remember there is ONE person that believes in you and your abilities out there.

Lastly, remember – everything in moderation. That’s what I try to keep in mind and do everyday.

Thank you for reading as always!

~Much love, heart to heart, blessings and more – Namaste~


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