Keeping the Dream Alive!

Artwork by Josephine Wall, one of my favorite artists.

In this world, we all have our dreams that we aspire to achieve. Sometimes we carry them from childhood to adulthood. Though some dreams eventually fade, often replaced by newer grander dreams, some still stick with us and either seem intangible, unrealistic at times or the encouragement we seek or require to push ourselves beyond our normal capabilities to achieve them – simply isn’t given or there. Some we pursue because we know that we still wish to seek or want them.

Some people might say to the aspiring dreamer, “Oh well than. I guess you didn’t want it bad enough did you?” or “Perhaps that’s not what you’re meant to do,” when in reality, often we don’t believe enough in ourselves, our talents or have any grasp on what or where our true passion (s) lie. Sometimes we do but we don’t trust in ourselves and we doubt or we find a new passion or dream later in our lives. It all comes down to us and the environment that shapes who we are and who we desire to be above all else.

American Family Insurance in some of their recent commercials likes to use slogans like, “And Dreams – well they don’t come easy,” but I disagree because I feel it is entirely dependent upon the person and whether or not they’ve already begun to lay out the essential “building blocks” for themselves, without realizing it or have a vague notion, on how to achieve that Dream. I feel some Dreams can come to us easier than others, whereas some will take serious hard-work, dedication, maybe long hours and even years to accomplish. That doesn’t mean that they are any less attainable though just because they are difficult. The most difficult are often than ones we will, in the end, appreciate the most, feel blessed, happy and have a definite sense of fulfillment without regret, sorrow or otherwise for it.

English: "Thomas Alva Edison, three-quart...

English: “Thomas Alva Edison, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing front”. Photographic print. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We may fall many times and often don’t realize, falling down 100 times or even more is all part of the process of finally appreciating and achieving that end goal. Much like Thomas Edison and creating a viable, public and commercial use light-bulb, “I have not failed 10,000 times; I have successfully found 10,000 ways that do not work.” Even great minds such as Einstein failed at first in Math in High School, but did he let it stop him? No; he pushed through it and made his mark on history. I bet he didn’t even realize where pushing himself past limitation and failure would lead.

How’s that for a lifetime achievement? I wonder if either of them knew that they might make such a significant impact upon human history. That’s rhetorical by the way.

When I was 6 I dreamed of being several things. A Jockey, Astronomer, Singer/Entertainer and Actress. As I grew older I realized maybe I rather be a Voice Actress over an Actress, since people often don’t realize how much privacy the starlets’ of the silver-screen lose by their popularity, skill and appearance in our favorite films. They give up and sacrifice so much for our own amusement and entertainment. I respect it but I do not envy them. Though part of me would still love nothing more than to be playing the lead role for a character I’m so into. Sure, I could maybe do theater – but I don’t know enough to know if it really works the same and I know you have to be able to project as well when on stage. Not to mention I’m considered short and not the average so, there might be a less likely possibility of me landing lead roles.

In any case, acting is something I have set aside for now and should there come a time where it seems feasible for me to consider that venue again, I might. The dream of being a Singer? That’s still anxiously hanging around too. I have often been discouraged because of my own “Stage Fright” believe it or not and lack of confidence. I have, since I realized this fear was here, gotten on stage plenty of times to sing my own lyrics to songs and Karaoke to take steps in conquering some of that fear, anxiety and trepidation I’d have normally felt before. I know I’m good or have some talent for it because I was in choir and earned my place among lead vocalists when I was in school. I also almost always get compliments when I do Karaoke or when my friends hear me sing for the first time and say things like, “Dang! You have a set of pipes on you don’cha?!

The Dream by =Chibionpu (

What stops me there though? Not the fear – but I’m uncertain it’s a destination I truly desire to shoot for. I know it would be wonderful and lovely, so long as I had all the creative freedom I desire and require and was allowed to be simply – me. Of the times I’ve tried to go for this avenue based on connections I have or people I know, it has not ended well for me. It also doesn’t help that when I try my best on that Microphone it doesn’t sound like my best or even my voice! More often than not – my voice doesn’t sound the same over the phone or the crappy Karaoke equipment and I get upset, because I don’t feel people can hear my real voice among all the technological clutter and distortion that sucks the warmth, passion and heart right out of my voice when it comes through the speakers. Also, I’m a little better at the lyrical composition than the musical, though I can do melodies and beats with my voice and in my head, I can’t really play any instrument proficiently anymore.

Singer, instrumentalist, and composer Enya.

Singer, instrumentalist, and composer Enya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite those drawbacks – it doesn’t stop me from still getting up there and practicing, giving my all and my best. Will I become a singer someday? Maybe – but if I do, I’d be happier being an underground or semi-well known singer like Cruxshadows or Enya. For now though, I wish to focus on one thing. A possible Dream I never even remotely considered or entertained, especially when I was much younger – becoming a Published Author. I don’t care if I’m popular or not, the simple  fact is – I love to write. Having a work of mine published would be like a Badge of Honor I achieved – like in Girl Scouts. And that would be major cool to me.

One thing that I find important above all else – next to reminding ourselves not to “give-up“, often – is having people who have Dreams understand, sympathize with us, who believe in us and encourage us to keep fighting. To keep trying. And what I feel helps – is to encourage and nurture theirs in return. It’s sometimes nice to have your own personal “cheerleaders” cheering you on to go for the “Gold“. Some of us need that kind of encourage and some of us need people who will be critical but constructive. All depends upon the person. I feel all Dreams no matter what they are should be met with love and understanding above all else.

Though, that being said – don’t lie to someone just to make them feel better about themselves. I’ve seen enough American Idol, X Factor and America’s Got Talent to know – Rejection sucks. Hardcore. Being told a lie your entire life when someone could and should have been honest or given some constructive criticism with love, instead of hearing it from someone who’s very over-critical and considered a professional like Simon – that sucks even worse, especially on National Television because you might feel completely and utterly humiliated. That in itself can feel heart-wrenching and that is a horrible notion, believe me.

You might think it’s fun, funny and a real ball to troll and heckle these people – but they are real, they do exist and they have feelings just like you and me. Though some of these people are funny in their performance, you have to respect their courage and desire to trydespite the odds. Not many people can say that.

Blue Nebula by ~AmbientConceptions (

In closing I’d like to share another quote, “Your dream is out there. So hold on tight, until your knuckles turn white.” Dreams are beautiful things cherish, care and nurture your own and others. They are fragile much like a bubble and should be safeguarded and protected. Even if you think no one else believes in you or your Dream (s), remember at least one person in the world does.

~Much love and gratitude to all my readers, thank you – Namaste~


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  2. cindyortiz321478308
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 08:13:24

    What an absolutely wonderful article! Thank you for sharing your insights! I have always said to follow your heart no matter what – it will lead you right to your dreams!

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Oct 13, 2012 @ 14:42:56

      Thank you Cindy. I’ve always been one to try and follow my heart and I encourage people to listen and follow theirs too. Too many people listen to the outside world and not enough to the supportive voice, no matter how small, within themselves. I should know, I -was- that way once. 🙂

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